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607 Samsara Myriad Worlds Gate, The Completely Unfamiliar Power (2)

However, if he used the incarnation technique to act instead of his true body, the feedback effect would be reduced to a certain extent.

Still, it was better than completely wasting the chance.

After all, in such an era of great change, Cui Feng will not be the only one who could be remembered by the world.

The students who were the first to enroll would usually make a mark in the world and be remembered as well.

Whether it was the best elite student or the failures, these students would become imprinted in peoples hearts and even be recorded in books.

Therefore, Mo Kong was not the only “model student” identity he had planted in the crowd.

There were also many “bad student” identities.

These were Cui Hengs “fake selves”.

As long as these identities could be remembered and become real imprints, his cultivation could improve greatly.

Of course, he had to grasp the ratio of numbers well.

If all the students who stood out were his personas, he would lose his “spectators”, so there was naturally no need to say that he would be remembered.

“However, other than myself, I can add another helper.”

With a thought, a strand of hair immediately broke off Cui Hengs head.

It swayed gently in the air and transformed into a young man who looked to be in his twenties.

This young man moved his body slightly, and the Dharmic powers in his body flowed, releasing the aura of the Tenth True World Realm.

Then, he bowed respectfully to Cui Heng and said, “Disciple He Wuyou greets Master.”

Clearly, this identity was also a fake self that Cui Heng had created.

As Cui Fengs first personal disciple, he would be the Eldest Senior Brother of these students in the Martial Dao Academy.

He would also be one of the leaders in this great era shift.

“Go.” Cui Heng waved his hand gently and stood up.

He said to He Wuyou, “Its time.

Follow me.

Open the door of the Martial Dao Academy and explain the assessment method.”

“Yes, Master!” He Wuyou bowed and stood behind Cui Heng.

At the same time, a loud bell suddenly sounded in the void outside the Martial Dao Academy.

It was deafening, clearing everyones souls.


Everyone who was still discussing immediately fell silent, and the atmosphere in front of the Martial Dao Academy became solemn.

Everyone could not help but look at the door of the palace.


The door of the Martial Dao Academy slowly opened, and an incomparably bright white light shone out from inside, entering everyones eyes.

At this moment, everyone present saw the door of light behind the gates and the vortex that seemed to lead to an unknown world.

Although these people could only be considered ordinary people in this world, they still had some cultivation.

They could clearly feel the mysteries of this door of light.

In their opinion, this door of light was an arbitrary door that could lead to countless worlds.

It was definitely a supreme treasure.

What were they trying to do by putting out such a supreme treasure as soon as the Martial Dao Academy opened

Just as everyone was feeling puzzled, Cui Heng brought He Wuyou and stood in front of the door of light.

Their figures immediately covered part of the light of the door of light and were reflected in the eyes of everyone present.

There was no need for Cui Heng to introduce himself.

After these people from the Martial Dao Academy saw him, they were enlightened and bowed respectfully.

“Greetings, Mr.


“Greetings, Mr.


… .

… .

The sound of everyones greetings soared into the sky.

Cui Heng smiled and raised his chin slightly.

He said to everyone with some pride, “Everyone, I opened the Martial Dao Academy here today to give the ordinary people in this world a chance to reach the top of the True World Realm.

However, I, Cui Feng, didnt impart martial techniques to you because I was benevolent and selfless.

It was mainly to verify my own cultivation in order to pry into a higher and stronger realm.

The reason why I chose this place is purely because of my senior clan brothers invitation.

I didnt insist on coming.

You have to understand this point.

Dont think that this is a good place where meat pies fall from the sky.

Finally, I still have to explain to the experts here that I have a shortcoming.

Once you enter my Martial Dao Academy, you will be considered my students.

Whoever dares to harm my students, will find out what the peak power of the True World Realm is!”

This sentence contained an explanation and a threat, mixed with many meanings.

Although some of the people present left in disdain after hearing this, most of them revealed ecstatic expressions and could not wait to enter the Martial Dao Academy.

No matter what they felt, Cui Feng had already been deeply remembered in their hearts.

At this moment, Duan Rongqing was also pleasantly surprised.

He said to Mo Kong beside him excitedly, “Brother Mo, did you hear that Mr.

Feng is so loyal.

We can obtain his protection after entering the academy!”

“Hero!” Mo Kong also looked at Cui Heng in admiration.

He did not look like an incarnation at all.

“I just dont know what the content of the assessment is and how to pass it.”

As he spoke, he looked at He Wuyou, who was standing beside Cui Heng.

At the same time, Mo Kongs words were heard by the people beside him and quickly spread.

Everyone began to care about the contents of the assessment.

At this moment, He Wuyou stood up and said in a clear voice, “I believe everyone doesnt know me yet.

Simply put, Im Masters first disciple.”

As he spoke, he bowed to Cui Heng and said to everyone, “Next, Ill read out the method of assessment and evaluation.

Everyone, listen up…”

As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd outside the Martial Dao Academy immediately fell silent.

Everyone stared fixedly at He Wuyou and waited quietly.

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