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631 Daoist Su, Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet (2)

After taking a few simple glances, the Dao child could not help but sigh.

“Youre so powerful.

Im far from being your match.

No, Im not qualified to be compared to you at all.

Even Old Master might not be your match.

Hiss, how did you cultivate to this level Unbelievable.” At the beginning, he was still sighing and surprised.

Towards the end, he already had a feeling of disbelief.

The Peak Soul Formation realm was indeed beyond the understanding of the Dao child.

“I just cultivated step by step,” Cui Heng replied truthfully with a smile.

“How powerful.

Im so envious.” The Dao childs eyes seemed to be shining as he looked at Cui Heng with envy.

“Immortal child, who is this Old Master that you mentioned…” Cui Heng asked at the right time.

“My Old Master goes by the title Daoist Su, a secular Daoist,” the Daoist child explained and asked, “Have you heard of him”

“Ive never heard of him.” Cui Heng shook his head and said truthfully.

Previously, he had searched the soul of Shen Lou.

In his memory, there had never been any expert who called himself Daoist Su.

In the past 500 years, he had been collecting information about ancient history in all aspects and understanding the secrets of various things.

He had never seen a description of a person called Daoist Su.

Even the billions of fake selves he had already created were not related to this Daoist Su at all.

It was really very mysterious.

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“Hehe, its not strange that you havent heard of him,” the Dao child said indifferently.

“Its normal for no one to have heard of the Old Master since hes not famous.

Even Qingxin and I dont know what his background is or what achievements he has.

Oh, the Old Master named me Qingxu.

I also have a senior brother called Qingxin.”

“Qingxu and Qingxin are good names with Immortal intent.” Cui Heng smiled faintly.

“May I know why the Immortal child is looking for me”

“Im here on the orders of the Old Master to invite you to Su Monastery as a guest.” Daoist Child Qingxu expressed his intentions.

“Haha, thank you for the invitation.

Immortal child, just send my regards to Dao Brother Su on my behalf.” Cui Heng smiled at first, then said, “As for being a guest, theres no need.

I cant leave this place for the time being.”

This Daoist Sus strength, origin, location, and attitude were unknown.

He could not tell what he was thinking at all, let alone differentiate if this was a friend or foe.

It was impossible for him to go over to be a guest.

Dao Child Qingxu seemed to have expected this answer.

After Cui Heng expressed his intentions, he skillfully took out an exquisite and gorgeous golden invitation and smiled.

“If you dont want to go to the Su Monastery, please accept this invitation to the Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet.”

“Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet” Cui Heng did not take the invitation immediately.

Instead, he asked, “What is this banquet for Who will attend and who will hold it”

“Its rumored that when the Six Immortal Domains were still around, the Lord of the Immortal Domains held a banquet for the Immortals.

It was mainly to provide a place for the Immortals to interact, exchange treasures, and reconcile their conflicts.” Dao Child Qingxu thought for a moment and explained, “However, the so-called Lord of the Immortal Domains have always been a legendary existence.

Its a little doubtful if this person really exists or if he ever existed.

Therefore, even during the Immortal Domain Eras Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet, the host had never appeared.

Only a huge world would appear within a specific time range at the venue for the banquet.

However, Old Master once said that the Banquet is not simple.

The laws and Great Dao contained in it have vaguely touched the deepest mysteries of the universe.

Perhaps the Banquet itself is a supreme treasure.

Every time the experts attend the Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet, other than taking the opportunity to exchange some things and treasures, many people also have the intention to spy on this supreme treasure and try to subdue it.”

“Oh” Cui Heng exclaimed softly when he heard that and said with a smile, “That sounds interesting.

However, if the Lord of the Immortal Domains doesnt exist, who is issuing these invitations”

He noticed the uniqueness of the Banquet.

If that was really true, he could successfully see through the mysteries of the Return to Void Realm.

“The invitations to the Banquet appeared out of thin air,” Dao Child Qingxu continued to explain.

“After the Banquet World appears, invitations will appear out of thin air and be distributed.

The targets of the invitations are all experts who have broken through to the Dao Realm.

As for who the invitations are distributed to, there will be some differences.

There will be differences every time, and there will only be a general range.

Only a small number of people in the Lower Three Dao Realms will receive invitations, while everyone in the Middle Three Dao Realms and Upper Three Dao Realms will definitely be invited.

Moreover, other than their own invitations, they will also receive additional quotas to invite other people to the Banquet.

This invitation is the additional quota that my Old Master received.”

“In that case, this invitation should be very precious,” Cui Heng said thoughtfully.

“Why is he giving it to me”

“I dont know either.” Dao Child Qingxu shook his head and guessed, “Perhaps your Dao Validation phenomenon was too shocking”

“Haha, its not impossible.” Cui Heng laughed.

Then, he took the invitation and said with a smile, “Thank you.

Ill accept the invitation for the time being.

As for whether Ill really go at that time, it depends on the exact situation.”

“Its fine as long as you accept the invitation.” Dao Child Qingxu smiled and said, “In any case, Old Master only asked me to hand over the invitation and didnt ask that you agree.

This way, I can go back and report.”

“Immortal child, arent you going to stay a little longer” Cui Heng smiled.

“I still plan to prepare a banquet for you.”

“Thank you for your good intentions, but theres no need.” Dao Child Qingxu shook his head and said, “Old Master instructed me that the most important thing for me to come to the Immortal Land this time is not to linger around and squint at the flowers.

This will easily spoil the fruits of my cultivation.

I dont think I have the mentality to constantly resist temptation.

Its better to leave early.

Goodbye.” With that, he bade farewell to Cui Heng.

In the blink of an eye, he crossed the Black Yellow Qi and Primordial Qi and headed to outer space, leaving this Immortal Land.

Cui Heng looked up at the sky and watched Dao Child Qingxu leave.

Then, he looked down at the invitation in his hand and thought to himself, “Daoist Su, Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet, Banquet of Heaven and Earth… There are secrets everywhere.”

Actually, he had already made up his mind.

If nothing unexpected happened, he would be attending this Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet.

Just the banquet world that was suspected to be related to the mysteries of the origin of the universe and might be a supreme treasure was worth making a trip out.

This determined whether he could step onto the path of the Return to Void realm as soon as possible.

“However, before I go, its best to understand this event in more detail.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “But who can I find to understand this matter”

Thinking of this, his heart suddenly skipped a beat, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Theres indeed a good candidate.”

… .

In the Human Ancestor Hall.

Recently, this descendant of the Human Monarch had been feeling a little uneasy, as if something bad was about to happen to him.

“Whats going on This shouldnt be happening.”

He had also carefully analyzed what he had done over the years to see if he could verify it.

But he did not gain anything.

Today, the ominous feeling was even stronger.

It was as if a disaster was about to befall.

He had to care about this.

Just as the Human Monarchs descendant was feeling extremely puzzled, he suddenly sensed that there was a second person in the Human Ancestral Hall other than him.

“Who is it!” The Human Monarchs descendant shouted sternly.

At the same time, he released his perception and covered the entire Human Ancestral Hall, but he did not discover anything.

At the same time, a very ethereal voice suddenly sounded, making his blood run cold.

“Are you prepared to make the necessary sacrifice!”

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