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627 Peak Soul Formation, Omnipresent (2)

To the current Cui Heng, every fake self was real.

Their lives, experiences, and will were all real, and they could exist at the same time.

However, their foundation and source all pointed to Cui Heng.

At this moment, Cui Heng was sitting in the Niwan Palace.

He looked down from the perspective of his Essence Soul and could sense every one of his fake selves.

Be it humans or inhumans, even mountains and rocks could be clearly seen.

At this realm, as long as these fake selves existed, it was equivalent to his own existence.

Everything the fake selves sensed was equivalent to him sensing it personally.

Moreover, his main body could descend to those places where fake selves existed at any time, and he could also exist in different places.

As long as these places had his incarnations, he could arrive there in an instant.

He was omnipresent!

He truly existed everywhere!

At this moment, Cui Hengs Essence Soul also came out of its meditation state.

He formed hand seals with both hands and sat in the void.

Beside him was the light and shadow condensed from the Time Saber and the Dao Life Sword, like the original form of an Immortal God.

Then, he began to sense the endless changes after his consciousness was scattered, as well as the countless fake selves.

His aura became higher and higher, and it became more and more unbelievable.

A moment later, the light of the Time Saber and the Dao Life Sword suddenly lit up.

Cui Hengs Essence Soul began to be surrounded by these two lights, and a round halo of an Immortal God formed behind his head.

This realm could already be considered perfect.

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Next should be the extreme sublimation of the essence of life!

Cui Hengs Essence Soul suddenly opened its mouth and said with a smile, “The myriad transformations are not me.

My true nature is the real me!”

His voice first echoed in the Niwan Palace, then in the outside world, causing the entire Immortal Land to tremble.

A moment later, even the Heaven Realm, the Five Views Realm, Daozhou Star, and other places heard this voice.

At the same time that this voice rang out.

Layers of phenomena descended!

… .

In the palace of the Central Capital Imperial City.

Hong Fugui, who was dealing with government affairs, suddenly put down the notes in his hand.

He stood up and came to the door of the palace, looking up at the sky outside.

The originally sunny sky suddenly darkened, as if the height of the sky had become much lower.

At this moment, the world was silent.

However, this silence did not last long.

Streaks of blurry light and shadows appeared in the dark sky.

There were figures and mountains and trees.

It was as if a complete world was descending.

Then, a similar scene appeared in the sky in the other direction.

It was also a complete world descending.

After the shadows of the first and second worlds appeared, the shadows of the third, fourth, fifth, and even more worlds quickly appeared.

It seemed endless as it quickly filled the entire sky.

At the edge of the place where the light and shadows of this endless world gathered, the scene of chaos creation, chaos evolution, the beginning of the world, and so on was happening.

In the blink of an eye, countless worlds were created, further expanding the shadows of this world.

Before long, everyone in the Immortal Land was flooded by the light and shadows of these billions of layers of worlds.

The only things that could be seen in the dark sky were these worlds and the scene of the creation of the universe.

The pressure contained in it could be imagined.

To most people in the Immortal Land, this had already exceeded the limits of everyones understanding and reached an indescribable peak.

This was an indescribable strength!

Who was it

Who could have such powerful strength!

“Such an earth-shattering phenomenon.

Is Teacher about to break through” Hong Fugui looked at the sky and muttered in his heart.

He naturally knew that the current breakthrough phenomenon was caused by Cui Heng.

However, in his heart, Cui Hengs realm had long reached an extreme.

Now, he could actually still break through.

It was inevitable that he would be shocked.

Of course, he was also a little curious.

Teacher was already omnipotent.

What kind of realm would he reach after breaking through again

It was really fascinating.

As for the original overlords of the various countries, they were not in the same mood.

At this moment, they were all living in the Central Capital Imperial City.

Everyone looked at the sky in a daze, their hearts shocked.

“What is this Whose breakthrough phenomenon is this This is a breakthrough phenomenon, right”

“I-I think so.

But isnt this too powerful Who can have such terrifying power”

“Is it Cui Qing No, even Cui Qing doesnt have such great strength! This is too powerful! Who is this”

… .

… .

While countless people in the Immortal Land were shocked by this phenomenon,

Such a phenomenon had already spread outside, covering a wider range.

It was not limited to the Immortal Land.

These phenomena also appeared in the Heaven Realm, the Purple Sun Realm, the Five Views Realm, Daozhou Star, and other places.

Countless people were looking up at the sky, too shocked to speak.

However, it was different from the people in the Immortal Land.

Many people in these places still remembered Cui Hengs aura.

Therefore, when they sensed this phenomenon, they knew that Cui Heng was breaking through.

Especially Li Mingqiong, Pei Qingshu, Hui Shi, and the others.

They looked up at the sky with surprise on their faces and could not help but praise.

“Thats great.

Master has broken through again!”

“Master is really becoming more and more unfathomable.”

“Sirs cultivation realm has already reached the peak.

Its normal for us to not be able to understand.”

… .

Other than the places Cui Heng had been to, such shocking phenomena continued to spread.

Soon, they touched on a further and more hidden world.

In the Human Ancestor Hall.

The Human Monarchs descendant who was sitting behind the curtain suddenly frowned.

He felt a sense of danger in his heart and could not help but look outside.

Then, his gaze froze.

“What is this What a powerful aura.

Its actually above mine! Is it an expert from a higher level Dao Realm, or an existence from an Upper Heaven Immortal Land formed by the Immortal Domains!”

When Cui Heng erased his imprint in the Human Emperors memory, he revealed Cui Qings aura, so he did not recognize Cui Hengs aura.

At this moment, such a powerful aura and breakthrough phenomenon made this Human Monarchs descendant feel an unprecedented shock.

His mental state became filled with unease towards the unknown power.

After a long time, he barely calmed down and thought to himself, “This aura is too powerful.

It made my mind feel a huge impact.

This mental state is not optimal.

I have to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet is about to begin.

At that time, I can ask about this at the banquet.

At the same time, Ill ask about the Cui Clan.

Is there really such a powerful clan…”

… .

In a place that ordinary people could not know or reach.

A Daoist temple floated in the air.

Other than the Daoist temple, there was no sky or earth here.

There were no laws or even substances.

There was only an old Daoist priest and two Dao child who looked to be only eight or nine years old living in the Daoist temple.

The range of Cui Hengs breakthrough phenomenon was extremely vast.

It also arrived in the sky above the Daoist temple and was reflected in the eyes of the old Daoist priest and the two Dao child.

“What a powerful breakthrough phenomenon.

What a mysterious cultivation technique!”

The old Daoist priest could not help but clap and praise.

He said to a little Dao child beside him, “Qingxu, go out and find the owner of this breakthrough phenomenon.

Its best if you can invite him over as a guest.”

At this point, he suddenly seemed to have thought of something.

He took out an exquisite and gorgeous golden invitation letter from the sleeve of his Daoist robe and stuffed it into the hands of the Dao child.

“Remember to give this to him too and invite him to the Immortal Heavenly Dao Realm Dharma Banquet 3,000 years later.”

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