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619 Great Benevolence, Number One Saint Since Ancient Times (2)

“Hahahaha! Hahahaha!!” An incomparably arrogant laughter came from below and instantly spread throughout the entire Immortal Land.

All the living beings heard this laughter and immediately, countless people felt a splitting headache that was unbearable.

Then, an incomparably huge purple-black phantom appeared from the deepest chamber of the Wu Kingdoms capital.

At the same time, the Great Dao laws of the entire Immortal Land were extremely severely affected and began to distort and transform into something completely different from now.

An indescribable fear immediately filled the hearts of everyone in this Immortal Land.

When Shen Lou saw this scene, he could not help but feel a wave of sorrow in his heart.

He thought to himself, “Its over, its all over now.

The invasion power of the Nine Nether God Fiend cant be erased anymore.

That fellow must be the lackey of this Nine Nether God Fiend!”

At this moment, “Cui Fengs” image in his heart was that of a traitor who wanted to help the Nine Nether God Fiend successfully invade this universe.

Otherwise, it was impossible to explain what “Cui Feng” had just done.

But at this moment, Shen Lou suddenly saw wisps of purple-gold light begin to emit from “Cui Fengs” body.

His entire body seemed to have become incomparably holy.

Every strand of purple-gold light was incomparably dazzling, bright, and blinding.

It contained incomparably pure power and was intertwined with Great Dao laws.

It was incomparably profound.

The moment these purple-gold lights appeared, the sinister aura that filled the world was suppressed.

boxn ovel.


The sounds of ghosts crying and gods howling no longer existed, and the distorted phantom was gradually disappearing.

The capital of the Wu Kingdom, which had already become like a ghost realm, began to return to its normal state under the baptism of the light.

The wanton and arrogant laughter suddenly weakened.

The people of this Immortal Land suddenly felt that the mental impact they were enduring had weakened greatly.

They no longer felt a splitting headache.

Clearly, the corrosive power of the Nine Nether God Fiend was suppressed.

As for “Cui Feng”, his life force was getting weaker and weaker.

Shen Lou was the first to discover that something was wrong with “Cui Feng”.

He felt that he was using some kind of sacrificial ritual.

This “Cui Feng” was releasing all his cultivation, vitality, and soul power without holding back.

And that purple-gold light was the power he had obtained by releasing all of this.

“Could, could he…” Shen Lous eyes widened in shock as it looked at “Cui Feng” in disbelief.

At this moment, he did not even realize that he could move.

The scene in front of him shocked him greatly, and he could not help but mutter.

“Is he sacrificing himself so that he can erase the corrosive power of the Nine Nether God Fiend Is this his method!”

Shen Lou had never expected such a situation to happen.

This “Cui Feng” with strange and powerful abilities actually knew how to sacrifice himself.

He would sacrifice everything about himself, including his life.

It was just to erase the corrosive power of this Nine Nether God Fiend.

What kind of great benevolence was this

What kind of saintly act was this

He had wronged him just now.

The expression on Shen Lous face gradually changed from shock to solemnity.

He quietly looked at “Cui Feng”, who was completely enveloped in purple-gold light, his eyes filled with respect.

He had also cultivated step by step from a low realm.

He knew very well how difficult it was to reach the Twelfth True World Realm.

Without great perseverance and great opportunities, it was impossible for one to reach this realm.

Anyone who could reach this realm would definitely cherish their cultivation.

“Ive never seen such a benevolent person in my life.” Shen Lou looked at Cui Heng in surprise.

If he asked himself, he could not make such a decisive sacrifice, nor had he seen any other expert who could make such a huge sacrifice.

At this moment, everyone in the Immortal Land knew what “Cui Feng” was doing.

He was sacrificing himself to disperse that terrifying evil power!

For a moment, countless experts fell silent.

They all looked at the sky in a daze, their eyes filled with shock.

They knew very well how powerful this “Cui Feng” was, and they also knew how great his achievements were.

If this world was really unified by Emperor Hongwu in the future, “Cui Feng” would become the Ancestral Master of all the martial artists in this world.

The Martial Dao Academy he established would also become the source of martial arts.

Such an incomparably powerful expert with an infinitely bright future actually took the initiative to sacrifice himself.

What kind of spirit was this!

At this moment, even the overlords of the various countries who once hated Cui Feng and even wanted to stop the Martial Dao Academy from opening could not help but sigh with emotion.

It turned out that there was really a noble sentiment of sacrificing oneself for others in this world.

There were really people who could sacrifice themselves for others.


Feng can be said to be the Number One Saint since ancient times.”

“Such a benevolent act is definitely deserving of the name of the Number One Saint since ancient times!”

“We should worship the Saint and kowtow to thank him!”

… .

… .

At this moment, the identity of “Cui Feng” was already deeply imprinted in the hearts of everyone in this world.

He was even respected as a Saint.

In terms of authenticity, this identitys actions were even greater than his previous fake identity, “Cui Qing”.

A moment later, “Cui Feng” had already completely turned into a purple-gold light.

His life force, the power, and laws he cultivated were all fused into it, condensing into a brilliant light that could connect the world and chase away all evil.


A loud bang exploded in the air.

At a speed that ordinary rules could not measure, it instantly reached the ears of everyone in this Immortal Land.

At the same time, people saw the world-piercing purple-gold pillar of light descend and ruthlessly smash into the capital of the Wu Kingdom.


There was another loud bang, as if something had been smashed.

The power that was filled with gloom and death energy earlier was dispersed and completely destroyed.

All the sounds of ghosts crying and gods howling converged into one sentence, filled with unwillingness and anger.

“Damn it! Ill definitely descend again!!”

Then, there was silence.

Gradually, the purple-gold light that pierced through the sky slowly dissipated.

The capital of the Wu Kingdom was revealed again and was not damaged at all.

However, the terrifying God Fiend power from before had completely disappeared.

Cui Fengs life force had also completely disappeared.

Hed sacrificed himself to save countless living beings in this world.

At this moment, be it Shen Lou, which was an outsider, or the people of this Immortal Land, they all fell into deep silence.

Especially the disciples of the Martial Dao Academy, their faces were covered in tears and they were extremely sad.

The entire Immortal Land was incomparably quiet.

… .

After a long time.

Shen Lou sighed softly and bowed to the place where “Cui Feng” was just now.

He said in a low voice, “Im not as good as you.

Im impressed!”

This experience was completely beyond his expectations.

He did not expect to meet such an existence that could be called a Saint.

“Its time to go back.”

Shen Lou thought to himself.

In his opinion, although he did not destroy this Immortal Land according to the Human Ancestors instructions, the invasion power of the Nine Nether God Fiend had already been dispelled.

He had completed his mission.

Next, he only needed to return to the Human Ancestor Hall to report and continue guarding the Nine Nether crack.

However, just as he put away the Great Destruction Divine Crossbow that had been taken away by “Cui Feng” and was about to leave this world and return to report, he suddenly heard a voice.

It was the Human Ancestors voice—

“Why did the Great Destruction Divine Crossbow stop shooting Hurry up and destroy that Immortal Land!”


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