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598 36 Heavens, Jade Cauldron Tribulation

“Descendants of the Human Emperor” Cui Heng was a little surprised when he heard this.

He smiled with interest and said, “A legendary existence like him actually still has descendants of his bloodline left”

The Lord of the Immortals was an expert at the Tenth True World Realm.

He had lived for at least tens of millions of years.

For him to regard someone as a “legend”, how many years ago was this person from

He was too old.

After the source of the bloodline disappeared, could the family bloodline really be passed down for such a long time

“Exalted Immortal, its like this…” The Lord of the Immortals hurriedly explained, “The Human Monarchs bloodline has actually already fused into the bodies of all humans.

His Dao is also engraved in the laws of the Six Immortal Domains.”

Therefore, every human has a chance to awaken the bloodline of the Human Monarch and obtain the power of the Human Monarch from the laws of the Immortal Domains.

Once they awaken the bloodline of the Human Monarch, they will have the body of the Human Monarch and will be called the descendants of the Human Monarch.”

His bloodline had fused into the bodies of all the humans

Cui Heng raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard this.

He knew very well that he could not do such a thing now.

How broad was the concept of all humans

“Is it just the Six Immortal Domains and the humans within their influence, or does it include the endless starry skies in the vast universe” Cui Heng asked in a low voice.

“This… theres a difference” The Lord of the Immortals said in confusion, “Arent the Six Immortal Domains and the range of their influence the entire universe I heard that outside this range, theres only an endless void and nothing else.”

“Oh” Cui Heng frowned and asked, “How big is the influence of the Six Immortal Domains What level is the strongest among them”

Although he had already heard about the Six Immortal Domains from Chu Han, most of the information was Chu Hans own guess.

It might not be true.

In Chu Hans description, the Six Immortal Domains covered the entire universe.

However, Cui Heng did not believe it.

He did not expect the Lord of the Immortals, a refugee of the Immortal Domains, to say the same.

However, he still did not believe it.

The universe was vast and endless.

How could a mere Six Immortal Domains cover such a huge area

After all, the size of the Great Yan Holy Land that covered 80 million light years of space was only a drop in the ocean in the entire universe.

Even according to the estimation of the universe where Earth was in his previous life, the diameter of the observable universe alone was 90 billion light years, and the places that could not be observed were far more vast.

If the Six Immortal Domains could affect the entire universe, how terrifying a world would it be

Could the so-called Immortal Kings be in the Immortal Domains

For a moment, many thoughts flashed through Cui Hengs mind.

“This… I dont know,” the Lord of the Immortals said with some shame.

“To be honest, Exalted Immortal, before the Immortal Domains shattered, I was only an Eighth True World Realm cultivator.

It was only after obtaining some scattered treasures after the Immortal Domains shattered that I was able to glimpse the mysteries of the Ninth Realm.

After a long time of accumulation, I finally reached the Tenth Realm.

In the First Heaven of the Xuan Immortal Domain, a cultivation realm at the Eighth True World Realm is only barely enough for one to be considered a slightly famous expert.

The information I could obtain is also relatively basic.

I cant come into contact with any deep secrets at all.

Therefore, when the descendant of the Human Monarch awakened, it directly alarmed the entire First Heaven.

At that time, I happened to be nearby, so I went over to take a look.”

“The First Heaven of the Xuan Immortal Domain” Cui Hengs eyes narrowed slightly as he asked, “Is the Xuan Immortal Domain the name of your Immortal Domain How many Heavens is an Immortal Domain divided into”

“…” The Lord of the Immortals was clearly stunned.

He was a little confused by the question.

He did not understand how such an unbelievably powerful expert did not even know about this.

Could he be an expert born after the Immortal Domains shattered

If that was the case…

What kind of ridiculous cultivation speed was this!

However, this emotion only lasted for an instant.

The Lord of the Immortals quickly recovered and continued, “Exalted Immortal, the Xuan Immortal Domain is the Immortal Domain I came from.

Apart from it, there are also the You Immortal Domain, the Yang Immortal Domain, the Cang Immortal Domain, the Yan Immortal Domain, and the Bian Immortal Domain, a total of Six Immortal Domains.

Every Immortal Domain has Six Heavens.

Therefore, the Six Immortal Domains have a total of 36 Heavens.

Although the names of the Six Immortal Domains are different, their overall strength should be roughly the same.

The Six Heavens in each Immortal Domain are similarly divided.

The higher the Heaven, the stronger it is.

The First Heaven is the weakest and lowest level of the Immortal Domains.

The cultivators inside are not even qualified to understand the situation of the Second Heaven.

Before the Immortal Domains shattered, the strongest person in the First Heaven was only at the Tenth True World Realm.

Exalted Immortal, the Human Monarch youre asking about, is a legendary supreme existence that stands above the Sixth Heaven.

He disappeared a long time ago, and no one even knows how long he has been gone.

Theres very little information about the Human Monarch in the First Heaven.

Perhaps there might be clues in some ancient ruins, but now that the Immortal Domains have been shattered, those ruins have also been scattered throughout the universe and are difficult to find.

Exalted Immortal, if you want to know more about the Human Monarch, its best if you can find the Immortal Land world formed by the Higher Heavens fragments of the Immortal Domains.

They should know more.”

“Actually, when the Immortal Domains shattered, the Human Monarch had reappeared.” At this moment, the silent Human Emperor suddenly spoke.

“What!” The Lord of the Immortals looked at the Human Emperor beside him in disbelief.

“Thats impossible.

The Human Monarch has disappeared for countless years.

How did he suddenly appear”

“You guys who call yourselves Immortals naturally cant see the Human Monarch.” The Human Emperor sneered and said respectfully to Cui Heng, “Exalted Immortal, before the Fengyuan Holy Land was devoured by the Immortal Domain fragments, I saw the Human Monarch in my dream.”


We call ourselves Immortals just to differentiate ourselves from you.

Weve always been humans!” the Lord of the Immortals said in a low voice.

“Heh.” The Human Emperor ignored the Lord of the Immortals and continued to say to Cui Heng, “In my dream, the Human Monarch taught me a technique and said that a Great Tribulation would descend when the jade cauldron appears in the future.”

Jade cauldron!

This time, not only was Cui Heng stunned, but Hong Fugui, who was standing behind him, was also stunned.

Both of them looked at the Human Emperor.

In the current situation, it was impossible for the Human Emperor to lie, nor could he hide any information.

“What Great Tribulation” Cui Heng asked in a low voice.

“The tribulation of the destruction of the human race,” the Human Emperor said word by word.

“Only by destroying the jade cauldron and occupying the body of the person holding it can the calamity be eliminated.”

“Is this the reason why you attacked me the moment you saw the jade cauldron” Hong Fugui frowned.

“Even if theres a reason, his selfishness is even stronger,” Cui Heng said indifferently.

“…” The Human Emperors expression changed slightly when he heard this.

He could only lower his head, but he still added, “Exalted Immortal, Im not lying.

You should be able to tell.”

“You might not be lying, but…” The Lord of the Immortals looked at the Human Emperor in disdain and sneered, “Can you be sure that the Human Monarch you dreamed of is real”

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