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The wind whistled in his ears, and the ground under his feet became vast.

Yan Sheng looked down in horror.

The huge Xiling County City seemed to have become a sand table, and every inch of land was reflected in his eyes.

His face paled.

For people who had never experienced flying before, the feeling of soaring to the clouds for the first time was wonderful and terrifying at the same time.

Especially someone like Yan Sheng who was directly grabbed by Cui Heng by the shoulder and carried up.

“Lets take a look outside the city first”

Cui Heng carried Yan Sheng and said calmly.

His figure swayed and instantly pierced through the clouds.

He fell from the clouds and stopped in the sky above the mass grave outside the city.

Yan Sheng was so flustered that his head was spinning and he saw stars.

When he suddenly saw the broken limbs and remains all over the ground, he immediately shivered and was speechless.

“Heh!” Cui Heng shook his head and sneered.

He casually threw Yan Sheng into the air.

The powerful force allowed Yan Sheng to pass through the sky above Xiling County.

As the wind howled, the corpses on the ground and the remains of burned houses entered his vision.

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When he was about to fly out of the range of Xiling City, Cui Heng suddenly appeared above him, grabbed his neck, and held him in his hand.

“What do you think” Cui Heng asked in a low voice.

“I…” Yan Sheng wanted to retort, but he couldnt say anything.

Actually, he had seen these before and understood them.

However, just as he had said to Cui Heng in the cell, he only felt that this was reasonable and did not feel that there was anything wrong about it.

At this moment, he was grabbed by Cui Heng and thrown to the ground before being flung into the air again.

In his panic and shock, he looked at these things again and had a completely different feeling.

Or rather, he felt a little sympathetic.

“Hmph!” Seeing that he did not speak, Cui Heng grabbed him and brought him to the sky above King Yans Palace.

The bright lights and decadent sounds here created an extremely stark contrast with the miserable scene outside.

“…” Yan Sheng, who was already feeling a little complicated, fell silent again.

After a long while, he snorted coldly.

“Just kill me!”

“Its still early,” Cui Heng said indifferently.

Then, he flew up and pulled Yan Sheng to the clouds.

“What exactly are you trying to do” Yan Sheng gritted his teeth.

“Are you trying to force me to admit my mistake”

“No, its just to let you know what should be destroyed.” Cui Heng looked down at Xiling County and slowly picked up the oil lamp in his hand.

High up in the clouds, the wind howled.

Even the strongest flames should be blown out by the wind.

However, the small oil lamp was still flickering with flames and showed no signs of extinguishing.

“You want to use your Immortal means here” Yan Sheng sneered.

“There are still those innocent people you mentioned below.”

“Theyll be fine,” Cui Heng said calmly.

Then, he blew lightly and blew the oil out of the lamp.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The lamp oil scattered into oil beads in the wind.

In the blink of an eye, they turned into hundreds of droplets.

Then, they scattered into thousands, tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands, enveloping the entire sky above Xiling County.

In the next moment, a bright and dazzling flame ignited from these oil beads.

This process multiplicated quickly, expanding continuously.

Like a spark burning into a prairie fire, it quickly spread in the sky.

At this moment, it was as if endless golden flames were burning in the sky, illuminating the ground.

The remaining commoners in Xiling County could not help but look up.

Even common folks like Feng Wu, who was almost devoured by hatred and anger, regained their senses and looked up at the sky.

They saw a pure flame burning brightly, and they also saw the figure standing above it.

He was like an Immortal, a God, or a Saint!

At the same time, they also saw their relatives and friends who had turned into ghosts looking at the sky with reverence in their eyes.

This made the citizens in the city understand that the reason why their relatives and friends could return to help them was most likely because of this person in the sky.

Hence, they could not help but kneel down and kowtow to the sky!

The soldiers of King Yan who had yet to be avenged by the people in the city also saw the flames in the sky.

They only felt panic in their hearts and great fear surged up.

Countless soldiers wanted to escape, but when they looked at the seemingly endless sea of fire in the sky, they did not know where to run to.

At this moment, Wang Tong and the others in the Yan Palace also noticed the changes outside.

They rushed out one after another and looked up at the sky.

They saw flames spreading to the horizon, and their surroundings were filled people with malice towards them.

As Xiantian Grandmasters who could already mobilize the power of the outside world, Wang Tong and the others could sense the changes in the environment to a certain extent.

Right now, they could clearly sense that the layers of flames in the sky were targeting them.

They wanted to burn them to ashes!

“What is this!” Wang Tong finally panicked.

He pointed at the sky and roared, “Someone tell me, what is this What is going on”

Zen Master Yuanzhengs expression changed slightly, and his eyes flickered.

It was unknown what he thought of, but he suddenly put his palms together and chanted, “Amitabha, Benefactor Wang, this poor monk suddenly has a feeling that its not appropriate for me to assist you anymore.

Ill take my leave.”

Before he could finish his sentence, the old monk had already moved.

The Xiantian True Qi in his body surged, and every step he took brought him more than a hundred feet away.

In the blink of an eye, he was about to leave King Yans Palace.

He actually wanted to run away!

“Old bald donkey!” Wang Tong roared and was about to chase after him.

But at this moment, the boundless sea of fire in the sky suddenly shook.

A fireball suddenly lit up like a falling star.

It tore through the sky, leaving a long trail of light as it smashed onto Zen Master Yuanzheng, who was about to escape.


Zen Master Yuanzhengs extremely miserable cry sounded.

This Abbot of Grand Prosperity Monastery, who could be said to be a Xiantian Grandmaster at the peak of the martial arts world, was burned to ashes by a small fireball.

Moreover, under the surging heat wave, even the ashes were lifted into the air and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

He could be said to have been reduced to ashes.

Wang Tong and the others were horrified.

They looked at the place where Zen Master Yuanzheng “disappeared” in disbelief, then looked up at the sky.

Instantly, their souls left their bodies.


“Quickly run!”

It was a thought they all shared.

With their lives on the line, they no longer had the energy to think about how such a thing was done and what level of expert it was.

There was only one thought in their minds.


They had to escape!

Escape with all their might!

Unfortunately, it was useless!

Just now, the star that fell from the sky and burned Zen Master Yuanzheng into ashes was only the beginning.

Immediately after, stars fell like rain!

Flames fell from the endless sea of fire and landed accurately on the members of King Yans army.

Whether it was a leader like Wang Tong, a group of military officials as generals, a civil official as a strategist prime minister, or soldiers with blood on their hands, the falling stars did not deviate or made a mistake!

All of them were turned into ashes in the rain of fiery stars.

Then, as the wind blew, the fire and ashes dissipated.

At this point, King Yan, who had swept through the various lands for five years and almost occupied half of Fengzhou, was completely reduced to ashes.

All the citizens of Xiling County witnessed this moment with their own eyes.

As the last star disappeared, countless citizens cheered.

Their voices shook the sky and reached the clouds.

Cui Heng stood on the clouds and looked down gently without saying anything.

Yan Sheng was silent for a long time.

His mind kept recalling his actions in the past few years, as well as the actions of King Yans army.

Then, he looked at the commoners.

He suddenly laughed bitterly.

“Immortal, please let go of me.

Im guilty as well.”

“Alright.” Cui Heng glanced at him and nodded lightly, letting go of his shoulder.

Without Cui Heng holding onto him, Yan Sheng naturally could not continue to fly in the sky.

Just like that, he fell from the clouds.

Just as he was about to smash into the ground and turn into meat paste, the final star descended from the sky and burned him to ashes, causing him to dissipate with King Yans army.

“Not a single one can be missing.” Cui Heng retracted his gaze and looked at the citizens who were still cheering.

He smiled faintly.

“There are many things waiting to be done in Xiling County.

Ill send someone over later.”

At the same time, dense rays of light carrying the emotions of the citizens rose from the city of Xiling County and slowly fused into his body.

… .

The next morning.

Cui Heng was already sitting in the inner hall of the county office for breakfast.

He had just finished eating when he received a visiting card.

It was signed by Xu Fengan.


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