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Chapter 570: Immortal Land, Warring Countries, Frequent Battles

After coming to this world, Chu Han felt that he had been nourished by an inexplicable power.

At the same time, his soul quietly changed.

His memories that had been erased quickly recovered.

This surprised him greatly.

After all, if he could not recover his memories, this Exalted Immortal would probably not give him a good ending.

Fortunately, it had finally recovered.

“Oh” Cui Heng exclaimed softly when he heard that.

He looked at Chu Han and sized him up slightly.

Then, he raised his hand gently and placed a barrier around him.

He smiled and said, “Tell me.”

“Yes, Exalted Immortal.” Chu Han hurriedly nodded and said, “This world is like this.

A long time ago, after the Immortal Domains shattered, a huge fragment fell into this starry sky.

At that time, this was still a Holy Land…”

He began from the source of this Immortal Land and explained the basic situation here.

After the Immortal Domain fragment fell into this Holy Land, it began to crazily absorb everything in this Holy Land.

Whether it was the Star Seas, the void, or even the Great Dao laws, they were all absorbed and refined by the Immortal Domain fragment and finally became a part of this Immortal Land world.

From the external appearance, it seemed that this Ancient Holy Land had inexplicably begun to collapse a long time ago.

In the end, the huge Holy Land disappeared, and almost all of the Star Seas disappeared.

Only the Silver Disc Star Sea and the strange world in the middle of the Star Sea was left.

In fact, this was all the result of the Immortal Domain fragment absorbing and refining this Holy Land.

This was where the current Immortal Land was born.

However, because when the Immortal Domain fragment absorbed and refined the Holy Land, it did not kill the living beings inside.

Instead, it absorbed all the living beings in the Holy Land into itself, so there was still the inheritance and civilization of the Ancient Holy Land in this Immortal Land.

This was also the origin of most people in the Immortal Land.

Of course, the highest power and core power were often controlled by a very small number of people.

There were natives in the Immortal Land.

They were survivors of the Immortal Domain.

They had the inheritance of the Immortal Domain and controlled the treasures of the Immortal Domain.

Although they had the least number of people, they were far stronger than the people from the Holy Land.

These survivors of the Immortal Domain called themselves Immortals and distinguished themselves from the humans of the Holy Land.

They were high and mighty, setting rules, manipulating them, and using them.

At first, the humans could only obey.

Later on, as the human race became stronger and stronger, there was even a Human Emperor respected by the entire human race who rose up.

Finally, he obtained strength enough to fight against the Immortals.

After a long battle, the Immortals had no choice but to compromise and give a portion of their authority to the humans.

From then on, the human race began to completely rise.

Moreover, as time passed, the humans gradually occupied everything on this land, squeezing the Immortals out of the land, causing them to only be able to live on the islands overseas.

Later on, the Human Emperor, who was respected by the human race, conferred titles on various countries and divided this vast land into many countries.

The Human Emperor managed them himself, further strengthening the human races control over this land.

To this day, the land of the Immortal Land was completely under the rule of the humans.

Genius martial artists from various countries appeared endlessly, and experts appeared in large numbers.

Even if the Immortals were still coveting the mainland overseas, it would be very difficult for them to pose any threat to the current human race.

When external threats did not exist or were extremely small, the human race would usually fall into internal strife.

The various countries would often fight for the ownership of a piece of territory.

There were frequent disputes between the various countries.

There were even situations where small countries were directly annexed by large countries.

“Fighting for the ownership of the land”

Cui Hengs expression became strange when he heard this.

He lowered his head to look at the vast land below and chuckled.

“Is there anything special about this land Is it for resources”

The cultivation realms of the rulers of the Immortal Land were extremely strong, at least at the Sixth Realm of the True World.

The powerful ones had even reached the Seventh Realm of the True World.

Some overlord-level monarchs had even reached the Eighth Realm of the True World and could be said to be True Immortals.

What was the use of land for an expert of this realm

The material resources contained in the land should no longer be of any use to them.

Why did they have to destroy the country to fight for the ownership of the land

“I dont know either.

The mysteries of the land are hidden in many national seals personally made by the Human Emperor.

Only the Emperor knows.” Chu Han shook his head and said, “However, Ive heard some rumors and have some guesses.

This might be related to other Immortal Lands.”

“Other Immortal Lands” Cui Hengs eyes narrowed slightly when he heard this.

He said thoughtfully, “You mean to occupy more land to communicate with other Immortal Lands and even absorb the power of other Immortal Lands to become stronger”

“Yes.” Chu Han nodded at first, then said, “Previously, I was just a general guarding a city in the Liang Kingdom.

I was unable to touch the deeper secrets and was only guessing according to some rumors.”

“A general of the Seventh Realm of the True World” Cui Heng laughed when he heard this.

He looked at the huge city on the ground and sighed.

“The people of this Immortal Land are extremely powerful, but the things they do are like a mortal society.”

“To be honest, Exalted Immortal…” Chu Han smiled bitterly and sighed.

“Actually, before I came into contact with the Three Supreme Sects, I had never heard of what the mortals outside were like, let alone knew what my strength meant outside.

“It was only after I came into contact with the Three Supremes Sect that I understood that it was like this outside.

It turns out that with my strength, Im already extremely powerful in the outside world.

Its easy for me to rule a Star Sea…”

“This Immortal World has such strict control over the information of the outside world” Cui Heng frowned slightly, then nodded.

“Thats normal.

Its wrapped in a defensive barrier, and ordinary people cant enter.

The people inside are also restricted from exiting”

“Of course its restricted.” Chu Han nodded and said to Cui Heng, “Even those who have contacted the outside world will have their relevant memories erased and expelled.

This is how I was expelled from here.”

“Tsk tsk.” Cui Heng shook his head and smiled.

“With such strict control, what are the people here afraid of But lets not talk about this first.

If I let you explore the mysteries of the land, do you think you can do it”

“As long as Exalted Immortal protects me from death, I will definitely be able to do it!” Chu Han said firmly.

He knew that he had to display his usefulness as much as possible now to increase his chances of survival.

“Alright!” Cui Heng raised his hand and waved it, instantly condensing a jade talisman.

It was engraved with complicated cloud patterns and floated in front of Chu Han.

“This talisman can protect you from death three times.”

“Thank you, Exalted Immortal!” Chu Han was overjoyed.

He hurriedly raised his hands and took the jade talisman respectfully.

He said solemnly, “I wont let you down!”

“Go, Ill wait for your news.” Cui Heng waved his hand and instructed, “You can pay attention to whether there are famous people called Hongwu, Zhou Juntian, and Taihong.”

Previously, when he was in the Silver Disc Star Sea, he had guessed that Hong Fugui had come to this Immortal Land.

Since he was here this time, he could search for news about him.

As for Zhou Juntian and Taihong, they clearly knew many secrets.

And they seemed to be plotting something in secret.

If he could find them, he would be able to gain a lot.

At the very least, he would be able to learn more about this world.

“Yes, Exalted Immortal!” Chu Han bade farewell and left after bowing respectfully.

Soon, he disappeared.

Cui Heng stood alone on the clouds and lowered his head to look down at the ground below.

He thought to himself, “My main goal in coming to this Immortal Land is still my cultivation.

I need to construct a fake me thats different from the real me.

I need to be recognized as a fake me and remembered by others, leaving the most real and profound traces in this world.

And the deeds that people will remember the most are none other than the collapse of a force and the crash of wild waves.

The countries on this land fight frequently, and small countries are in danger.

This is a good opportunity.”

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