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628 The Characteristics of a Peak Soul Formation Cultivator, A Treasure That Symbolizes the Source

The leap from the Late-stage to the Peak of the Soul Formation realm gave Cui Heng the feeling that he had broken through a major realm.

He had directly completed the fundamental transition of life and the fundamental change in his soul.

It was completely different from the Late-stage Soul Formation realm.

Whether it was his body or Essence Soul, they had completely transformed.

His Essence Soul had long been indestructible.

This breakthrough also allowed his body to completely break through the shackles of lifespan and become indestructible.

From now on, unless this universe was destroyed or the laws of the universe were changed to target him and completely erase him, he would live forever until the end of time.

Other than that, the power he wielded was even greater.

Now, he only needed to flick his finger to instantly destroy this Immortal Land.

This Immortal Land was essentially formed by the fusion of an Immortal Domain fragment and an Ancient Holy Land.

Its essence was extremely high.

Such power was already countless times stronger than a Late-stage Soul Formation cultivator.

However, be it the increase in the lifespan of his body and soul or the increase in power, they were secondary to this breakthrough.

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More importantly, Cui Hengs form of existence had changed.

He was no longer a pure individual.

Instead, he could exist in billions of places at the same time.

His perspective had also changed.

It was as if he was looking down at the vast universe from an endless height.

He could clearly sense every fake self and could become other fake selves at any time.

Moreover, as the power of his Essence Soul spread and the power of his consciousness spread, he was still constantly establishing a connection with the vast universe and starry sky.

He absorbed the omnipresent energy and laws and gave birth to new fake selves.

Every time a new fake self was born, his cultivation would become stronger.

This growth seemed to be endless and could continue forever.

In theory, as long as there was enough time, he could even spread his fake selves throughout the entire universe and even turn everything in this universe into his fake selves.

“The Peak of the Soul Formation realm is indeed a different scenery.”

Cui Heng collected his thoughts and focused his attention on himself again.

He thought to himself, “After reaching this realm, I dont even need to take the initiative to cultivate.

Even if I dont do anything, I can become infinitely stronger.

“Its really unexpected that such a realm characteristic actually appeared at the Peak of the Soul Formation realm.

In that case, even if I dont break through to the Return to Void Realm, I can still possess strength comparable to the entire universe.”

The upper limit of the Peak Soul Formation realm was equivalent to power over the entire universe.

As long as he had enough fake selves, he could reach that level.

“Could it be that if I want to break through to the Return to Void Realm, I have to first have the power to be on par with the entire universe” Cui Heng frowned.

This was clearly illogical.

If that was the case, how powerful would a Return to Void Realm cultivator be

It was too exaggerated.

If a Return to Void cultivator was really powerful to that extent, how could he not be able to destroy an Early-stage Soul Formation cultivators True Spirit

With these doubts in his heart, Cui Heng ordered the System.

“Exchange for the reading time of the Primary Grade Immortal Technique, From Beginner to Ascension.”

Then, the booklet that recorded the Intermediate Immortal Technique, From Initiate to Ascension, appeared in his hand.

Cui Heng skillfully flipped the booklet to the back.

At the end of the Soul Formation section.

It explained how to break through to the Return to Void Realm after reaching the Peak Soul Formation realm.

But this time, it was different from what he had seen before.

Originally, he had already prepared to continue guessing riddles or use the explanation function, but he realized that the description was actually quite detailed.

[…After cultivators reach the Peak Soul Formation realm, they will face two choices.

Do they continue to pursue the illusory Immortal Dao and advance to the Return to Void Realm, or do they stay at the Peak Soul Formation realm…]

As expected, just as Cui Heng had guessed, if he wanted to break through to the Return to Void Realm, he did not need to cultivate to the limit at the Peak of the Soul Formation realm.

As long as one successfully broke through to the Peak Soul Formation realm, they could directly step onto the path to the Return to Void Realm and begin to advance to the Return to Void Realm.

There was another restriction during this process, and that was that the number of fake selves could not exceed 480 million.

Otherwise, I could only stay at the Peak of the Soul Formation realm forever.

However, even if he could only stop at the Peak Soul Formation realm, he could still become infinitely stronger.

These were actually two different paths.

Based on this different path, a situation that seemed very strange to common sense might appear.

The extreme Peak Soul Formation realm was stronger than the Return to Void realm.

If one really raised their power to the level of a universe, even a Return to Void Realm expert would probably be unable to compete with them.

“However, if a Peak Soul Formation cultivator wants to accumulate enough fake selves to surpass the Return to Void Stage, the time needed will probably be an astronomical figure.”

Cui Heng thought to himself, “Moreover, the Return to Void Realm is a higher realm after all.

Compared to the Peak of the Soul Formation realm, theres definitely more than just the difference in numbers and strength.

“In terms of the level of the lifeform, mystical methods, or other aspects, there should be a considerable difference.

Although I dont want to take the risk, I dont want to shrink my head and become a turtle.”

Therefore, he quickly came to a conclusion as to which path he wanted to take.

He would definitely continue to advance and pursue the path to the Return to Void realm.

Hence, Cui Heng continued to flip through the Intermediate Immortal Technique, From Initiate to Ascension, intending to read the rest of the contents on how to break through from the Peak of the Soul Formation realm to the Return to Void Stage.

However, when he flipped to the back, he realized that he could only read the beginning paragraph.

The rest of the content was enveloped in a thick fog and could not be seen at all.

This scene made Cui Heng feel like he had returned to Earth.

Back then, when he was reading novels on Qidian, it was also very easy for him to lose his book coins without him realizing it.

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