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634 Chaos, Immortals Gathering

Spiritual Golden Eyes!

This was an Immortal technique used on the eyes.

It could turn the casters eyes into golden pupils that could see through all illusions and see the true origin.

Deducing this Immortal technique was not only to investigate the essence of the Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet Hall, but also to prepare for his future path to the Return to Void realm.

After all, the description of the path to the Return to Void realm in the Intermediate Immortal Technique said that one had to understand the truth.

Immortal techniques like the Spiritual Golden Eyes should be beneficial to the cultivation of the Return to Void realm.

Under the gaze of the Spiritual Golden Eyes, a group of palaces began to appear in the void above the golden stairs.

Pavilions could be vaguely seen, and they were incomparably gorgeous.

It was the venue for the Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet.

However, this was only the surface.

In Cui Hengs eyes, these pavilions, palaces, and temples had all turned into phantoms, and the truth was reflected in his eyes.

It was a vast and boundless land.

It was desolate and devoid of life.

There were only hills buried with nameless people.

“A graveyard!” Cui Heng was stunned.

This outcome was too unexpected.

The place where so many experts were invited to discuss important matters was actually a wasteland filled with nameless graves.

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“No, this isnt the true origin.” The golden light in Cui Hengs eyes became even brighter.

Then, the wasteland filled with graves became illusory, turning into a blurry phantom.

The scene that appeared in his eyes changed again, turning into a dark green incomplete seal floating in the unknown void.

An extremely dense aura of death lingered around this incomplete seal, as if this seal was the manifestation of the Great Dao of Death.

However, the seal was not complete and much was lacking.

Only about a fifth of it was left, but it still gave off an extremely powerful feeling.

“A treasure that symbolizes the Great Dao of Origin!” Cui Heng was overjoyed.

He had finally found a treasure that met the Systems requirements.

Previously, he had also tried to use the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

He felt that it was a treasure nurtured by the origin laws of the Six Immortal Domains after all.

Perhaps it could be used.

But he did not succeed.

Clearly, the origin laws of the Six Immortal Domains were not the same as the origin Great Dao of the universe.

Fortunately, the Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet was indeed as Dao Child Qingxu had said.

It was indeed a treasure that symbolizes the origin of the Great Dao of the universe.

This way, he would have a chance to use this treasure to exchange for the purchase voucher for the High-level Cultivation Package.

From there, he could upgrade the System package and obtain the method to step onto the path to the Return to Void realm.

Therefore, Cui Heng could not wait to call Hong Fugui over and bring him up the golden staircase towards the endless heights.

However, after taking a few steps, Cui Heng suddenly frowned and thought to himself, “No, theres something wrong with my mentality now.

Im too impatient.

“The venue of this Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet is not ownerless.

Im clearly trying to snatch it by force.”

He had never had the thought of snatching things by force before, unless the other party was hostile to him.

“I was too anxious to step onto the path of the Return to Void Realm and had an unusual thought.” Cui Heng quickly found the problem with his mental state.

“I was too anxious to succeed.

It shouldnt be like this.”

Then, he gently closed his eyes, and his mental state quickly calmed down.

When he opened his eyes again, his expression had already become as usual.

Regarding this Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet, he only treated it as an ordinary banquet.

His thoughts were not as chaotic as before.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that he had never thought about how to obtain information and understand people as much as possible by coming to this banquet.

He was only focused on how to obtain the treasure that symbolizes the source of the Great Dao so that he could use it to step onto the path of the Return to Void realm.

“Fortunately, I woke up in time.

Otherwise, I wonder what ridiculous things Ill do at the banquet.” Cui Heng heaved a sigh of relief.

If he had gone to the Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet with his previous mentality, he would probably not be able to help but fight at the banquet.

He might even directly snatch the venue of the banquet.

At that time, not to mention offending all the experts present for no reason, he might even lure out some existences above the Ninth Dao Realm.

He did not have a clear concept of the experts above the Ninth Dao Realm.

He could only roughly estimate that they should be stronger than the Late-stage Soul Formation realm.

As for whether they had reached the Peak Soul Formation realm, it was unknown.

No matter what, Cui Heng did not want to offend such unknown experts for no reason.

“Ill just attend this banquet as usual.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “At the same time, Ill try my best to find out more about this banquet venue.”

Keeping calm did not mean giving up on the banquet venue.

If there was a suitable opportunity, he would definitely still attack.

He just had to guard the bottom line that he would not resort to burglary for no reason.

“Teacher, whats wrong” At this moment, Hong Fugui realized that something was wrong with Cui Heng and asked curiously.

“Its fine now.” Cui Heng shook his head gently and looked up at the end of the golden staircase above.

He smiled and said, “Lets go.”

… .

At the same time that the Golden Light Steps appeared on Cui Hengs side, different steps appeared before the other people who had received the invitation.

In front of the people of the Lower Three Realms was a bronze staircase.

There were even some rust on it, and it looked very old.

In front of the people in the Middle Three Dao Realms, a staircase made of silver appeared.

It was dazzling and looked very luxurious.

The existences of the Upper Three Dao Realms and higher levels were welcomed by Golden Light Stairs.

They had the highest standards and were treated with courtesy.

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