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614 Nine Nether Yin Realm, Legend from Countless Years Ago

The Primordial Qi and Black Yellow Qi outside the Immortal Land could not stop an expert like Shen Lou.

It was easily passed through.

A golden light suddenly lit up in the originally empty sky.

Immediately after, Shen Lou appeared.

The surrounding laws of heaven and earth and Heaven Earth Origin Qi did not fluctuate at all, as if they did not sense the change here at all.

He stood in the sky and looked down at the ground below, his eyes flickering with golden light.

In an instant, he saw the entire Immortal Land and understood everything in his heart.

“There are no traces of infiltration by the power of the Nine Nether God Fiend” Shen Lou frowned and said curiously, “Previously, there was an abnormality in the Nine Nether crack.

The power of the Nine Nether God Fiend infiltrated from there.

This Immortal Land was formed by the fusion of the First Heaven fragment of the Xuan Mystic Immortal Domain and an Ancient Holy Land.

Its the place most likely to withstand the power of the Nine Nether God Fiend.

Although there are also some living stars and realms around this Star Sea, their essence is far from being comparable to this place.

Its difficult for them to withstand the power of the Nine Nether God Fiend.

Or could it be that this Nine Nether God Fiends power is extremely good at hiding and has long completely hidden its aura I cant discover it at all with a large-scale search

Yes, thats possible.

In that case, I need to personally travel around and investigate.”

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Thinking of this, he looked down at the ground and his gaze landed in the direction of the Central Capital Imperial City.

He thought to himself, “This is the center of the Immortal Land, and the buildings are the most magnificent.

It should be the capital.

Ill start from here.

As the capital of the Immortal Land, there should be the most experts there, and the comprehensive information should be the highest.”

Shen Lou had always been a swift and decisive person.

After making his decision, he immediately headed to the Central Capital City.

Moreover, he did not hide anything and directly descended to the Central Capital City in the form of a Golden Armored Divine General.

As one of the eight strongest Divine Generals under the Human Ancestor, he did not think that there was an expert who could defeat him in such a small Immortal Land.

Moreover, when he looked down at the ground earlier, he had already confirmed that the strongest person in this Immortal Land was only at the Twelfth True World Realm.

He had yet to step into the Dao Realm and was not worth mentioning.

Of course, confidence was one thing.

Shen Lou was not a bloodthirsty person, and he did not want to destroy things for no reason.

Therefore, although he had directly descended to the Central Capital City, he did not take the initiative to attack anyone.

He only walked straight in the direction of the Martial Dao Academy.

There was the “strongest person” he had sensed there.

… .

Shen Lou arriving in the Imperial City in the state of a Golden Armored Divine General immediately attracted the attention of countless experts.

Even if he did not reveal his aura and pressure, just the aura he naturally revealed was enough to shock many experts inside and outside the Central Capital.

So powerful!

He seemed to be even stronger than Mr.

Feng from the Martial Dao Academy!

However, why had they never seen him before

Where did he come from

The sudden appearance of such an unfamiliar expert immediately aroused everyones vigilance.

However, no one really dared to approach him and ask.

If they accidentally angered such a powerful existence, they would lose their life in the end.

It was better to wait for Mr.

Feng to ask.

This was what most people in the Central Capital thought.

In fact, after Shen Lou descended here, he did not pay attention to these people.

His gaze was locked in the direction of the Martial Dao Academy as he walked over.

He was clearly going to see “Cui Feng”.

In the eyes of Shen Lou, since this “Cui Feng” was the strongest person in this world, he should know the most secrets.

It was only logical to ask him about the power of the Nine Nether God Fiend.

… .

In fact, when Shen Lou appeared outside the Star Sea.

Cui Heng had already discovered him.

At that time, Cui Heng was certain that this person was coming to this Immortal Land.

This was because the golden armor worn by Shen Lou had the aura of the Human Monarch.

Clearly, it was personally created by an expert with the power of the Human Monarch.

Moreover, this expert with the power of the Human Monarch had even exceeded the limits of the 12 True World Realms.

He should be the person sent by the descendant of the Human Monarch.

“This is a Dao Realm expert” Cui Heng frowned slightly and thought to himself, “From the aura on this persons body, hes infinitely close to the Late-stage Soul Formation realm.

The Twelfth True World Realm only contains some characteristics of the Late-stage Soul Formation realm.

Be it the characteristics of his power, the nature of his power, or his strength, he is already extremely close to the Late-stage Soul Formation realm.

Its indeed as I expected.

As my cultivation realm increases, its easier for me to encounter experts similar to my cultivation realm.

I wonder which Dao Realm hes at.

If its the middle realms, it means that the level of the entire Dao Realm is not too strong.

At most, itll touch the threshold of the Early-stage Return to Void Realm.

But if this is only the initiation realms of the Dao Realm, then the problem is very serious.

The peak of the Dao Realm might be beyond the true Early-stage Return to Void Realm or even close to the Mid-stage Return to Void Realm.”

Its very strong, very strong!

This was the strongest person Cui Heng had seen since he transmigrated.

“Moreover, from the looks of it, there must be an even stronger existence behind him.

Perhaps that existence has strength equivalent to the Late-stage or even Peak Soul Formation realm.”

Cui Heng closed his eyes slightly and stared at Shen Lou outside.

He thought to himself, “Where did such an expert come from Is it a fragment of the Immortal Domains, or something else

“Hmm… Its best if I can learn more from him.”

… .

Shen Lou ignored the crowd and quickly arrived outside the Martial Dao Academy.

However, he did not barge in.


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