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626 Peak Soul Formation, Omnipresent

At this moment, Cui Hengs condition was very strange.

Although he had opened his eyes and woken up from his meditation, his Essence Soul still maintained its calm and natural state.

It was as if it was still in a meditative state.

Normally speaking, such a situation was impossible.

People only had two states: conscious and unconscious.

However, Cui Heng was in a completely contradictory state of being right now.

However, this was not his complete state.

At this moment, layers of outlines spread out from Cui Hengs body, as if countless of him were overlapping.

Every one of them had different states and even different identities, but they all existed at the same time and gathered on Cui Heng.

Such a state was ever-changing and endlessly profound.

It was no longer something that ordinary people could understand.

It exceeded the limits of their understanding.

Cui Hengs Essence Soul sat in the Niwan Palace.

The nature of his True Spirit was faintly discernible.

He looked down from above and comprehended all the states he possessed.

At the same time, his outer perception began to leave his Essence Soul.

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This made Cui Heng feel that his identity was changing rapidly—

At times, he transformed into the high and mighty Cui Qing, at other times, he became Cui Feng, who was preaching the Dao, the domineering Cui Geng, the arrogant Cui Sheng, and so on.

His other identities in the Purple Sun Realm also appeared.

And this was only the beginning!

Although Cui Heng had many fake identities, it was not much.

And the evolution speed was extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, all his fake identities appeared and existed at the same time.

The fake identities began to automatically derive and quickly spread out.

Cui Heng suddenly realized that he had become a child practicing martial arts.

His aptitude was extremely strong, but he was born with a terminal illness.

He accidentally obtained a ring, and a senior expert lived inside.

This was the protagonist of a small book that was widely spread in this world.

Now, it had appeared out of thin air and become one of Cui Hengs fake selves.

Almost at the same time, he realized that he was outside an ancient cemetery.

He had become a hunched old man with white hair and beard, carefully wiping every tombstone here.

This was the cemetery where the remains of the Immortal experts were buried during the war between the ancient humans and the Immortals.

As the Immortals had long retreated overseas, naturally, no one protected this place.

However, anyone who had been to this tomb would say that there was actually an ancient tomb keeper here.

He was extremely powerful and would never allow anyone to rob the tombs here.

In fact, this so-called gravekeeper did not exist.

It was only because the remains of the experts here had caused the laws here to mutate that there were all kinds of abnormalities.

At this moment, this gravekeeper had already become a real existence, one of Cui Hengs fake identities.

Such a situation did not only happen in this world.

At the same time that Cui Heng began to break through, similar situations began to appear in the Heaven Realm, the Purple Sun Realm, the Five Views Realm, Daozhou Star, the Grand Plague Heaven, and any other civilized place in the Star Sea.

Many legendary existences were born from the void and appeared out of thin air.

In turn, even the countless civilizations in the Great Yan Holy Land were affected, and countless void creatures were born at the same time.

They had once not existed.

They were empty and illusory.

Now, they had all become real.

They were all Cui Hengs fake selves.

Such a change could be said to have affected the Immortal Land, the Silver Disc Star Sea outside, and the Great Yan Holy Land.

After all, many of those legendary illusory existences had extremely powerful cultivation levels.

However, even at this moment, Cui Heng had only walked a short distance.

After letting countless illusory existences become his fake selves.

He began to give birth to an inhuman version of himself.

Cui Heng felt his thoughts suddenly become blurry, and there was a thick taste of blood in his mouth.

His teeth seemed to be tearing at the flesh of some creature, and his mouth was filled with the residue of minced meat.

He took a closer look and realized that he was biting the neck of an antelope.

His huge claws were stabbed fixedly in the dead antelope and ruthlessly tore off a large piece of flesh from its neck.

Dark red blood surged out like a fountain.

Was it a tiger claw

Am I a tiger now

Was this the current me


This was a new fake self!

The moment Cui Heng understood this, he felt his perspective suddenly rise.

He could see the tiger from the perspective of an observer.

In the endless forest, wild beasts were biting each other.

This was the perspective of the Essence Soul.

However, at this moment, he really felt that he was a tiger.

It was incomparably real, as if he had really reincarnated into a tiger.

In this daze, Cui Heng felt his vision blur again.

The tiger and antelope had disappeared, replaced by a vast sky and white clouds.

He shook his body gently and spread his wings, soaring freely in the sky.

Now he had become an eagle.

Then, he changed again and realized that he had become a towering mountain.

Then, he became an insignificant pebble, grass, ants…

And so on.

There were thousands of changes, almost everything.

In the end, Cui Heng understood his clear self again.

His True Spirit shone brightly.

Immediately after, Cui Hengs perspective transcended everything again and returned to the Essence Soul in the Niwan Palace.

At this moment, all his past experiences flowed past his eyes like water.

Every fake essence of life and experience turned into shadows that were imprinted in his heart.

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