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576 Soul Search, Human Emperor Bone Spear! (2)

“Then theres no need to say anything,” Cui Heng said indifferently.

At the same time, his cold gaze flickered slightly.

An extremely huge soul power instantly rushed into Chu Feixiaos sea of consciousness, imprisoned his soul, and began to flip through his memories.

Soul Search!

With Cui Hengs personality, he would not rashly search a persons soul.

This was to avoid seeing any powerful existences that he could not deal with when he flipped through his memories and being noticed by these powerful existences along this weak connection.

However, Cui Hengs current cultivation path was to take on another identity to be his fake self.

His current persona was rash and did not care about the consequences.

Directly searching the soul was an act that matched this persona.

Otherwise, it would be contrary to the persona.

It would lower the authenticity of this “fake self” and be detrimental to his cultivation.

Of course, being rash was different from being completely unprepared.

While searching his soul, he had already placed his fake self projection in the Grotto-Heaven.

If anything happened, the projection would immediately switch with the main body.

At that time, the fake projection outside would hide in the Grotto-Heaven.

And the Grotto-Heaven was absolutely safe.

Simply put, after Cui Heng obtained the fake self projection, he was able to take the risk to search souls.

Even if he was really noticed by an unknown powerful existence during the soul search process, he could still cut off the connection and avoid danger by abandoning his fake self projection and entering the Grotto-Heaven.

Now that he had six fake self projections, even if he was noticed by a powerful unknown existence every time he searched someones soul, he still had six chances to do this.

Of course, it was impossible to be completely risk-free.

As long as it was within an acceptable range, there was no problem.

For the sake of his cultivation and to advance to a higher realm and possess a higher cultivation and strength, he still had to take some risks.

Chu Feixiao was at the Seventh True World Realm.

He had lived for a long time, so his memory capacity was naturally extremely huge.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was as vast as the sea.

However, this bit of memory was insignificant to Cui Heng.

Scenes of a persons life flew through Cui Hengs divine sense, and every flash was Chu Feixiaos experience of tens of thousands of years.

At this speed, Cui Heng would be able to finish reading all of Chu Feixiaos memories in less than a breath.

However, just as Cui Heng was about to finish flipping through Chu Feixiaos memories, he suddenly saw an incomparably magnificent city in the sky.

Billions of light belts floated around the huge city.

They were all condensed from the Great Dao laws, making the huge city look incomparably holy and dignified.

There was information about this huge city in Chu Feixiaos memories.

This was the Human Races Imperial City, the core of the entire Immortal Land, where the Human Emperor lived.

However, just as Cui Heng saw this Immortal Land Imperial City through Chu Feixiaos memories, an extremely powerful will immediately expanded his perception along with this memory information.

A high and mighty aura that seemed to be above everything suddenly appeared and descended into Chu Feixiaos memories.

He shouted sternly with a dignified tone.

“How dare you spy on the Human Capital!”

At the same time, a huge bone spear more than 100,000 kilometers long appeared on the ground outside Dacheng Pass without warning.

It was incomparably terrifying, as if it wanted to pierce through the world.

“You deserve death!”

This extremely powerful will roared again.

At this moment, the huge bone spear that was more than 100,000 kilometers long had already smashed down fiercely towards the ground below.

The power that seemed to want to destroy the world made everyones faces turn ashen and they were horrified.

A peerless expert had once left a deep mark in Chu Feixiaos memory.

When Cui Heng was flipping through Chu Feixiaos memories, he came into contact with this memory mark and naturally attracted the attention of that peerless expert.

However, he did not expect the other party to be so direct.

Without any investigation, he directly threw such a huge bone spear over.

It was obvious that he wanted everyone in this area to die.

At this moment, Cui Heng had already finished flipping through Chu Feixiaos memories.

Chu Feixiao took the opportunity to escape from his imprisoned state.

He quickly sensed the power of the bone spear and immediately laughed.

He looked at Cui Heng and said in a clear voice, “Youre finished.

You alarmed the Human Emperor.

No one can save you.

This is the Human Emperors bone spear.

This will be your burial ground!”

Cui Heng ignored Chu Feixiao and expanded his Dharmic powers slightly.


With a loud bang, the top of the chariot was sent flying, and the bone spear that was descending from the sky entered Cui Hengs eyes.

“As expected.

I knew that the nomological suppression here was a little strange.

So its man-made.”

Cui Hengs eyes narrowed slightly.

Through the power contained in the bone spear, he immediately understood many of the essence mysteries of this Immortal Land.

There was an extremely powerful nomological suppression in this Immortal Land.

The martial artists who were so powerful here no longer had a clear understanding of the level of power they possessed.

Although there was the uniqueness of the Immortal Domain fragments, there were more man-made restrictions.

Some people did not want martial artists who had cultivated successfully to understand their true strength.

The source of this restriction was the owner of this bone spear.

In other words, it was the “Human Emperor” who claimed to have surpassed the Nine True World Realms.

Any existence within the Nine Realms of the True World, as long as they came to this Immortal Land, would be suppressed by the laws secretly set up by this Human Emperor and be unable to display their true power.

“Unfortunately, Im not restricted by this.” Cui Heng chuckled.

Then, he raised his right hand and grabbed at the huge bone spear in the sky.

“Youre courting death!” Chu Feixiao couldnt help but snort coldly.

However, his gaze quickly froze, and his face revealed an incredulous expression as he muttered, “This, how is this possible!”

After Cui Heng stretched out his right hand, it suddenly became incomparably huge.

He easily held the Human King Bone Spear in his hand and squeezed it fiercely.


It was as if the sound of bones shattering resounded throughout the world.

The Human Emperor Bone Spear was actually crushed!

For a moment, the world fell silent.

The Human Emperor Bone Spear actually shattered!

This was a weapon that the Human Emperor had held when he led the humans to war with the Immortals a long time ago.

It had once been dyed red by the blood of the Immortals.

It was invincible, extremely powerful, and extremely firm.

It was actually crushed so casually!

How was that possible!

Especially the people on the city wall of Dacheng Pass.

They could hardly believe their eyes.

Was this really happening!

“He actually crushed the Human Emperor Bone Spear!” Deng Huaiyi opened his mouth and looked at the figure in the sky in disbelief.

“We should have guessed wrongly.

How is this a True Immortal Even a Paramount True Immortal cant do such a thing.

Hes too powerful!”

The surrounding generals were already too shocked to speak.

They could only look at the sky in a daze and stand there motionless like puppets.


At this moment, another loud bang came from the sky.

Cui Hengs left hand also grabbed the Bone Spear.

Coupled with his right hand, he suddenly bent it and broke the Human Emperor Bone Spear into two.

The entire process was easy and looked effortless.

It was as if this was not a Human Emperor Divine Weapon at all, but just the bone of an ordinary animal.

“Is this the feeling of acting recklessly without caring about the consequences”

Cui Heng looked at the two halves of the bone spear in his hand and could not help but sigh.

Ever since he started cultivating, he had never had such an experience.

Of course, he knew very well that he was just playing a persona.

This was not his real self.

However, at this moment, an inexplicable sense of comfort suddenly surged in his heart.

His Late-stage Soul Formation cultivation had actually increased a little.

This meant that this “fake self” identity seemed to be being remembered and was causing a huge impact, gradually becoming real.

“The Human Emperor Bone Spear has been shattered.

Will the Human Emperor personally take action next”

Cui Heng suddenly felt a little funny in his heart and thought to himself, “Could it be that this fake me identity has just begun and Im about to defeat the Human Emperor here”

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