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Chapter 85 The New Usage Methods of the Power of Seven Emotions

In the following conversation, Cui Heng learned a lot of information about the history of the Immortal Dawn Sect from Chen Ying.

Especially the accurate information about Jiang Qiqi.

For example, how many years ago she appeared in the pugilistic world, how many years ago she established the Immortal Dawn Sect, and how many disciples she had taken in in the beginning.

These were all general knowledge of the Immortal Dawn Sect disciples.

As the fourth generation legacy disciple, Chen Ying was naturally very clear about them.

However, she did not know much about the Heavenly Void World and what had happened a hundred years ago.

Clearly, someone was deliberately hiding the relevant events.

It was also possible that it was because Chen Ying was only a legacy disciple and her martial cultivation was only equivalent to the Peak Inner World realm.

Although she was one of the Five Sword Masters, it was difficult for her to understand deeper information.

However, even so, Cui Heng still managed to clear up some clues.

First, it was a guess about her Martial Dao realm.

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Jiang Qiqi had already been revered as a land Deity a hundred years ago.

She was invincible and powerful.

No Deity Realm expert in the Pugilistic World was her match.

This was the strength of the Immortal Dawn Sword Art when it was cultivated to the Ninth level of Qi Refinement.

This meant that at the Ninth level of Qi Refinement, one could completely crush Deity Realm experts.

This was completely different from Cui Hengs previous guess that the Deity Realm was equivalent to the Seventh to Ninth levels of Qi Refinement.

The Ninth level of Qi Refinement was very likely a higher realm than the Deity Realm.

It was equivalent to a Human Immortal or an Earth Immortal

Of course, it was also possible that there was a limitation in this world for the cultivation of the Deity Realm, and the cultivators here had not been cultivated to a higher level.

But it still felt a little problematic.

The main reason was that Cui Heng found it a little difficult to adjust his inherent understanding

If the Ninth level of Qi Refinement was equivalent to an Earth Immortal, didnt that mean that a Heaven Immortal was only equivalent to a Foundation Establishment cultivator

Then what was a Golden Core cultivator

A Golden Immortal

Wouldnt the Nascent Soul realm be…

This was too ridiculous!

On the other point, Cui Heng had also asked Chen Ying about the Heavenly Void World.

For example, how the Immortal Dawn Sect had investigated the Heavenly Void World in the past few years.

Although Chen Ying did not know the exact information about the Heavenly Void World, she was very clear about many of the Immortal Dawn Sects investigations into the Heavenly Void World.

She told Cui Heng everything she knew.

After hearing this information, Cui Heng had a feeling that the Immortal Dawn Sect might really not know much about the Heavenly Void World.

Because according to Chen Yings description, as long as there was the slightest trace, regardless of whether it was true or false, several Deity Realm experts would immediately be dispatched to investigate in secret.

This seemed normal.

The Immortal Dawn Sect was established 182 years ago, and it had developed to its peak in an extremely short period of time.

It rarely interacted with the major sects and aristocratic families in the world, so naturally, there were not many sources of information.

After the Human Immortals of the Upper World descended a hundred years ago, the Immortal Dawn Sect sealed off the mountain, and there were even fewer opportunities to understand the outside world.

In short, their foundation was still too shallow.

This made Cui Heng turn his gaze to the sects and aristocratic families with deep foundations.

The Wang Clan of Langya in Yanzhou!


In the inner hall of the governor office.

“Are there any movements from the Wang Family of Langya”

Cui Heng asked Hui Shi, who had just returned to report on the progress of the decree.

Yanzhou was closest to Taichang County

u wa

And now, Taichang County was basically Hui Shis base camp for promoting political orders to the outside world.

It was a good opportunity to inquire about the news and movements in Yanzhou.

“Replying to my Lord, we havent discovered any unusual movements from the Wang Family yet.” Hui Shi shook his head.

“In the past half a month, Wang Jinshengs story should have spread throughout Yanzhou.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled.

“Thats right.

Captain Chens story is extremely good.

It made the storyteller from Yanzhou feel as if he had obtained a treasure.” Hui Shi also laughed.

“If the Wang Family of Langya hears this story, they will definitely be furious.”

“Hehe, they didnt even make a move.

As expected of a preeminent family that has existed for thousands of years.” Cui Heng sneered.

“My Lord, do you want me to go over and lure the snake out” Hui Shi took the initiative to ask.

“Theres no need.” Cui Heng shook his head and smiled.

“You can take your time.”

The Wang Family of Langya must already know that Wang Jinsheng was imprisoned in Lu County.

There was no doubt about that.

After all, Sun Liansheng had already gone over to report half a month ago.

The reason why Cui Heng still wanted to spread the legend of Wang Jinsheng being imprisoned in Lu County was to increase the hatred the Wang Clan of Langya had for him.

It would be best if he could use this opportunity to affect the other three Distinguished Families related to Wang Jinsheng.

He would be able to harvest a large wave of disgust emotion light.

However, Cui Heng had thought that since the Wang Family of Langya was one of the Seven Distinguished Families, they would definitely care about their reputation.

With the rumors of Wang Jinsheng being captured and imprisoned, they would definitely take some action.

For example, sending people to assassinate and save people, etc.

In that case, he could capture a few experts and collect some fear and anger emotion light from them.

When the Wang Family of Langya became exceedingly disgusted with him.

He would personally go over to collect their emotions.

At the same time, he could discuss the Upper World and the Immortal Opportunities with them.

But from the looks of it, this route was not feasible.

The Wang Family of Langya was indeed worthy of being a preeminent family that had almost been wiped out and had survived to develop again.

Their endurance was indeed strong.

Hence, he planned to make a trip to Langya City in Yanzhou so that he could clarify some of his doubts.

However, before that, he had to instruct Hui Shi on something.

“In the future, when you go to carry out government orders, bring this with you.” Cui Heng suddenly took out a gem that flickered with seven colors from his sleeve and handed it to Hui Shi.

“Lord, this is” Hui Shi took the thumb-sized gem in confusion.

He felt that it was cold to the touch, but he could not see anything special about it.

He did not understand what Cui Heng meant.

“Use it as a protective jade talisman.” Cui Heng smiled.

“Thank you, my Lord!” Hui Shi was instantly touched.

He swore even more to shed his blood for Cui Heng in the future!

“Go.” Cui Heng smiled and waved his hand.

In fact, that seven-colored gem was his initial use of the power of the Seven Emotions.

Previously, when he activated the Purple Qi from the East phenomenon, the “joy” and “love” in the light of the Seven Emotions exceeded a foot in height.

This allowed him to have a new understanding of the power of the Seven Emotions.

After nearly half a month of research, Cui Heng discovered that he could use the power of the Seven Emotions to condense a Seven Emotions Gem.


As long as the Seven Emotions Gem was there, he could collect the Seven Emotions of all living beings nearby.

This was equivalent to a Seven Emotions Collector, which brought him great convenience.

One had to know that before this, every time Hui Shi implemented a government decree, Cui Heng had to personally make a trip to the local area to collect the emotions of disgust from the area.

But this could not go on forever.

There would be no need for that in the future.

Cui Heng could collect them through the Seven Emotions Gem.

Of course, the Seven Emotions Gem itself was indeed a protective talisman.

It contained the powers of his Golden Core.

Therefore, any attack below the Grand Completion Golden Core realm could not harm the carrier of the gem.

“Unfortunately, I dont have enough Seven Emotions Power yet.

I can only condense two such gems, and each one can only cover about the size of one county.”

Cui Heng felt a little regretful but expectant.

“However, now that only two lights are more than a foot tall, they already have such an ability.

When the height of all seven lights in the future exceeds a foot or even higher, how magical will the effect be”

Yanzhou was one of the easternmost prefectures of the Great Jin.

Further East was the endless sea.

Langya County was a large coastal county that was adjacent to the canal.

Trade was extremely prosperous, and it could be said to be one of the richest counties in the Great Jin.

Due to the existence of the Wang Clan,

This was not only one of the richest counties in the Great Jin.

It was also one of the most powerful counties.

The founder of the Great Jin, Wei Kuang, was the son-in-law of the Wang Family of Langya.

Since the founding of the country more than 200 years ago, there have been a total of 39 Prime Ministers, and the Wang family of Langya alone was behind 28 of them.

It could be said to have power over the world!

Now that the world was in chaos, the Emperors decree could not even leave the Central Continent.

The Wang family of Langya had become the true uncrowned King, the true owner of the entire Yanzhou.

Be it commoners, high-ranking officials, or top martial artists, none of them were worth mentioning in front of the Wang Family of Langya.

No one dared to say anything bad about the Wang Family.

But recently, there was actually a legendary story spreading in Yanzhou.

It was about Wang Jinsheng, the eldest son of the Wang Familys second wife.

It told the story of how Wang Jinsheng spent the night at a brothel and owed a lot of money.

In the end, he was arrested by the magistrate and imprisoned.

Even though they knew that it was definitely fake, it was still an extremely exciting tale.

Although Wang Jinsheng was not a direct descendant of the Wang Family, his father was the former Prime Minister.

His mother and grandmother also had extraordinary statuses and could definitely be considered as a distinguished Young Master.

Such a noble young master actually slept at the brothel at night and owed money.

There were even detailed descriptions in the story.

It was a simply irresistible story.

Even if this story was strictly prohibited from being spread in Langya, it was still difficult to completely censor it.

This story alone was almost enough to cause the Wang Family to lose all face.

In a mansion of the Wang Family, a group of people had been arguing about this matter for more than half a month.

It continued today.

In the Wang Familys meeting hall, angry shouts sounded continuously.

“A book like that which has so humiliated our Wang Familys reputation is actually being copied and spread right under our noses!” A middle-aged man who looked to be in his fifties gritted his teeth and said angrily.

He was the third branch head of the Wang Family, Wang Qingshan.

“If we dont save Second Brothers child out, theres no point in just banning the books and stories.” On the other side sat a gentle and refined middle-aged man.

He smiled and said.

“I suggest we go to Lu County City first and kill that arrogant county governor and bring the child back.”

This was the fifth branch head of the Wang Family, Wang Qingmin.

“Youve all been saying the same things here for half a month now!”


An angry shout came from a seat at the head of the hall.

The person who spoke was a middle-aged man with a squarish face.

He was Wang Qinghe, the head of the second branch.

In other words, Wang Jinshengs father, the former Prime Minister.

Wang Qinghe swept his gaze across everyone and said in a low voice, “Theres no news of Fourth Brother until now.

Im afraid hes already been killed.

Its fine if that county governor captured Shenger, but he deliberately spread such a story to provoke our Wang Family.

Hes clearly trying to lure us over.

“This is undoubtedly a trap.

There are less than four months left before the Immortal Gate opens.

There cant be any mistakes.

No one is allowed to go to Lu County!”

Everyone fell silent when they heard this.

They understood these principles, but they still felt angry when they saw their reputation being ruined.

Now that Wang Qinghe had made it clear that he wanted to put the bigger picture before the family, what else could they say

They could only curse that Prefectural Governor Lu in their hearts.

Their disgust for him was so strong that it was almost materializing.

And Cui Heng, who was being cursed by them

At this moment, he was standing in a corner of the hall, happily collecting their emotions of disgust while silently looking at everyone.

Yet, no one could see him.


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