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600 Projection in the Depths of Memory

Not to mention outside.

However, the abnormality of the Human Emperor still surprised Hong Fugui.

He thought to himself, “How can the power of the Human Monarchs inheritance appear on his body Could it be that what he said is true”

If what the Human Emperor said was true, then wasnt the Jade Cauldron Great Tribulation also true

Thinking of this, Hong Fugui could not help but frown.

At this moment, in the Human Emperors spiritual world.

The figure had already stopped erupting with power and revealed a surprised expression.

He was still trying to investigate Cui Hengs divine sense.

The power that erupted from him just now did not affect Cui Hengs divine sense at all.

This made him feel very surprised.

“Who is this person His soul power is actually so terrifying.

Moreover, what cultivation realm is he at I cant even estimate it.

How can such a thing happen Hes also from the Dao Realm and his realm is not inferior to mine!

“This Immortal Land was only evolved from a large fragment of the First Heaven.

Its not even perfected by the laws of the Immortal Domain.

It doesnt have the conditions to allow someone to cultivate to the Dao Realm at all.

Where did such a person come from”

At the same time, Cui Heng was sizing up this mysterious figure hidden in the memories of the Human Emperor and investigating his information.

His current encounter was actually one of the reasons why he had tried his best to avoid soul searching in the past.

In the memories of experts, it was very likely that there was a secret that they themselves did not know.

There might even be a mental imprint of another expert.

Once the soul search was carried out, it would trigger this imprint and even the expert who placed the imprint.

This mysterious figure that could wield the power of the Human Monarch was clearly an imprint left in the memories of the Human Emperor.

After sensing that Cui Heng was conducting a soul search, his main body was instantly alarmed and descended into the memories of the Human Emperor, turning the original imprint into a projection with true power.

Just the strength of this projection had reached the Twelfth True World Realm.

His main body must be even stronger.

Who was he

Could it really be that legendary Human Monarch

After sensing the other partys strength, neither side continued to attack.

However, the mysterious figure was afraid of Cui Hengs strength.

Cui Heng wanted to investigate this persons identity and confirm if he was really the legendary Human Monarch.

After all, it was only a projection equivalent to the Twelfth True World Realm.

To Cui Heng, it was not worth mentioning.

While confronting this projection, he did not stop searching the Lord of the Immortals soul.

“Junior, do you know who youre spying on”

At this moment, the projection suddenly spoke.

Its voice was filled with a holy and dignified charm.

It was high and mighty as it questioned Cui Heng.

It could even be said to be an interrogation.

“Who are you” Cui Hengs expression was indifferent as he said in a low voice, “The owner of this soul sea once said that he had seen the Human Monarch in his dream.

Was it you who was pretending to be the Human Monarch”

“Pretending” The projection seemed to feel that it had been greatly insulted.

The phenomenon around it appeared again, stirring the Human Emperors soul sea and displaying its huge power.

“Junior, if my true body is here, I will definitely kill you.”

“Then its a pity that your true body is not here.” Cui Heng sneered.

“If your true body was here, I would have killed you.

Who are you Why are you pretending to be the Human Monarch and spreading falsehoods”

After a few words, he was certain that this fellow was definitely not the Human Monarch.

It was impossible for the legendary Human Monarch to be like this.

Of course, if the legendary Human Monarch was really like this, there was nothing to be afraid of.

“Hehe, you dont know the immensity of heaven and earth.” The projection let out a disdainful sneer and said to Cui Heng, “Junior, you ruined my plan, so youll definitely die.

In a few days, my true body will descend and kill you!”

With that, the projection began to fade rapidly, and the power on the Human Emperors body began to fade at an extremely fast speed.

Clearly, this figure was withdrawing the power attached to the projection.

“Do you think you can come and go as you please” Cui Heng snorted.

Then, his divine sense moved slightly and instantly sealed the Human Emperors soul sea.

No power could enter or leave.

They were all sealed here.


The projection roared angrily.

He could not escape at all in the face of such a divine sense seal.

He could only leave all his strength here.

However, he did not wait for death.

Instead, he circulated all the power contained in this projection and rushed towards Cui Hengs divine sense.

Battles at the soul level were usually even stranger and more unfathomable than battles in reality.

However, this projection did not use any soul secret techniques and only purely erupted with power to attack.

This was because he knew very well that with the power of his soul projection, he would definitely lose.

He did not even have a chance to struggle.

The only outcome was destruction.

Instead of being destroyed by others, it was better to destroy himself.

However, just as the power of this projection was mobilized, an extremely powerful divine sense power suddenly enveloped it in surprise.

In an instant, the already extremely violent power of the soul became calm and the attack was eliminated.

The soul power of a Twelfth True World Realm cultivator was too insignificant against Cui Heng.

He could control it at will.

The other party could not even destroy himself.

The projection had already recognized this.

He gave up on attacking and stood on the spot, his entire body emitting anger.

He said in a low voice, “Junior, you will pay the price for what you did today!”

With that, the projection quickly became illusory and disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving only the power that was originally attached to this body.

However, the projection itself was nowhere to be seen.

“Hes quite decisive.” Cui Heng sneered.

The reason why the projection disappeared just now was not because it had escaped.

Instead, the main body had chosen to give up on this projection and completely cut off all connections.

This way, the projection would lose its foundation and directly disappear.

It could not be traced either.

However, this was equivalent to losing soul power equivalent to the Twelfth True World Realm.

The loss was probably not small.

“I wonder how powerful this Human Monarchs descendants true body is.” Cui Heng thought to himself.

Actually, before the projection escaped, he had already found out the identity of the main body of the projection in the memories of the Lord of the Immortals.

It was the Human Monarchs descendant he had seen in the Xuan Immortal Domain.

It was this Human Monarchs descendant who pretended to be the Human Monarch.

When the Immortal Domains shattered, he took the opportunity to invade the Human Emperors dream and created the rumor of the so-called Jade Cauldron Tribulation.

“The small jade cauldron is a personal treasure of the Human Monarch before he attained the Dao.

Now that it has been obtained by Fugui, he is already on the path to obtaining the Human Monarchs inheritance.

This Human Monarchs descendant is doing this because he wants to kill martial artists of the same path”

Cui Heng was a little puzzled.

“But whats the meaning of doing this Could it be that theres a limit to the number of people allowed to walk this path Is it a fight to the death”

… .

In a vast world, five continents floated above the vast ocean.

The largest continent was called the Central Plains.

In the center of the Central Plains, an incomparably magnificent palace was built.

Inside lived a King of Gods, a Lord of Immortals, the ancestor of the human race.

He was known as the ruler of all human-shaped living beings in the world.

He had existed since the creation of the world.

He was the first “human” in the world and was also an Ancestor of Humanity.

No one dared to be disrespectful to this Divine King, Immortal Monarch, and Human Ancestor.

Other than a few people with noble statuses, they were not qualified to come into contact with that palace, let alone see the great existence living inside.

Therefore, in that palace, there was only one person most of the time.

No one knew what he would do in the palace, and no one dared to pry.


On this day, dark clouds gathered in the sky above the noblest palace in this world.

The sky sank, as if the sky was about to collapse.

It gave off an extremely oppressive feeling.

Countless people noticed the changes in the palace, but no one dared to investigate it.

Just as everyone was feeling fear, a voice suddenly came from the palace.

It was filled with anger and hatred, as if it was gritted teeth.

“If you stop my Great Dao, I wont rest until you die!”


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