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575 Soul Search, Human Emperor Bone Spear!


At this moment, Chu Feixiao thought that he had heard wrongly.

How could such an expert who could easily crush him be related to Hongwu

That was just an outsider with no foundation.

Could it be that the expert in front of him was also an expert from outside the Immortal Land

However, shouldnt it be a wilderness outside the Immortal Land It was extremely backward.

Even the cultivation system was incomplete!

For a moment, many thoughts flashed through his mind, and he actually did not know how to answer Cui Heng.

Cui Heng naturally sensed his chaotic thoughts, so he grabbed him and flew into the sky, arriving at the huge war chariot parked on the clouds.

The nine dragon-shaped mixed-blood ferocious beasts pulling the chariot immediately flew into a rage when they saw this.

They roared angrily and attacked Cui Heng.

Although they were just beasts used to pull the chariot, they were still at the Sixth True World Realm and were not weak.

At this moment, they attacked with all their might, immediately causing the surrounding void to tremble and the ground to shake.

Complicated runes lit up on each of their dragon scales.

In an instant, they were connected to the omnipresent Great Dao laws, condensing into endless divine light that bloomed and surged towards Cui Heng.

At the same time, the nine dragon-shaped mixed-blood ferocious beasts waved their huge bodies and stretched out their sharp dragon claws to attack Cui Heng.

They tried their best to save their master.

But this was useless.

When the endless divine light rushed 30 feet in front of Cui Heng, it collapsed and scattered into countless streams of light.

It was useless at all.

Even Cui Hengs footsteps could not be slowed down at all.

They could only let Cui Heng pass by them and continue to fly above the clouds.

The nine dragon-shaped mixed-blood ferocious beasts wanted to continue chasing, but they suddenly realized that they could not move and were frozen on the spot.

What followed was waves of intense pain, but they could not even scream before they exploded into balls of blood mist and dissipated.

At this moment, Cui Heng had already gone above the clouds and concealed his whereabouts.

The people below could not see him at all.

After a period of silence, be it the military camp of the Liang Kingdom or the city wall of the Chen Kingdom, they all erupted with exclamations.

Everyone who saw the scene just now could not help but rub their eyes, almost thinking that they were hallucinating.

What had just happened

Someone as powerful as Chu Feixiao was actually suppressed and captured so easily.

The nine mixed-blood ferocious beasts pulling the carriage were also destroyed in body and soul.

What kind of power was this!

A True Immortal!

On the city wall of Dacheng Pass, all the generals looked at Deng Huaiyi.

“General, do you know this person”

“When did such a mighty figure appear in Dacheng Pass Hes actually so powerful!”

“No, it should be said that when did our Chen Kingdom have such a mighty figure Hes a True Immortal.”

There was only one True Immortal in the entire Chen Kingdom, and that was the current Emperor.

It was clearly impossible for the Emperor to appear at this pass, let alone personally fight the enemy.

If that happened, it would be the time when the Chen Kingdom collapsed.

“I remember this person.” Deng Huaiyi looked up at the sky and the clouds.

He said in a low voice, “His name is Cui Qing, and hes also from our Chen Kingdom.

Three years ago, he traveled to Dacheng Pass and lived here.

I didnt expect him to be a True Immortal!”

The surrounding generals were very surprised when they heard this.

They did not expect such an expert to be from the Chen Kingdom.

Of course, there were also people who guessed that his identity as a so-called Chen citizen was not real, but no one would say it at this time.

Now that the Chen Kingdom was facing the attack of the Liang Kingdom and was in danger, there was definitely no harm in having a True Immortal fight at this time.

“Chu Feixiao is no match for this True Immortal.

The battle is set.”

Deng Huaiyi looked outside the city again.

His gaze landed on the soldiers and he shouted, “Brothers, we have to always remember the kindness of True Immortal Cui Qing.

“What we should do now is to activate the array and activate the divine weapon to kill those Liang Country soldiers outside the city! Kill!!”

Then, the city-protecting array was activated again.

The generals on the city wall also activated their divine weapons.

The soldiers of the Chen Kingdom also launched an attack outside, wanting to take advantage of Chu Feixiaos capture to completely destroy the Liang Kingdoms army!

Outside Dacheng Pass, killing intent immediately filled the air.

The Heaven Earth Qi was affected, causing the surging black clouds to fill the sky and cover the sunlight again, turning the sky dark.

At this moment, above the clouds, Cui Heng had already brought Chu Feixiao into the huge chariot.

This war chariot gave off a very impressive aura from the outside.

The interior space was also very spacious.

It was simply like a complete palace.

It was obvious that they had used a secret technique to expand the space inside to dozens or hundreds of times its original size.


Chu Feixiao was thrown to the ground by Cui Heng.

He looked at the person slowly walking towards him in horror, his heart filled with fear and disbelief.

True Immortal!

Why would a True Immortal appear in such a country

Even the Emperor of this small Chen Kingdom had just broken through to the Seventh True World Realm.

How could such an expert appear!

“Tell me about Hongwu.” Cui Heng went straight to the point.

“I never answer the enemys questions,” Chu Feixiao said in a low voice.

Although he was terrified, he had no intention of submitting to Cui Heng.

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