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612 Framing, Divine Generals Descending to the Immortal Land

He had been discovered!

However, Cui Heng was not surprised by this outcome, nor did he panic.

It could even be said that he had taken the initiative to facilitate this outcome.

What he wanted was to be discovered when he came to this secret chamber to investigate.

He had already used the Evasion technique to deal with this incarnation and changed its origin.

Even if it was caught and traced back to the source, they could only trace it to the Human Monarchs descendant.

At this moment, as the voice rang out—

A thin figure walked out of the darkest corner of the chamber.

There was originally nothing here, but now, this person had appeared out of thin air, as if he had long been waiting there.

He had been waiting for the person who was spying on this place to arrive.

This was a middle-aged man.

His eyes were small, and his nose was hooked.

He was tall and thin, giving off a feeling of cruelty.

If Zhou Mingyi and Feng Taiying were here, they would definitely be able to recognize him immediately.

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This person actually looked identical to the Wu Kingdoms Emperor, Fu Cheng.

Moreover, not only did they look the same, even their life auras were exactly the same.

However, this “Fu Cheng”‘s cultivation realm was far higher than the Emperor of Wu Kingdom.

He had actually reached the Tenth True World Realm and was comparable to the previous Human Emperor and Lord of the Immortals.

The real Fu Cheng was only a True Immortal at the Eighth True World Realm.

He had not even reached the peak of this realm.

He could only be ranked in the middle among the seven overlords.

It was impossible for him to have such a powerful cultivation.

This “Fu Cheng” walked out of the darkness, and his entire body emitted a purple-black aura, instantly sealing off the secret chamber.

Space was frozen, matter solidified, and even laws stopped operating.

Such techniques already showed signs of surpassing the Tenth True World Realm.

Clearly, either this “Fu Cheng” already had the characteristics of a realm higher than the Tenth True World Realm, or it was an incarnation sent down by an existence of a higher realm.

Just like Cui Heng now.

This “Fu Cheng” looked at Cui Heng, who had sneaked in, with a teasing gaze and said with a smile, “Tenth True World Realm.

Such a cultivation realm is indeed rare.

No wonder you could break through the concealment restrictions set up by Fu Cheng.”

“Youre the mysterious existence that Fu Cheng often worships” Cui Hengs gaze was calm as he stared at this mysterious person who seemed to be exactly the same as Fu Cheng.

At this moment, Cui Heng was an incarnation of an old man with white hair.

He had a sage-like aura.

He was like an ancient cultivator who had cultivated for many years.

He had a cultivation equivalent to the Tenth True World Realm.

“Me” The mysterious person laughed when he heard that.

Then, he said with a disdainful expression, “How can a small thing like me be compared to that God Fiend Your understanding is too shallow.

Could it be that you think that Im already at the Tenth True World Realm and definitely have a strong status If thats really the case, it can only mean that youre a frog at the bottom of a well that can only peer into the sky.

Im just a living being that Lord God Fiend intercepted a portion of the aura of Fu Cheng and gathered the Heaven Earth Origin Qi and Great Dao laws to create.

Im extremely weak and not worth mentioning.”

“I see.” Cui Hengs eyes narrowed slightly, and he quickly saw through the origins of this mysterious person.

He smiled and said, “So its a shadow that has been enlightened.”

This mysterious person who was identical to Fu Cheng was essentially just a shadow left behind by Fu Cheng.

Originally, this was just an illusory concept that could not exist in reality.

But now, an expert should have used a method similar to Enlightenment to turn this shadow into a living creature and let it possess the realm and strength of the Tenth True World Realm.

Such methods were indeed extraordinary.

“Oh” The mysterious person seemed a little surprised when he heard that.

Then, he smiled and said, “Not bad.

I didnt expect you to be able to see through my background.

Interesting, interesting.”

Before he could finish his sentence, the shadow under his feet suddenly distorted and unfolded.

In an instant, it arrived at Cui Hengs feet and swallowed his shadow.

Immediately after, Cui Heng felt waves of forceful action coming from his shadow.

His shadow was actually trying to control his movements.

However, the restriction and control of this state could not cause any actual imprisonment effect on Cui Heng.

Cui Hengs actions were only delayed for an instant before returning to normal.

But before Cui Heng could take action, the mysterious person had already attacked and rushed in front of Cui Heng.

Although there was some surprise, there was more mockery and disdain.

At the same time that this mysterious person arrived—

Cui Hengs attempt to break free from the shadow shackles stopped abruptly, and his face revealed an expression of disbelief as he looked at the mysterious person in shock.

“Dont look at me like that.” The mysterious person shook his head gently with a smile on his face, as if victory was already in his grasp.

“Since you dare to come here to spy, you should have been prepared for this long ago.”

He did not say anything to the trapped “Cui Heng”.

He only gently raised his right hand.

After explaining this, the shadow under “Cui Hengs” feet stood up like a huge pocket.

Soon, “Cui Heng” was wrapped in it.

“Suppress!” The mysterious person sneered and slowly pressed down with his raised right hand.

At the same time, the shadow pocket that enveloped “Cui Heng” slowly descended, returning to its previous shadow state.

On the other hand, “Cui Heng”, who was wrapped in it, seemed to have given up all resistance and was motionless, preparing to wait for death.

Soon, the incarnation that Cui Heng had created out of thin air was refined into nothingness by the mysterious persons power, leaving only the purest and most essential aura of power wrapped in the shadow.


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