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594 Mending Split Sky, Overturning Heaven, Chatting in the Grotto-Heaven

Whether it was the weak ordinary living beings, the powerful True Immortals, or the Paramount True Immortals, they all became flustered in the face of such a world-ending apocalypse.

However, they were helpless.

They did not know what to do at this time.


Where could they escape to

The entire Immortal Land was about to be destroyed!

Due to the long-term seal, almost no one thought of escaping from this Immortal Land.

Even if they did, they did not know how to escape.

After all, the Primordial Qi at the outermost area of the Immortal Land not only prevented people from entering, but also blocked the people on the surface from leaving.

Just as all the living beings were feeling despair, a figure suddenly rushed into the sky.

This figure was incomparably huge.

It could actually reach the sky above his head and step on the ground.

It was a true indomitable state.

He looked like a young man.

He wore a light green robe and had a jade crown on his head.

His entire body emitted a faint purple-gold light and was filled with a holy aura.

He raised his hands and clenched his fingers as if he was absorbing something.

Immediately, the Black Yellow Qi and Primordial Qi that were crazily fusing into the Immortal Land stopped, preventing the primordial clear Qi from being born.

At the same time, he stopped the spread of the Primordial Qi.

The sky no longer continued to be converted into clear Qi.

The world-ending apocalypse was temporarily restrained.

At this moment, even in the remotest corners of this Immortal Land, one could clearly see this huge figure and feel his aura.

There were also countless people who kowtowed to him and kept praying, hoping that this world-ending apocalypse could be resolved.

“Cui Qing, its actually Cui Qing.

What is he doing!”

“Could he repair the sky that was pierced through This is almost comparable to the power of creation!”

“If he can really repair this sky, hes simply a god of creation.”

Many ancient experts who had seen this figure exclaimed.

Just now, they had personally seen “Cui Qing” attack in anger, piercing through the sky and causing the entire Immortal Land to fall into a world-ending apocalypse.

At that time, they thought that they had already seen the peak of cultivation.

Unexpectedly, “Cui Qing” was actually going to repair the sky that had been pierced through.

What kind of power was required for this

Now that the Primordial Qi was already wreaking havoc, if he wanted to restore everything in the world to its original state, if he wanted to repair the sky, he had to evolve and transform this mass of Primordial Qi back into normal matter, space, and laws.

This was the power of creation!

It was far more difficult than piercing through the sky.

What kind of realm was Cui Qing at He could actually do so many things.

It was simply too unbelievable!

Just as they were marveling at this, Cui Heng, who was in the Heavenly Transformation state, had already begun to transform the Primordial Qi.

Moreover, he quickly converted a huge amount of Primordial Qi and Black Yellow Qi.

These two auras that symbolize the source of the world quickly began to transform under Cui Hengs control.

Space, matter, and laws gradually recovered, and the atmosphere in the sky, astral wind clouds, lightning sea, and so on were also condensing again.

In less than ten minutes, the huge hole that had almost destroyed the entire Immortal Land had been repaired.

The sky had completely returned to normal, as if nothing had happened.

On the vast land, countless living beings cried tears of joy when they saw the complete sky.

They knelt on the ground and kowtowed to the huge figure that had mended the sky.

The ancient experts remembered this figure deeply in their hearts.

The impression that “Cui Qing” had left on them was too deep and could never be forgotten.

He was powerful and boundless.

He did not care about the consequences when he attacked, but he could handle any serious consequences and not let innocent living beings be harmed.

Such a person was powerful and strange.

To Cui Heng, after mending the sky, the identity of “Cui Qing” had completely become real.

The feedback he received was also incomparably huge, and his cultivation increased by a level.

The completion of his new identity also increased his projection from six to seven.

Not only did this greatly increase his strength, but his life-saving abilities was also much stronger.

He had gained a lot.

Since his goal of cultivation had been achieved, Cui Heng dispersed his Heavenly Transformation state and returned to his normal size before arriving in front of Hong Fugui and the others.

Previously, he did not let Hong Fugui acknowledge him because he was still using Cui Qings persona at that time to maintain the integrity of his identity.

Now that Cui Qings persona had completely condensed, there was no need to care about this.

At this moment, be it Hong Fugui, Taihong, or the Human King, they were all deeply shocked.

The abilities and power Cui Heng had displayed just now were too powerful even for them.

It could even be said to be extremely ridiculous.

He was too powerful!

Cui Heng only smiled faintly at this and said to Taihong, “The Human Emperor isnt dead yet, but hes already crippled.

How you deal with him is up to you.

However, hes still useful to me.

Dont kill him.”

With that, a door of light suddenly appeared in front of him.

He turned to look at Hong Fugui and smiled.

“Follow me.”

Then, he walked into the door of light.

Hong Fugui was stunned when he heard this.

Then, he just followed and stepped into the door of light, disappearing.

Only Taihong and the dying Human Emperor were left looking at each other.

… .

That door of light was actually just a cover.

It was connected to an independent world that Cui Heng had casually opened up.

After Hong Fugui arrived through the door of light, he asked impatiently, “You, youre Mr.

Cui, right”

As Cui Heng had never admitted this earlier, he did not dare to rashly acknowledge him.

“What do you think” Cui Heng smiled.

“Disciple greets Sir!” Hong Fugui was overjoyed.

He hurriedly bowed and said respectfully, “Disciple has never forgotten Sirs teachings all these years.

My life goal has always been Sirs guidance.

Disciple is bold.

Can I request to address you as Teacher”

Although he had always treated Cui Heng as his teacher, he had never received Cui Hengs acknowledgement, so he only dared to call him Sir and did not dare to call him Teacher directly.

“Youve said it before.

Youve never forgotten my teachings and have always taken my guidance as your life goal.” Cui Heng personally helped Hong Fugui stand up and asked, “Arent you my disciple”

“Teacher! Disciple greets Teacher!” Hong Fugui shouted excitedly.

He was incomparably satisfied.

It had been 2,000 years.

He could finally address Mr.

Cui as Teacher.

“Ill bring you somewhere.” Cui Heng smiled.

Then, with a casual wave of his hand, he brought Hong Fugui into the Grotto-Heaven and arrived in front of the three-story villa.

“This is Teachers Immortal abode!” Hong Fugui was pleasantly surprised.

Then, he looked at the vegetable garden not far away and the various fruits and eggs piled up inside.

He could not help but sigh.

“I didnt expect to be able to return to your place again.”

“Its good that youre back.” Cui Heng nodded slightly and continued to lead Hong Fugui forward.

He opened the door of the villa and smiled.

“To you, this can be considered a revisit.”

“Its not just revisiting an old place,” Hong Fugui said with a sigh.

“If I hadnt accidentally entered this place back then and learned the Great Dao from Teacher, Im afraid I would have starved to death on the streets long ago.

How could there be the current Hong Fugui…”

At this point, he paused and revealed a nostalgic expression.

He said to Cui Heng, “Teacher, can I eat the same porridge from back then again”

“Haha, of course you can.” Cui Heng smiled when he heard this.

“Wheres the Yellow-scarved Strongman”

As soon as he finished speaking, a burly man dressed in dark yellow appeared out of thin air.

He knelt on one knee in front of Cui Heng and said respectfully, “Greetings, Master Immortal.”

“Go and cook a pot of porridge,” Cui Heng ordered the Yellow-scarved Strongman.

Back in the Beginners Space, he had also asked the Yellow-scarved Strongman to cook.

However, the Yellow-scarved Strongman had already been turned into a true living being by him and left in the Heaven Realm.

The current Yellow-scarved Strongman was actually an Intermediate Guardian gifted by the System.

It was an upgraded version.

In theory, his culinary skills should be better.

A moment later, the Yellow-scarved Strongman finished cooking a pot of porridge.

The fragrance filled the air.

Hong Fugui scooped a bowl with anticipation.

After taking a bite, he said with a smile, “Teacher, this is the taste.

Its the taste that saved my life back then.”

“Its also the beginning of you practicing the Great Dao in your heart.” Cui Heng pointed at the dining room beside him and smiled.

“Sit, tell me about your experiences over the years.”

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