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Chapter 573: Do You Think Youre Hongwu (2)

“However, after defeating the army of the Liang Kingdom, it seems to be a feasible method to directly look for the King of the Chen Kingdom.

It can also save a lot of trouble…”


At this moment, there was a loud bang outside the city wall.

The ground in the city trembled slightly, and countless citizens revealed terrified expressions as they ran towards their homes.

The humans of this Immortal Land were similar to the people of the Heaven Realm.

After reaching adulthood, they had strength equivalent to a Heaven Immortal.

However, the nomological suppression of the Immortal Land was stronger than the Heaven Realm, and space was more stable than the Heaven Realm.

The so-called strength of a Heaven Immortal was nothing special at all.

At this moment, in the face of such a huge earthquake, they naturally felt very panicked.

They only knew how to escape and did not have any thoughts of resisting.

Only those experts who had already reached the True World Realm through cultivation dared to stand outside and look at the sky in shock.

“Damn it, its the Liang Kingdom again.

Can a large country bully a small country like this!” A young First True World Realm expert gritted his teeth and said with an angry expression.

Then, a layer of silver-white armor appeared on the young mans body, and a spear appeared in his hand.

These were the equipment of the elite soldiers of the Chen Kingdom.

At the same time, many people in Dacheng Pass also put on their armor.

They were all soldiers guarding the city.

After discovering the battle, they immediately rushed towards the city gate.

There was no hesitation.

Cui Heng was still sitting on the spot.

Every soldier who passed by him would basically look at him, but no one pulled him to defend the city.

This was because they all knew that the people sent by the Chen Kingdom were too powerful this time.

They, who were guarding the city, were basically marching towards their death.

There was no need to drag others down with them at this time.

Moreover, the Chen Kingdoms army never forced people to serve.

It was said that this was a rule left behind by the Chen Kingdoms ancestors.

No one dared to violate it, nor did anyone want to.

“Such an army does give people a good impression.” Cui Heng looked at the backs of these people and nodded slightly, his gaze praising.

Then, he slowly stood up and walked towards the city wall.

If it was in the past, he would definitely study the strength and background of the enemy outside carefully before taking action.

But that was the real him.

At this moment, Cui Heng was playing a fake version of himself.

He did things simply and directly, or rather, rashly.

He only did what he wanted and did not consider the consequences.

This was hisfake persona.

Now, he would wait until the city guards could not hold on and attack directly.

… .


A sword cry pierced through the nine heavens.

An incomparably huge bronze sword suddenly descended from the sky, as if it wanted to split the world apart.

It condensed endless sharp energy and slashed towards Dacheng Pass.


Endless divine light bloomed in the void outside Dacheng Pass.

The peerless array formation used to protect the city condensed into streaks of light and blocked this sword with extreme difficulty.

The city-protecting array also required someone to preside over it.

At this moment, the person presiding over the array was the city defense general, Deng Huaiyi.

He stood in the middle of the array eye on the city wall, and countless Dao runes, Dharmas, and Logos wrapped around his body.

These were all array patterns intertwined with the City Guardian Array.

Only by controlling these array patterns could one preside over the operation of this peerless array.

The consumption during that process came from the power of the controller, including the power of the controllers blood, sweat, and soul.

Just the slash just now made Deng Huaiyi half kneel on the ground and vomit blood.

His vision had already begun to turn black and he was about to faint.

However, he still stood up with his willpower and continued to preside over the protective array.

“Great General!”

“Great General, are you alright!”

“Let me do it, Great General!”

Many generals hurriedly stepped forward with extremely concerned expressions.

“Im fine!”

Deng Huaiyi gritted his teeth and quickly calmed the power in his body that had already begun to go berserk.

At the same time, an incomparably majestic figure slowly walked out of the huge chariot.

He was wearing golden armor and his entire body was enveloped in golden light.

He was simply like a god that had descended from the Immortal Domain.

It was the commander of the Liang Kingdoms army, Chu Feixiao.

In other words, the “Divine General Feixiao” that the Liang army was cheering for earlier.

Chu Feixiaos appearance made the entire sky tremble.

Countless Great Dao laws condensed into substance, turning into various colors of light that wrapped around his body, as if they were expressing their submission.

This incomparably powerful pressure made the void creak, as if it was about to explode at any moment.

He stepped on the war chariot and his gaze swept past the nine dragon-shaped mixed-blood ferocious beasts in front of him.

His gaze landed on Dacheng Pass and he said indifferently, “The city is filled with ants.

Why resist stubbornly

“If the city guards immediately commit suicide, the people in the city will still have a way out.

Otherwise, on the day the city is breached, I will slaughter the entire city.”

He was incomparably confident and arrogant.

He did not take anyone in Dacheng Pass seriously at all.

These words also made the citizens in Dacheng Pass feel unprecedented shock and fear.

Could it be that they were really going to die

“Dont even think about it!”

Deng Huaiyi roared.

At the same time, he released all the power in his body and activated the power of the city protection array, causing layers of defensive light screens to condense again and block in front of Chu Feixiao.

“What a joke.

A swarm of ants is still so persistent.” Chu Feixiao shook his head and sneered indifferently.

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