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613 Framing, Divine Generals Descending to the Immortal Land (2)

“Heh, you cant withstand a single blow.” The mysterious person sneered, his face filled with disdain.

Then, he gently grabbed at the shadow, preparing to absorb this power aura for inspection.

“I want to see where you come from, to dare be so arrogant!”

However, as soon as he grabbed this power, the mysterious persons palm seemed to have turned into ice that had fallen into a fireball, and purple-black smoke actually rose.

“The power of the Human Monarch!”

The mysterious person immediately screamed, and his face turned extremely pale.

He hurriedly waved his arm, trying to toss away this power aura.

However, this was useless.

The aura of the Human Monarchs descendant could not be shaken off at all.

It was like a parasite stuck tightly to his hand.

In just a few breaths, the mysterious persons entire right hand and arm had been corroded into residue.

This part had completely lost its life force and fell to the ground, mixing with the dust and gravel.

There was no difference between ashes and the dirt on the ground.

However, the aura of the Human Monarchs descendant did not stop corroding.

Instead, it became even more serious and faster.

The mysterious persons shoulders, chest, neck, stomach, and other parts were quickly corroded, turning into dust and gravel.

Soon, his entire body became like this.

boxn ovel.


The sudden change made this mysterious person lose his body.

Fortunately, his soul power was powerful enough to exist independently.

Even without a body, he could use his soul to exist independently in this world.

Unfortunately, the power aura of the Human Monarchs descendant continued to corrode his soul.

His soul could not hide from it.

In just a moment, this mysterious persons body and soul were destroyed.

His body was reduced to fragments, and his soul was corroded into nothingness.

The aura of this power was sourceless to begin with.

After being corroded, it began to gradually dissipate and become dim.

But at this moment, the dark blue flames in the secret chamber suddenly shone brightly.

Every flame outlined a strange face.

Their empty eyes seemed to contain the sharpest gaze in the world as they stared fixedly at the Human Monarchs descendant aura that was dissipating bit by bit.


The aura of this power suddenly shattered, and the most essential source was completely exposed.

Immediately after, strange sounds rang out in the secret chamber.

“The power of the Human Monarch, the descendant of the Human Monarch! So its you!!”

This voice was filled with anger.

However, no matter how these blue flames shook, his power could not seep out of the secret chamber.

His main body was still unable to descend to the Yang Realm.

“Someone has already discovered this place.

I dont have much time.

I have to let Fu Cheng speed up the process and strive to descend to the Yang Realm as soon as possible!

I cant miss this opportunity!”

… .

In the Martial Dao Academy in the Central Capital.

Cui Hengs gaze crossed the layers of void and landed on the secret chamber in the deepest part of the Wu Kingdoms capital.

He looked at the faint blue flames and listened to the sinister and terrifying voice.

“The Yang Realm” He frowned slightly and thought to himself, “What does the Yang Realm mean Is it a name that corresponds to my current location Could it be that the place he is in is the Yin Realm”

Thinking of this, Cui Heng felt that this seemed very likely.

That was because be it the nature of the unfamiliar power he had sensed earlier or the abnormal situation he had discovered in this secret chamber, they all exuded a dark, gloomy, and deathly charm.

It was as if everything had fallen into silence.

It was indeed enough to be termed Yin Realm.

“However, no matter what kind of place hes in, this living being who intends to descend is extremely powerful.”

Cui Heng was still staring in the direction of the Wu Kingdom as he thought to himself, “He has definitely surpassed the 12 True World Realms.

From his aura, he even has characteristics similar to the Late-stage Soul Formation realm.

This should be an expert at the Dao Realm level… Is it because my cultivation realm is high that Ive come into contact with a higher level Experts at the Dao Realm level have actually begun to appear one after another.”

The Human Monarchs descendant from before and the living being who was about to descend to the Yang Realm could basically be existences that had surpassed the 12 True World Realms and reached the Dao Realm level.

“Even the experts of the Dao Realm have appeared.

Will there really be experts comparable to the Return to Void Realm in the future”

Cui Heng closed his eyes slightly and sensed his fake identity that had already scattered everywhere.

He thought to himself, “From the looks of it, its best if I break through to the Peak Soul Formation realm as soon as possible and step onto the path to the Return to Void realm.

Otherwise, Im afraid it wont be long before I encounter an existence with a higher cultivation and stronger spells than me.

That wont be a good thing.”

At this moment, the number of his fake self identities could already be said to be quite large.

Moreover, many of his identities had already been remembered by people and had successfully been refined from fake into reality.

However, most of the fake identities were relatively ordinary.

He still needed some powerful identities as the core to finally complete the goal of fusing them and becoming the one true self.

In short, what Cui Heng lacked now was the authenticity of Cui Fengs key identity.

As long as this fake identity became a real existence, his cultivation would basically reach perfection.

He could take in all the fake identities and try to break through to the Peak Soul Formation realm.

“The development path of Cui Fengs identity has been decided, but I still need time to complete it.”

Cui Heng slowly opened his eyes and turned to look in the direction of the Imperial City.

“It will take hundreds of years for Fuguis unification plan to begin.

It will take even longer for the world to be completely unified.

At that time, the Martial Dao Academy should have already reached a certain scale.

It should have developed and established an inheritance.

Moreover, it will be a main force to promote the harmony of the Immortal Land.

Cui Fengs identity will have done enough to be remembered by the world.”

Then, he looked outside.

After a while, he slowly stood up.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Teacher, today is the first class for the new students.”

Duan Rongqings voice followed closely behind.

He had already reached the Minor Completion stage of the Martial Dao and was one of the most outstanding students of the same batch.

He was valued by “Cui Feng”.

“Alright, Ill be there later.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

… .

In this era where the surface of the Immortal Land was still considered peaceful, a Divine General from the Human Ancestral Hall had already crossed the layers of void and arrived at the periphery of the Silver Disc Star Sea.

It was Shen Lou.

“Theres nothing special about the Star Sea outside.” Shen Lou stood in the air and looked at the vast sea of stars in front of him.

Then, he looked at the center of the Silver Disc Star Sea.

It was an incomparably huge and mysterious Immortal Land world.

However, this Immortal Land world was very special.

The outer layer was filled with a large amount of Primordial Qi, making it impossible to sense the situation of the Immortal Land world.

“His Majestys orders to me are to destroy this Immortal Land.”

When Shen Lou thought of this, his thoughts moved slightly.

Golden light immediately flickered on his body, and a huge Dharma treasure appeared on him.

This was a World Destruction Divine Weapon!

“Now is not the time to use such a great killing weapon.” Shen Lou thought to himself.

At the same time, he dispersed the power of the World Destruction Divine Weapon that had appeared, causing its might to be hidden again.

Then, he continued to stare at the center of the Silver Disc Star Sea and thought to himself, “From the outside, I cant be sure that this place is really contaminated with the Nine Nether Qi.

I still have to personally go over and investigate.

I cant rashly use the World Destruction Divine Weapon.

Once something is destroyed, theres no turning back.”

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