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581 True Nature Essence, Primordial Chaos Realm Destruction Palm

The battle at Dacheng Pass was a heavy blow to the entire Liang Kingdom.

Before this, the Liang Kingdom had only been repelled when they attacked Wu Kingdoms Qinshui Pass.

However, they were only repelled that time and did not suffer much.

Moreover, the Wu Kingdom was also an overlord-level country and was powerful.

From this point of view, the Liang Kingdom and the Wu Kingdom were actually on the same level.

If they were only repelled once, it would not cause much damage to the Liang Kingdom.

However, the battle at Dacheng Pass was different.

Chen Kingdom was just a small country that was struggling at deaths door because of its special geographical location.

It was extremely weak.

It could not be compared to an overlord-level country at all.

No citizen of the Liang Kingdom would think that their countrys army would suffer a setback at Dacheng Pass.

This was impossible.

Especially since the one who attacked Dacheng Pass was Chu Feixiao, who came from the Chu Family.

He was an expert known as Divine General Feixiao .

A small Dacheng Pass could definitely be broken with a flick of his finger.

However, when the results of the battle at Dacheng Pass returned to the Liang Kingdom, the world was in an uproar.

Everyone found it unbelievable.

The Liang Kingdoms army had been defeated.

Even the commander-in-chief, Chu Feixiao, had been captured and disappeared.

A crushing defeat!

This was an unprecedented level of defeat!

And he had even lost to a small country like the Chen Kingdom.

The culprit who caused all of this was Cui Qing, who suddenly appeared at Dacheng Pass.

He directly defeated Chu Feixiao, who was the commander, with absolute crushing strength and obtained the victory.

This caused Jiang Ping, as the ruler of the Liang Kingdom, to lose all face.

As long as he heard the name Cui Qing, he would become incomparably furious, let alone see Cui Qing in person.

The moment he discovered the identity of the person in front of him, the power in Jiang Pings body boiled, and his entire body emitted an incomparably dazzling light.

It was as if the light of billions of stars had gathered together.

The Emperor of the Liang Kingdom turned into a huge ball of light and rushed out of the palace, floating in the sky.

A mighty aura swept through the world.

The boundless light immediately illuminated the huge territory of the Liang Kingdom.

Every citizen of the Liang Kingdom felt this powerful might and saw the dazzling light.

The Immortal Land was much larger than the Heaven Realm.

The territory of the Liang Kingdom alone was more than a hundred times larger than the Heaven Realm, but its essence was higher, the laws and Great Dao were more strict, and the space was more stable.

However, Jiang Pings power could instantly envelop this area.

It was enough to show how powerful he was.

And this was not all of Jiang Pings strength.

Actually, he could still let his power envelop a wider range, but that would touch the land of other countries and might attract the targeting of the other Emperors.

However, even so, Jiang Pings sudden display of power was still sensed by the neighboring countries.

The Emperors of the Wu, Wei, Zheng, and Xin Kingdoms all looked over to pay attention to the situation in Liang Kingdom.

These were the four overlord-level countries closest to the Liang Kingdom.

There were often conflicts and friction at the borders, but it was basically the generals of the various countries fighting.

There were almost no cases of the Emperors personally taking action.

After all, the rulers of overlord countries were already Paramount True Immortal at the Ninth True World Realm.

If they rashly attacked, it was very likely to have a huge impact on the vast land.

Therefore, it was really surprising that Jiang Ping, the Emperor of the Liang Kingdom, suddenly attacked with all his might.

Could it be that the ruler of that country had launched a sneak attack

Or did a Paramount True Immortal among the Immortals launch a surprise attack on the Liang Kingdom

The four Emperors who were watching the situation in the Liang Kingdom were puzzled.

However, the strength Jiang Ping displayed also shocked them.

“This fellow has become stronger again.

This is the huge benefit of the land.

Compared to two million years ago, hisTrue Nature Essence has increased by at least 30%.”

“With such a powerful True Nature Essence, how many Immortal bodies has he absorbed and refined in the past two million years At this rate, hell probably break through in another ten million years.”

“What amazing power, and its even pure True Nature Essence.

Jiang Ping is probably about to touch the extreme level of a Paramount True Immortal.

The huge advantage of a large country is too strong.”

“Damn it, if not for him snatching away a large portion of our Zheng Kingdoms territory two million years ago, how could he have such achievements now This time, hes fighting an intense battle with someone.

Perhaps I can help his enemies and find trouble with him!”

The four Emperors were basically amazed by Jiang Pings strength, but they did not pay much attention to the enemy who was about to fight Jiang Ping.

Even the Emperor of the Zheng Kingdom only wanted to take this opportunity to bolster Jiang Pings bad luck.

No one thought that Jiang Pings enemy would win.

Jiang Ping was too powerful.

As Paramount True Immortals, the four Emperors knew Jiang Pings current strength very well.

He had almost reached the Peak of the Ninth True World Realm.

As long as he was still a Paramount True Immortal, it was unlikely for anyone to defeat Jiang Ping.

Only by stepping into the Tenth True World Realm and completely surpassing a Paramount True Immortal could one defeat Jiang Ping.

However, there were only two existences in the entire Immortal Land who had surpassed the Ninth True World Realm.

One was the Human Emperor of the Central Capital City, and the other was the Lord of the Immortals of the overseas Immortals.

Other than that, there was definitely no third person.

Therefore, in their understanding, the outcome of this battle was already decided.

There was no suspense.

In fact, Jiang Ping thought so too.

He knew that this “Cui Qing” was very powerful.

He should be a Paramount True Immortal who was not weak.

Although “Cui Qing” had the battle record of breaking the Human Emperor Bone Spear, Jiang Ping knew that the bone spear had long been incomplete and was no longer firm.

Even a Paramount True Immortal could destroy it.

Paramount True Immortal!

In the entire Immortal Land, there were only a handful of them.

However, Xue Ping had already reached the Peak of the Ninth True World Realm.

He had never taken a Paramount True Immortal other than himself seriously.

At this moment, Jiang Ping, who had already transformed into a huge ball of light and recklessly displayed his might, stood high in the sky.

He looked down at Cui Heng below and said in a low voice, “Rebel, since youre here to court death, Ill fulfill your wish!”

Before his words could be heard, a huge hand stretched out from the ball of light that seemed to be condensed from billions of stars.

Each of the five fingers were like rulers of the sky, wrapped in endless Dharma and Dao, condensing into endless dazzling divine light, as if they contained a terrifying power that could crush the entire Star Sea as they pressed down.


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