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604 Martial Dao Academy, Education (2)

From this perspective, we can unite most of the people in the nine countries to the greatest extent.

With this as the foundation, we can let them become a whole and gradually unify into a country.”

“Your Majesty is far-sighted.” Wang Ren sighed.

“In the past era, the disputes between the countries never stopped.

Ordinary people could not care less about such conflicts.

But now that life is peaceful, the situation is different.

However, I still have another question.

The predicament these ordinary people are facing is actually because they dont have any high-level martial techniques to cultivate.

Are we going to spread the culture of cultivation and use this to attract the people of the various countries and unite them”

“I thought like this before as well.” Hong Fugui smiled and shook his head.

“But after consulting Teacher, he asked me a question.

If we distribute all kinds of high-level martial arts in our name, it will indeed give ordinary people hope to break through the pressure of the upper echelons, but what does this hope have to do with us”

Wang Ren was stunned for a moment before he nodded and sighed.

“Thats indeed the case.

High-level martial techniques that are distributed for free will instead make people feel that its too easy to obtain and wont be cherished.

Moreover, if we distribute too much, it will make people ignore the source of these martial techniques.

If its all like this, its impossible to unite them, let alone gather the hearts of the people and establish a new country.”

“Although this is guessing at the dark side of the human heart, its indeed reasonable.” Hong Fugui nodded and said, “Therefore, cultivation techniques still have to be taught.

However, to pay attention to the method, someone has to do it.”

“Your Majesty must already have a candidate,” Wang Ren said respectfully.

“Teacher recommended someone to me.” Hong Fugui nodded slightly and smiled.

“Minister Wang, make a trip to the Qinghe Pavilion in the north of the capital.

Theres an expert called Cui Feng waiting for you there.

“Hes a junior clan brother of my Teacher.

His cultivation realm is profound and hes powerful.

Ill entrust the heavy responsibility of imparting cultivation techniques and unifying the people of the various countries to this expert.

If not for the fact that Teacher had said that this clan brother of his doesnt really want to meet me, I would definitely have gone over to welcome him personally.

You have to entertain him well and do your job well.”

“Yes!” Wang Ren immediately bowed and left.

… .

Wang Ren walked towards Qinghe Pavilion, the shock in his heart still lingering.

Cui Qings junior brother!

Cui Qing actually had a junior brother!

Did such an expert come from a certain clan

What kind of clan could produce such an expert

Could it be that his clan brother also had the same strength as him


There was no need to be the same.

Even if his strength was just close to his senior clan brother, it would already be extremely unbelievable.

A moment later, Wang Ren arrived outside Qinghe Pavilion.

This was the most prosperous restaurant in the Central Capital.

The dishes and wine were all top-notch.

Usually, Wang Ren would often come over to eat.

But this time, he stood at the door, not daring to enter.

“Is there really such a powerful clan in this world” Wang Ren was still extremely shocked in his heart.

He was also a little worried that he would say something wrong after seeing Cui Feng, so he was a little nervous.

“Youre the former Human Emperor of this world” At this moment, a clear voice suddenly sounded in Wang Rens mind.

“Come up.

The dishes have been prepared.”

“Yes, yes!” Wang Ren hurriedly nodded.

At that moment, he could clearly feel how profound Cui Fengs cultivation was.

Not only did he not become more nervous, he even relaxed a lot.

Although Cui Fengs cultivation could still be considered profound, his cultivation at the Eleventh True World Realm was only one realm higher than him.

He had not reached a ridiculous level of strength.

Then, Wang Ren arrived at the number one private room of Qinghe Pavilion and saw the person who had sent him a voice transmission.

It was a young man.

He was handsome and had a transcendent aura.

Just sitting there gave Wang Ren the feeling that he had seen a peerless genius.

The tension that had just subsided in his heart surged up again.

This person was too extraordinary.

Was this Cui Qings junior brother

What kind of powerful clan was the Cui Clan They actually had such powerful figures at the same time.

“Im Wang Ren, the Minister of the Imperial Hall in the Central Capital.

Im here on the orders of the King to pay my respects to Mr.

Cui Feng.” Wang Ren bowed very respectfully, afraid that he would neglect this peerless genius.

“Yes, I already know.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and smiled.

“Minister Wang, please take a seat.”

His current identity was the new “fake self” he had set.

Cui Feng.

He came from a mysterious and powerful clan, the “Cui Clan”.

He was Cui Qings younger brother.

He was arrogant and confident and was a peerless genius.

He had the cultivation realm of the Twelfth True World Realm and knew all kinds of martial techniques at the Peak True World Realm.

He planned to teach the martial techniques he knew in the Central Capital to verify his cultivation.

This was the “fake self” identity he planned to create to assist in the reunification of the nine countries.

The work of educating and gathering the hearts of the people will be remembered by the world.

… .

After three rounds of wine.

Wang Ren explained his plan to Cui Heng.

It was to support him in imparting martial arts in all aspects.

All requirements could be met.

Cui Hengs requests were very simple.

He only asked for two things.

One was to divide a piece of land for him to build a martial academy and teach martial arts.

The second was for Wang Ren to do his best to publicize this academy to the entire Immortal Land in the shortest time possible.

Such a request was very reasonable.

Wang Ren naturally agreed without any objections.

At the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief.

With the help of this expert, this martial academy could definitely be established quickly.

The citizens of the nine countries would also unite around the Central Capital and form an opposition to the old “nobles”.

The realization of His Majestys unification plan was just around the corner! “Mr.

Cuis arrival to preach has really resolved our urgent need,” Wang Ren said gratefully.

“This is my own cultivation.

Its just convenient for me to help you.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “If not for my brothers invitation, I might not have come to your place.

If you really want to thank someone, thank him.

“By the way, dont call me Mr.

Cui in the future.

With my current cultivation realm and achievements, I cant afford to be called Mr.


Call me Mr.


“Yes, Mr.

Feng.” Wang Ren hurriedly corrected himself, feeling incomparably amazed again.

This Cui Clan was too powerful.

Even experts at the Twelfth True World Realm did not dare to let others use their surname as their honorific name.

They only dared to use their first name.

How terrifying!

… .

After Wang Ren and “Cui Fengs” discussion…

The matter of the Martial Dao Academy was settled.

That day, a magnificent palace rose from the ground in the south of the Imperial City, shocking the people of the Central Capital.

Especially after seeing the words “Martial Dao Academy” on the plaque, their imagination ran wild.

Could it be that the new Human Emperor was going to let go of the restrictions of martial arts inheritance and begin to spread his divine techniques

Many people became excited.

In the past long years, ordinary people had no possibility of coming into contact with martial techniques at all.

Not to mention seeing the mysteries of the True World Realm, they could not even surpass the Eighth Immortal World Realm.

Although the war had stopped and the various countries were stable, the “nobles” of the past still existed.

They grasped martial arts divine techniques, cultivation resources, and even land that could be connected to the outside world.

Ordinary people were still ants in front of the “nobles”.

If the martial path really began to spread, ordinary people would have a chance to turn the tables!

As for the old “nobles”, their expressions were ugly.

Martial Dao Academy

What was the Human Emperor trying to do Was he really going to impart his martial arts techniques to those fellows with inferior bloodlines

Were they worthy of learning high-level martial arts

At the same time, the news of a martial academy rising from the ground in the Central Capital City quickly spread to the overlords of the seven kingdoms, causing many “nobles” to be furious.

However, no one dared to stand up and say anything.

Behind the Human Emperor stood Cui Qing, who had the ability to destroy the world!

Hence, the next day, a piece of news spread throughout the nine countries.

A peerless expert called Cui Feng came to the Immortal Land and cooperated with the Central Capitals Imperial City to build a martial academy and teach them high-level martial techniques that pointed to the peak of the 12 True World Realms.

As long as one had not reached the Ninth Immortal World Realm, they could register in the Central Capital.

After passing the assessment.

They could enter the school immediately.

As soon as the news was out, the world was in an uproar!

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