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635 Chaos, Immortals Gathering (2)

This situation was clearly a differential treatment, but all the participants were already used to it and thought that it was only right.

After all, this rule had been set a long time ago when the Immortal Heaven Dao Realm Dharma Banquet was first hosted.

Also, the strong were respected.

This had always been a rule that could be established anywhere.

Therefore, even with such an obvious difference in treatment, no one raised any objections.

Many people who came to attend the ritual banquet were willing to endure it with smiles on their faces.

However, some of this smile was real and some was fake.

There were always a few people who came with other intentions.

… .

In a desolate starry sky, nebulas filled the sky, and countless star fragments floated.

It was like a tomb of stars.

The energy contained in it was extremely terrifying, as if a trillion stars had once exploded here, forming such a magical place.

In the middle of this “Star Tomb”, there was a hunched old man with white hair and beard who was surrounded by countless star fragments.

He seemed to have sensed something and suddenly opened his turbid eyes.

He looked up, as if he wanted to see the endless height that was out of reach.

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“Receiving Immortal Stairs!” the old man muttered, his eyes revealing a trace of nostalgia.

Then, they became cold as he snorted.

“To think that they still have the mood to hold a banquet.

How can this old man let you live in peace”

With that, the old mans body suddenly shone brightly, as if countless fiery flames had wrapped around him.

Golden flames ignited in his eyes, and the strength of the aura on his body rose steadily, rapidly strengthening.

Finally, he suddenly opened his mouth and sucked hard.

In an instant, the countless star fragments and nebulas in this vast starry sky began to collapse rapidly, surging towards the old mans mouth.

Soon, this desolate starry sky became empty and turned into nothingness.

All the matter was swallowed by the old man and absorbed into his body.

After doing all of this, the flames that enveloped the old man suddenly soared into the sky and rushed towards the endless height, forming a staircase made of flames.

“Let me see if youve improved after so many years.”

The old man sneered and stepped onto the flame stairs.

He actually walked towards the place where the Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet was held.

… .

Outside a certain Nine Nether Crack.

This was originally an extremely prosperous sea of stars with many dazzling civilizations.

There was no lack of Seventh and Eighth True World Realm experts.

But now, this Star Sea has become a dead area.

Although there were still hundreds of billions of stars and countless planets, there was no longer any life.

Only in the core area of the sea of stars was a giant that was billions of kilometers tall and enveloped in silver light.

Behind this giant was a huge purple-black crack that stretched for hundreds of millions of kilometers.

Countless vortexes surged inside, and faint wails emerged continuously.

It was a Nine Nether Crack!

The countless vortexes in this crack were spewing out Nine Nether Demonic Qi at all times.

However, most of the Nine Netherworld Demonic Qi was blocked by the silver giant.

Some subtle Demonic Qi spread out, but it was still blocked in the Star Sea and could not spread out.

Suddenly, a green light appeared from the silver giants body.

Then, it transformed into a bronze staircase that extended upwards to an endless height.

“Huh” The silver giant seemed to have been woken up by the green light and looked at the bronze staircase.

After being stunned for a moment, the expression on his face suddenly became distorted, and a purple-black light flashed across his eyes.

“Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet Most of the experts of the Dao Realm within the range of the Six Immortal Domains in the past are gathered there.

There might even be existences above the Dao Realm appearing

Hahahaha, good, good! It suits me!!”

Hence, the silver giants figure swayed and he returned to the size of an ordinary person, turning into a young man in silver clothes.

He leisurely stepped onto the bronze stairs and walked up.

As for the Nine Nether Crack here, there was no need to worry.

As long as he did not leave for long, the remaining power here was enough to guard it for a long time.

This was also one of the reasons why Shen Lou could leave the place he was guarding.

… .

As Hong Fugui was only at the First Dao Realm, although he followed Cui Heng on the golden stairs, he was still teleported to the Lower Three Dao Realms region.

Cui Heng arrived in the region of the Upper Three Dao Realms.

This area was neither big nor small.

Looking at the periphery, it was an endless chaotic void.

Countless chaotic airflow and chaotic storms wreaked havoc here, and everywhere was filled with destructive power.

Those below the Seventh Dao Realm would instantly have their bodies and souls destroyed when they arrived.

There was no way out at all.

That was why this place became the exclusive area of the Upper Three Dao Realms.

Those who had yet to reach the Upper Three Dao Realms would be reduced to ashes on the spot, let alone be able to attend the meeting.

However, the actual banquet area should be in the palace floating in this chaotic void.

From the looks of it, the area was not big.

As soon as Cui Heng arrived, he saw the chaotic void not far away light up with golden light, dispersing the chaotic airflow and chaotic storm, forming a stable golden door of light.

Then, a figure walked out of the golden door of light.

It was a middle-aged Daoist priest with disheveled hair and a red gourd on his back.

He was dressed in tattered clothes that revealed his chest.

As soon as the Daoist priest arrived, he immediately discovered Cui Heng not far away.

He came over as if they were familiar with each other and laughed.

“Old Daoist Li Jiu greets Fellow Daoist.

I see that Fellow Daoist is unfamiliar.

Have you just broken through to the Seventh Dao Realm”

“I guess so.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled.

At the same time, he glanced at the middle-aged Daoist priest and realized that this persons cultivation was at the Ninth Dao Realm.

His strength was indeed not weak.

“Hahaha, this is Fellow Daoists first time attending the meeting.

But this is already the eighth time Im here.

Im old.” Li Jiu grinned and said, “How should I address Fellow Daoist”

“Cui Heng.” Cui Heng nodded slightly.

He was still smiling, but it was neither warm nor cold.

“Fellow Daoist, theres no need to be so distant.” Li Jiu smiled and said, “This Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet is a venue for the top big shots to discuss important matters.

“But to us lackeys, taking this opportunity to make more friends and bond with each other is the best way to make use of it, haha.”

“Drunkard Li, youre getting close to the new Fellow Daoists again.” At this moment, a female voice came from not far away.

Then, a young woman in a moon-white dress passed through the golden door of light and arrived at Cui Hengs side.

“Fellow Daoist, dont believe him.

This fellow likes to build connections with others and ask for wine,” the young woman said with a smile.

“If you really get closer to him, the rare wines in your residence will suffer.”

“Thank you for your reminder, Fellow Daoist.” Cui Heng nodded and smiled, but he was still as calm as water.

After speaking, he did not continue.

At this moment, golden doors of light appeared one after another, and figures streamed out continuously.

Among them were clearly acquaintances of Li Jiu and the young woman.

They bade farewell to Cui Heng and went to greet their friends.

Cui Heng quietly observed them, but he realized that be it the two people just now or their friends who had just arrived, their words and actions were like mortals.

They did not look like peerless experts from the Upper Three Dao Realms at all.

These people had lived for tens of millions of years.

Normally speaking, such a situation should not have happened.

“Is there any special purpose” Cui Heng frowned slightly.

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