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Although Cui Heng didnt know what kind of world Jiang Qiqi came from, as someone who grew up in China, his love for martial arts was hard to forget.

After transmigrating to become an Immortal, he had tried to use his Dharmic powers to restore the martial arts that he remembered.

However, after trying for decades, he had only stopped at the level of posing.


As for the internal energy cultivation method that needed to be executed with the meridians, he had no clue at all.

Of course, as an Immortal cultivator, Cui Hengs understanding of his own body was already extremely meticulous.

He could freely allow his magic power to flow in his body, but this was a different concept when compared to developing martial arts out of thin air.

If one were to compare every path of Dharmic powers in the body to a number, then these numbers could be in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even more.

In order to create a martial art without any theoretical basis, it was equivalent to arranging the numbers randomly.

It was too difficult.

However, Jiang Qiqis words just now had given him inspiration.

Since there was a ready-made martial arts technique, could he use it as a reference

It seemed feasible.

What if martial arts could also make ones Dharmic powers more agile and further activate ones Dao foundation

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This would be a huge gain.

Jiang Qiqi was a little confused after hearing this.

She tilted her head slightly and said, “Yes, its a kind of martial art.

Is there a problem, Big Brother Immortal”

“Im slightly curious about the world you came from.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “Theres no time in the mountains, so I dont know the affairs of the world.

You can put aside the sword dance for now.

Why dont you tell me about the outside world”

He also wanted to confirm if Jiang Qiqi came from Hong Fuguis world.

Although the Beginners Space was located in the void space between the myriad worlds, and it was unlikely that the people who fell in would be from the same world, it was not wrong to want to know more about the situation.

As for martial arts, there was no rush.

The young lady still had to guide him step by step.

“There is no time in the mountains, I dont know about the affairs of the world…”

Jiang Qiqi muttered these words in her heart, and she felt that Cui Hengs body emitted a bearing that transcended above the mortal world and looked down upon the flow of time.

Was this the temperament of an Immortal, the life of an Immortal

She couldnt help but sigh in her heart.

“Big Brother Immortal should be very powerful even among Immortals.

I… can this meeting of an Immortal be considered destiny”

“Then, Big Brother Immortal, what do you want to know” Jiang Qiqi asked.

The young lady needed somewhere to start from.

After all, the proposition of “outside matters” was too broad and she did not know where to start.

“Lets start from yourself and the things around you.

You can talk more bit by bit.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “Oh right, theres also the old priest who taught you martial arts.”

He wanted to confirm the old priests abilities.

After all, even if it was an ordinary mortal plane, it was possible for powerful cultivators to appear from there.

“Myself” Jiang Qiqi was slightly stunned.

After thinking for a while, she started to explain, “My family is in Weiyang of Hedong County.

My ancestors have been in the fabric business for generations and I have six older brothers…”

Cui Heng listened quietly from the side.

In Cui Hengs eyes, the world that Jiang Qiqi lived in was a feudal dynasty with a county system.

Her family was from a line of wealthy businessmen with a small fortune in the county.

At first, she only described the local customs of Weiyang County.

After she finished talking about the local affairs, she talked about the situation of the surrounding counties.

However, she clearly didnt know much about the other counties and couldnt explain much about them.

And much of her information was just based on rumors.

In the end, she finished talking about some of the things she had heard about the prefectural city.

She had basically finished talking about all the things she knew about the world.

In reality, this was the entire world she understood.

Cui Heng had asked her about the overall situation of the country, but she only knew that the countrys name was Great Jin, and she didnt even know which generation of Emperors the current one was.

This was actually very normal.

In ancient times where productivity was not developed, many ordinary people saw the world as just the place around them.

As for the faraway places and even matters concerning the Emperor, it had nothing to do with them.

They might as well just remember the county magistrates name and preferences.

For a 14 year old girl like Jiang Qiqi to know so much, she could already be considered as knowledgeable.

Of course, this had something to do with the fact that she was in charge of her own business.

If it wasnt for her mentioning a special group, Cui Heng would have thought that she had come from an ancient world without any supernatural elements.

The people in her description were martial artists.

This allowed Cui Heng to confirm that Jiang Qiqi and Hong Fugui werent from the same world.

Because in Jiang Qiqis description, there was no such thing as a high and mighty god of the land.

There were only martial arts practitioners who roamed the world.

These martial arts practitioners all knew martial arts and possessed a strength that far surpassed ordinary people.

They could come and go freely.

Jiang Qiqi was obviously very interested in these martial arts practitioners.

She told Cui Heng many stories about the martial arts world and even knew the most famous sects in the martial arts world.

There was an unconcealable yearning in her tone.

The old Daoist priest who had taught her the Life Nourishing Sword Technique had a sage-like appearance.

She guessed that he was a senior expert from the number one sect in the Pugilistic World.

This information allowed Cui Heng to roughly confirm that the world this Beginners Space had wandered into was most likely a martial arts world.

The level of power here was probably far behind the world that Hong Fugui had mentioned.

It was a pity that Jiang Qiqi had never seen a battle between martial arts experts before.

She had only seen some ordinary martial arts practitioners fight.

Furthermore, she did not know the exact strength of these martial arts practitioners.

Most of her knowledge had originated from rumors.

Otherwise, Cui Heng would be able to roughly estimate the strength of this pugilistic world.

However, according to his guess, no matter how strong a martial arts world was, it couldnt be very powerful.

Unless, it was a high-level supernatural martial arts world.


“To think that there would be such a weak world in the Immortal realm thats filled with Immortal Kings.” Cui Heng couldnt help but click his tongue in wonder as he sighed emotionally in his heart.

“There really are all sorts of wonders in the universe.”

If only he could enter a world like this when he walks out of the Beginners Space 200 years later.


Itll be simply wonderful.

“Big Brother Immortal, do you still want to see the sword dance” Just at this time, Jiang Qiqis soft and delicate voice sounded.

“Show it to me.” Cui Heng returned to his senses and said with a smile, “If you have any mantra for Qi circulation, you can read it out too.”

“Big Brother Immortal, are you going to teach me martial arts!” Jiang Qiqis eyes lit up and she was extremely excited.

She immediately nodded and said, “Okay!”

Although she came from a wealthy family, she had yearned to roam the martial world since she was young.

She wanted to help the strong and support the weak.

She dreamed of becoming a hero of a generation.

However, all of these required a strong martial arts foundation.

If it was Big Brother Immortal teaching her martial arts, she would definitely be able to advance by leaps and bounds!

If she could learn a little bit of his Immortal techniques, wouldnt she become the best in the world and dominate the pugilistic world

At the thought of this, she suddenly felt extremely motivated.


Jiang Qiqi had a good figure.

Although she was only 14 years old, she had already matured quite a bit.

Her height should be more than 1.65 meters, and her body proportions were excellent.


The sight of a girl like this wielding a sword and displaying sword techniques could be said to be pleasing to the eye.

Cui Heng was very focused as he watched.

Of course, his attention was focused on the swordplay.

By the time Jiang Qiqi finished her swordplay, Cui Heng had already mastered this set of sword techniques, and he could infer many derivative moves from it.

However, to him, the most important harvest was still the Qi circulation method that Jiang Qiqi mentioned when she was performing the moves.

They had given him quite a bit of inspiration.

“Big Brother Immortal, how is it”

Jiang Qiqis big eyes flickered as she jogged over to Cui Heng.

She had just performed a set of sword techniques, and her breathing was a little hurried.

Her little face was red and she looked very cute.

“Mmm, not bad.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled.

It was unknown if he was talking about the swordsmanship or her.

“Give me the sword, Ill try out the sword moves too.”


“Sure!” Jiang Qiqi was pleasantly surprised.

Was she going to see an Immortal attack

Cui Heng took the sword and waved it around slowly.

At the same time, he channeled his Dharmic powers according to the swordplay mantra.

In fact, he did not have much hope for the power of this sword technique.

After all, it was just an ordinary sword technique from a martial arts world.

He only wanted to use this method of mobilizing Dharmic powers to find a way to make his Dharmic powers more agile.

However, when Cui Heng used this method to activate his Dharmic powers and brandished the first sword move, his expression suddenly changed drastically.

“Not good!”

Before he could finish his sentence—


A sword chime shook the sky like the cry of a crane.

In that instant, it was as if all the sounds in the universe were engulfed by this sword chime!

A pure white sword light suddenly burst out from the long sword in Cui Hengs hand.

It was like a bolt of lightning that shot into the sky!

It pierced through the clouds in an instant!


Following that, a deafening explosion resounded in the sky.

It was as if millions of lightning bolts had exploded at the same time.

It was also like the wrath of the heavens, the sound of it making ones scalp tingle.

After more than ten seconds, the sword beam slowly dissipated.

What was left behind were the white clouds in the sky in the shape of rings, as well as a deep ravine three to four thousand meters long.

The soil and bricks were all overturned.

It was as though they had been plowed apart!

Jiang Qiqi was stunned.

Was this the sword technique that she had practiced for so many years

Cui Heng was also stunned.

This was a f*cking sword technique from an ordinary martial arts world!

It should be a profound martial arts world!


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