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“My Lord!”

Hui Shi, who had been silent, immediately knelt on one knee and cupped his fists above his head.

“Im willing to die for you!”

Raiding the merchants was just a ruse to lure the snake out of its hole and let the person behind them jump out on their own.

It was to let the commoners know who was supporting those profiteers.

The so-called catching of snakes was naturally to capture Sun Panshi, Wang Jinsheng, and the others.

Hence, Hui Shi agreed without thinking.

He was extremely grateful to Cui Heng.

If not for Cui Heng, he would not have been able to leave Lotus Flower Monastery at all, nor would he have been able to take revenge for his fathers death.

After being defeated by Wang Jinsheng today, he could only watch helplessly as Sun Panshi left.

He did not even manage to complete the mission of purging the house.

This made him feel extremely guilty and he almost did not dare to face Cui Heng.

Now that Cui Heng suddenly said that he wanted to give him another chance, it immediately revived his originally dead heart.

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“My Lord…” Chen Tong hesitated.

He had seen Hui Shi lose with his own eyes.

Wang Jinsheng was a Qi Transformation Grandmaster, and Hui Shi was no match for him at all.

How could he go out and catch snakes

However, looking at Hui Shis expression, he didnt know if he should persuade him.

“I heard from you that Wang Jinsheng is a Qi Transformation Grandmaster” Cui Heng asked.

“Yes.” Hui Shi nodded and said, “Im afraid hes not an ordinary Qi Transformation Grandmaster.

His martial arts are extremely profound and can injure ones heart through space.

If not for you saving me, I would have died.”

“Then how about I raise your cultivation to the Profound Gate Realm” Cui Heng smiled.

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire hall fell silent.

Hui Shi was speechless and looked at Cui Heng in disbelief.

Xu Fengan, who had been expressionless, suddenly raised his head, his eyes filled with shock.

Liu Litao, who was resting with his eyes closed, lost his balance and almost fell off his chair.

He trembled as he said, “W-what”

Chen Tong almost thought that he was hallucinating from being too anxious.

He subconsciously asked, “Sir, what… what did you just say”

“Why Do you think that advancing to the Profound Gate Realm is too low” Cui Heng glanced at the few of them and thought for a moment before saying, “It seems to be a little low.

Then should I advance him to the Xiantian Realm However, the increase in strength in one go is too great, and it also involves internal and external interaction.

It might be more painful.”

The few of them were completely speechless and were extremely shocked.

He wanted to directly raise a Qi Condensation Realm cultivation to the Profound Gate Realm or even the Inner World Realm!

Was this the power of an Immortal!

But why did it feel like he was talking about something extremely ordinary It felt like he was asking what to eat tonight… This was too ridiculous.

“I, I, this… Lord, I, the Profound Gate Realm is fine.” Hui Shidu was a little incoherent.

He had never even heard of such a thing.

It was already completely beyond his understanding.

It was too unbelievable.

“Its better to reach the Xiantian realm.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and said in a low voice, “The Profound Gate and the Xiantian realm are only on the same level.

You can just achieve it in one step.

You can do the construction of the Inner World yourself later.”

With that, he raised his right hand and flicked his finger, sending a trace of Dharmic powers into Hui Shis body.

Hui Shi immediately felt the True Qi in his body expand rapidly, instantly strengthening by more than ten times and spreading to every corner of his body.

Qi Transformation Realm!

Immediately after, a vast stream of True Qi flowed upwards into his mind.


Hui Shi felt his entire body tremble, as if a barrier in his mind had been broken through.

Instantly, he felt as if he had arrived in an incomparably vast world!

Profound Gate Realm!

After sensing this vast world, he suddenly came into contact with a vast sea of essence energy.

The essence energy of heaven and earth surged, roiling with natural power.

Before he could carefully sense the profundity of the Essence Energy Sea, he felt a large amount of Heaven Earth Essence Energy gather and pour into his body.

Then, these worlds quickly fused with his True Qi, allowing his True Qi to possess a strange ability to mobilize the power of nature.

At the same time, he was completely reborn.

Xiantian Realm, done!

After a wave of intense pain that spread throughout his body, Hui Shi woke up and immediately felt the majestic and grand power in his body.

“I… I became a Xiantian Grandmaster just like that!”

Hui Shi muttered to himself, almost thinking that he was dreaming.

However, the powerful force in his body and the power of Heaven and Earth that he could clearly sense could not be faked.

He was really in the Xiantian Realm!

With his aptitude, he might have a chance to step into the Xiantian realm in his seventies or eighties.

And now he has already achieved it

In just a short moment, he had already reached the Xiantian realm

It was as simple as eating and drinking!

At this moment, pure shock was no longer enough to describe Hui Shis feelings.

This was the feeling of his understanding being completely overturned.

Although he had seen Cui Heng summon the wind and rain, and even ignite the fire of Dharmic powers, the feeling now was completely different.

The former was purely destruction, and it was a very direct form of power.

The latter was a bizarre method that was unimaginable and completely incomprehensible.

“Thank you, Immortal Venerable!” Hui Shi knelt on the ground and kowtowed.

He could not help but address Cui Heng as Immortal Venerable.

“Immortal Venerables divine power!”

“Immortal Venerables divine power!!”

Liu Litao and Xu Fengan also bowed respectfully, their hearts filled with shock.

Especially Xu Fengan.

As a top expert who had started from the initial stage of Body Refinement and walked through the Inner Qi Cultivation, Qi Sensing, and other realms step by step, spending nearly a hundred years to cultivate in the 12 Realms of the Martial Dao Realms until he reached the 11th level, the Inner World Realm, his heart was extremely complicated at this moment.


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