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Chapter 86 The Joy of Harvest

How blissful was it to be surrounded by a lush field of chives ready for harvest

Cui Heng was currently experiencing such joy.

The Wang Family of Langya had a total of one direct line of descent and 13 core branches.

At this moment, the nine people discussing in the meeting hall were all branch heads.

They were all top martial artists who had cultivated to the Inner World realm!

Now that these people were cursing the Governor of Lu County in their hearts, Cui Heng, who was sitting here watching the monkey show, was overjoyed.

The people in front of him were like stalks of tall and dense chives that were swaying in the wind, indicating that they were completely mature.

The harvest season had arrived!

Cui Heng naturally would not stand on ceremony.

Taking advantage of these peoples strong emotions, he started harvesting.

The black light, which was originally only a little more than three inches long, quickly grew taller.

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3 marks!

2 marks!

4 marks!

Soon, the black light that symbolizes evil rose to six and a half inches.

It simply rose with the speed of a rocket!

Cui Heng couldnt help but laugh.

He really had to thank these people from the Langya Wang Family.

It was too pleasurable!

Unfortunately, the amount of disgust he caused them now was not enough for them to give him more emotional feedback.

He needed to give them more stimulation to continue collecting from them.

Of course, that didnt mean that this was over.

Following that, Cui Heng left the Wang Familys meeting hall and strolled around the entire mansion for another day.

At dusk, when the sun was setting.

The black light around his Golden Core had increased to seven and a half inches!

“This is a treasure vault!”

Cui Heng licked his lips, a little unsatisfied.

This wave of black light more than doubled in height and finally surpassed the yellow light that symbolizes desire.

“Speaking of which, the yellow light is only a little more than five inches now.” Cui Heng looked at his Golden Core.

He was happy but also a little worried.

“I have to think of a way to get some more of the yellow light.”

Unfortunately, this yellow light symbolizes the emotion of desire towards him.

This was probably no easier than collecting disgust.

It might even be harder.

“However, the most important thing now is to find someone to ask some questions.” Cui Heng looked at a courtyard in the south.

That was the residence of Wang Jinshengs father, Wang Qinghe.


Night fell, and stars dotted the sky.

Langya County City was still brightly lit without a curfew.

There were many pedestrians and it was very lively.

Wang Qinghe walked through the bustling streets and swept his cold gaze across these mediocre people.

In the end, he returned to his residence full of fatigue.

“Youre back.”

A beautiful middle-aged woman immediately welcomed him.

She looked to be about 40 years old, but her figure was still graceful.

There were no wrinkles on her face, and her skin was as smooth as fat.

She was middle-aged and still had her charm.

This was Wang Qinghes wife, Madam Xie.

She was Wang Jinshengs biological mother.

“Yes.” Wang Qinghe nodded and sat down in the room.

He exhaled and closed his eyes to rest, not speaking to his wife.

Madam Xie stood at the side and did not disturb him.

She knew that he must be distraught at this moment and needed to rest, so she silently called for the maidservant to bring the food over.

Moreover, there was a small stove under each dish to keep them warm.

Then, she stood beside Wang Qinghe and waited.

Even her breathing was soft, afraid that she would disturb him.

After a while, Madam Xie saw Wang Qinghe open his eyes and she said gently, “The food is ready.

Lets eat.”

“Alright.” Wang Qinghe nodded, feeling much more relieved.

Today, he was angered by those idiots in the meeting hall.

Fortunately, his wife had been especially virtuous recently.

It was as if she had changed into a different person and could save him a lot of trouble.

“Ive cooked your favorite sweet and sour carp for you today.

Try it.” Madam Xie came to the dining table respectfully and placed a piece of fish into Wang Qinghes bowl.

“It smells good…” Wang Qinghe nodded and smiled.

Although he knew very well that his wife had something to say recently, he still enjoyed such treatment.

However, just as he was about to taste it, he saw this piece of fish suddenly jump out of the bowl.

It turned into a living carp and jumped around the dining table!


Wang Qinghe raised his hand and flipped over the table of food.

The anger in his heart instantly erupted.

He looked around and shouted sternly, “Whos behind this!”

“Wang Qing… what are you doing” Madam Xie stood up.

Anger flashed across her face, but she quickly restrained it and looked at Wang Qinghe in surprise.

Wang Qinghe ignored her.

He strode over with wide steps and pulled the table away, but he didnt see the carp from before, as if it was just an illusion.

This made his expression turn extremely gloomy.

He turned to look at Madam Xie beside him and asked in a low voice, “Did you see that piece of fish turn into a carp and jump on the table”

“What” Madam Xie looked confused when she heard that, and then anger rose in her heart.

“What are you talking about How did the fish turn into a living carp”

“…” Wang Qinghe said with a dark expression, “Then what did you see just now”

“I only saw you overturn the table for no reason!” Madam Xie finally couldnt help but sneer.

“Are you despising me”

“Hmph! Unreasonable!” Wang Qinghe was about to turn around and leave.

“Wang Qinghe, have you forgotten how you begged my father to help you sit in the position of Prime Minister” Madam Xie shouted, “Dont tell me youve forgotten about it!”

“Shut up!” Wang Qinghe seemed to have been triggered.

He turned around and glared at Madam Xie before saying in a low voice, “Im only cooperating with Father-in-law.

What do you mean by begging him to help me sit on the Prime Ministers seat”

“Heh, you know very well whether its cooperating or not.” Madam Xie simply stopped pretending and pointed at Wang Qinghes nose as she scolded, “Let me ask you, do you want to save Shenger or not Do you want him to die in the dungeon of Lu County City”

“No wonder youve suddenly become virtuous these few days.

Its indeed because of this!” Wang Qinghe exploded on the spot.

He was so angry that his beard was blowing.

“How many times have I told you that the Wang family cant act rashly now We absolutely cannot!”

“Good, good, good!” Madam Xie was so angry that her entire body was trembling.

She couldnt take it anymore and turned around to rush out.

“If you dont want to save your son, Ill go find my third brother.

As his uncle, he should save his nephew!”

When she finished speaking, she had already disappeared.

She had probably run to the official office of the Langya County Lord.

Top aristocratic families usually did not take on the role of local officials.

However, the people who were the local officials here must have come from families with an extremely good relationship with the local big clans.

The county magistrate of Langya County was the third son of the Xie Family.

He came from the Pingshan Xie Family.

Wang Qinghe looked at the chaotic room and the open door.

Letting out a long sigh and sitting down on a chair, he shook his head and muttered, “A bunch of idiots, idiots!”

After the Wang Family of Langya was established in the Great Jin, they quickly recovered their strength.

They had long forgotten the pain of being almost wiped out.

Many people no longer valued practical benefits.

In any case, they were more concerned about face.

Now, Wang Jinsheng was imprisoned in Lu County City.

There were even stories spreading about how he spent the night at the brothel and was arrested for nothing.

In the eyes of most of the people in the Wang Family, this was an extremely serious matter of face humiliating matter.

They had to save Wang Jinsheng out, or else the Wang Family would lose face.

Wang Qinghe was a firm supporter of interests.

In his opinion, Lu Countys actions were too obvious.

It was clearly a trap, waiting for the Wang Family to take the bait.

Perhaps some large factions were secretly plotting to weaken the Wang Family.

Now that the Immortals of the Upper World were about to descend and the Immortal Opportunity was about to arrive, it was the most critical moment.

Moreover, the position of State Overseer in Fengzhou had yet to be finalized.

If the Wang Familys strength was damaged at this time, they would definitely suffer a huge loss when the hundred year period came.

They absolutely could not act rashly.

However, most of the people in the Wang Family, including his wife, did not think so.

There were even many people who felt that the Wang Family of Langya was already a top-notch aristocratic family.

It did not matter if they obtained any Immortal Opportunities this time.

Reputation was more important.

If not for the fact that the eldest son of the main branch had handed over the family matters to Wang Qinghe before he left, and that he still had some of the prestige from when he was the Prime Minister, he would probably have been unable to suppress these voices long ago.

This made him feel a deep sense of sorrow in his heart.

Cui Heng, who was standing in the corner, was immediately overjoyed.

He immediately collected another five marks of the gray light

After a while, Wang Qinghe finally calmed down slightly and planned to wash up before going to bed.

But as soon as he stood up, he heard footsteps outside.

“Second Master, Second Master!” A maidservant who was only 15 or 16 years old jogged over with a letter in her hand.

“Second Master, the Old Madam has a letter for you.”

“A letter from Mother” Wang Qinghes heart skipped a beat.

His hands were actually trembling when he took the letter, but he still nodded and said, “Alright, I understand.”

After the maidservant left.

He slowly opened the letter.

After reading the contents, he looked like he wanted to cry but had no tears.

He collapsed into a chair again.

“Hu…” Wang Qinghe let out a long sigh.

The content of the letter sent by the Old Madam was very simple.

If he could not save Wang Jinsheng within ten days, she would not acknowledge Wang Qinghe as her son!

Wang Jinsheng was the Old Madams favorite grandson.

Therefore, in the past half a month or so, Wang Qinghe had actually been hiding it from her and had strictly ordered others not to tell the Old Madam about Wang Jinshengs capture.

But now, with the spread of that story, it could no longer be hidden.

“Save, save, save! Let me save them all! Who will save the Wang Family then!”

Wang Qinghe held his head with both hands.

He felt that even when he was the Prime Minister back then, it was not so difficult to handle the countrys political affairs.

Then, he sat for a while before his mood calmed down slightly.

He simply got up and went to the basin, planning to wash up and sleep.

Just as he lowered his head, Wang Qinghe saw his reflection in the basin.

His face was haggard and tired.

He no longer looked as high-spirited as before.

“Is it worth it for me to insist like this” Wang Qinghe stared at the water basin and looked at his own reflection.

He asked self-deprecatingly, as if he was asking his own heart.

“What do you think” But at this moment, Wang Qinghes reflection in the basin suddenly said with a smile, “Actually, you already have the answer in your heart!”

“…” Wang Qinghe was stunned.


He threw the basin straight out, spilling water all over the floor.

But as long as there was water, there would be a reflection.

Wang Qinghe looked down.

The water on the ground still had its own reflection.

“Are you afraid of me” Wang Qinghes reflection said with a smile.


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