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586 Immortal Land Harmony, Memory of Hongwu (2)

After reaching the Ninth True World Realm, one also had to constantly strengthen the laws of the Immortal Domain.

Therefore, a Paramount True Immortal still had to find his counterpart in the other Immortal Lands and refine it into True Nature Essence before using it to increase the nomological power of the Immortal Domain.

Simply put, the cultivation method from the Eighth True World Realm expert was based on killing countless “same bodies”.

The Harmony Body was not the projection of these Paramount True Immortal or their scattered souls.

They were all independent people with their own thoughts and lives.

The reason why they became “Harmony Bodies” was only because the laws they cultivated were a little special.

They were coincidentally the same or similar to a certain Paramount True Immortal.

Actually, this was not much different from killing people and cultivating.

Every Paramount True Immortal, or even an expert who had reached the extreme of the True Immortal realm, must have already killed countless people.

“Is there really no problem with such a cultivation method” Cui Heng frowned and thought to himself, “I feel that this method relies too much on external elements.

Moreover, its not a good path.”

As a Late-stage Soul Formation cultivator who had deep interactions with the world, he almost instinctively sensed the strangeness of this cultivation method.

However, this was not particularly important information to Cui Heng.

He wanted to understand the situation of this world through Jiang Ping, as well as the reason for fighting for land and the meaning of things like the True Nature Essence.

Now that he had achieved these goals, Cui Heng began to read the information about Hong Fugui.

Previously, he had learned from Wu Countrys Qingshui Pass that Hong Fugui planned to go to three places.

They were the capital of the Liang Kingdom, Taichang County of the Lu Kingdom, and the Imperial City of the Central Capital.

Although he did not know why Hong Fugui had gone to these three places, since Hong Fugui had come to the capital of the Liang Kingdom, Jiang Ping, as the Emperor of the Liang Kingdom, might have had some impression of him.

Cui Hengs divine sense was extremely powerful, and he quickly found traces of Hong Fugui in Jiang Pings huge memories.

In Jiang Pings memory, 200 years ago, a handsome middle-aged man with a calm temperament found his way to the capital of the Liang Kingdom.

This person directly revealed his identity.

He was the general who had just repelled the Liang Kingdoms siege army—


“That ragged child back then has grown to this extent.”

Cui Heng could not help but sigh with emotion.

This was the first time he had seen Hong Fugui since he left the Beginners Space.

The current Hong Fugui was no longer as poor as before.

After all, in the past 2,000 years, his experiences could definitely be considered a legend.

Jiang Pings impression of Hong Fugui was that he was calm and mysterious.

This Paramount True Immortal at the Ninth True World Realm actually did not dare to really attack Hong Fugui, who was only at the Fifth True World Realm.

At that time, Hong Fugui seemed to have some special treasure on him that even Jiang Ping was afraid of.

Hong Fugui came to the capital of Liang Kingdom and revealed his identity before meeting Jiang Ping.

However, he only asked him a question before leaving.

This question was, “Have you ever thought that you might be the counterpart body of other people”

Jiang Ping could not answer this question.

Even after Hong Fugui left, he had been in seclusion for a period of time because of this question.

It was to adjust his mentality.

It was true that this Immortal Land was very huge.

Within the known range, there was no Immortal Land that could compare to this world.

However, this did not mean that this Immortal Land must be of the highest essence.

If there was a world with a higher essence than this Immortal Land, then no matter how many identical bodies he absorbed and refined to form his Supreme True Immortal Body, he would only be benefiting others.

This possibility had always existed, but in the past, everyone tacitly ignored it and gradually forgot about it.

Suddenly, Hong Fugui pointed it out, making Jiang Ping a little flustered.

It was precisely this experience that left an extremely deep impression on him.

Unfortunately, when Hong Fugui left, he did not tell Jiang Ping where he was going, nor did he tell him what he was going to do.

However, Jiang Ping felt that Hong Fugui seemed to be looking for something.

At this point, Cui Heng had already finished reading through Jiang Pings memories about Hong Fugui.

Although he could not determine Hong Fuguis whereabouts, he had some understanding of Hong Fuguis “status”.

200 years ago, Hong Fugui should have had a treasure that surpassed the Ninth True World Realm.

At the same time, he might be looking for something.

Moreover, he had a certain level of sympathy for the living beings of the other Immortal Lands.

Although there were still many mysteries, he could at least confirm that he was safe.

At this moment, Jiang Ping, who had left the Soul Searching state, had already recovered his senses.

He looked at Cui Heng in extreme fear and said in shock, “You, who are you You can actually search my soul!”

Jiang Pings words were earth-shattering, immediately stunning everyone who was paying attention to the situation here.

Whether it was the True Immortals or the Paramount True Immortal, their eyes widened in extreme fear.

Soul Search!

Cui Qing could actually search Jiang Pings soul!

How is this possible!

The soul of a Paramount True Immortal could not be injured.

This was something everyone knew.

Even experts who had surpassed the Ninth True World Realm could not break through this defense.

Therefore, in everyones understanding, as long as one reached the level of a Paramount True Immortal, it was absolutely impossible for their soul to be searched, nor could their soul be destroyed.

But now, a terrifying figure who could search the soul of a Paramount True Immortal had actually appeared.

This meant that this person could break through the indestructible soul characteristics of a Paramount True Immortal.

In this way, what he could do was probably not limited to only searching the soul, but also directly destroying the soul of a Paramount True Immortal!

After realizing this, all the Paramount True Immortals in the Immortal Land erupted with killing intent towards this “Cui Qing”.

This person had to die!

As long as this person was still alive, there would be no absolute safety.

All the Paramount True Immortals would not be able to live in peace.

However, Cui Qings strength was so powerful that even Jiang Ping, who had reached the Peak Paramount True Immortal realm, was easily defeated by him.

How could they deal with him

At the same time, Cui Heng also felt the killing intent from all directions, but he was not angry at all.

Instead, he was very happy.

The identity of “Cui Qing” became much more real, and his cultivation increased.

Moreover, it seemed that because many of the people paying attention here were True Immortals and Paramount True Immortals, the feedback was very huge.

The identity of “Cui Qing” had not appeared for long, but it was already almost completely solidified.

This also allowed Cui Heng to understand that it actually did not take long for a fake identity to leave a deep mark in a place and be deeply remembered.

He only needed to do something big enough and leave a huge impact.

“This persona is about to be completed.

Next, I have to create another fake persona.” Cui Heng began to think.

But at this moment, a power fluctuation suddenly interrupted his thoughts.


A golden hole appeared in the sky without warning.

An incomparably terrifying pressure swept out from it and gathered on Cui Heng.

As soon as this pressure appeared, everyone who was paying attention exclaimed.

“Human Emperor! Its the Human Emperor!”

“The Human Emperor has attacked.

Last time, it was just a test.

Is he going to attack for real this time!”

“If the Human Emperor attacks, he will definitely be able to kill this person!”

… .

… .

At the same time that the sky above the capital of Liang Kingdom was opened by the Human Emperor.

In the vast sea far away from the ground, a ray of light suddenly bloomed in the air and a low voice came from it.

“How many years has it been The supreme treasure of our Immortal race has finally reappeared!”

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