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Hui Shi did not want to kneel.

Actually, he had long wanted to leave the Lotus Flower Monastery, but he didnt have the chance before.

After witnessing Cui Hengs strength, he understood that this might be his only chance in life.

He had to follow him.

However, in the face of Zen Master Dekongs powerful aura, Hui Shis body was no longer under his control.

He could only kneel down.

A Xiantian Grandmaster could be said to have absolute suppression over those who had yet to break through the Profound Gate Realm.

There was no need to attack.

Just by standing there, he could make the other party involuntarily give up resistance.

This was the situation Monk Hui Shi was facing now.

However, although his body gave in, his mind did not.

“What did the County Lord do wrong” Monk Hui Shi looked up at Zen Master Dekong and said in a low voice, “For you to trouble yourself to personally come and take his life”

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“Evil creature, you dont even want to call me Master now” Zen Master Dekong shouted in a low voice, and his eyes were filled with anger.

“What kind of bewitching soup did that County Magistrate Cui give you to make you abandon your Master and forget my kindness in raising you”

“The grace of raising me” Hui Shis face was filled with anger when he heard this.

He sneered and said, “Zen Master, do you really think that I dont know anything about my background and how I entered the Lotus Flower Monastery”

“So you know everything.” Zen Master Dekong looked enlightened and smiled.

“Amitabha, since you know, you should be grateful for your deep Buddhist affinity.

“28 years ago, your entire family was wiped out.

If not for the fact that I saw that you were still in your infancy and had an excellent foundation, I wouldnt have taken you in and raised you with compassion.

You would have long become food for the wild beasts.”

“Then why was my family destroyed” Hui Shis anger rose.

He actually stood up against the pressure of his aura and gritted his teeth.

“My father was killed by you.

My mother didnt want to be humiliated and jumped off the cliff to her death.

You actually have the cheek to say that youre compassionate”

“Amitabha!” Zen Master Dekong pressed his palms together and chanted the Buddhas name.

He revealed a benevolent expression and said indifferently, “Your father, Chen Pengju, has led an army to conquer the northern barbarians for a long time.

He has shaken the foundation of the country and caused the people of the world to suffer.

He has committed a heinous crime and should be disposed of.”

“When the Great Jin was first established, there were 13 states under the heavens!” Monk Hui Shi questioned.

“But 30 years ago, there were only 10 states left.

The three northern states that were used to herd horses fell into the hands of the barbarians in the north.

“If not for my father leading an army to attack the northern barbarians and take back Qingzhou, how could there be the current 11 states of the Great Jin How could there be the Thousand Peaks Mountain that could resist the northern barbarians How could there be a Qingzhou ranch that could be used to nurture cavalry!

“My father defeated the barbarians and restored the mountains and rivers.

He made a great contribution to the peace of the north of the Great Jin, causing the barbarians to not dare to plunder the south.

What sin, what extreme evil”


Chen Pengju has killed countless barbarians in the north.

His sins are monstrous.” Zen Master Dekongs expression did not change as he smiled and said, “A person carrying such sins should fall into the endless hell.

“28 years ago, I led everyone to exorcize him and let him return to Buddha to atone for his sins to avoid suffering.

It was a benevolent act.

You should thank me.”

“Those barbarians go south to plunder the Great Jin every year and kill countless men at the northern border.

They plunder countless women, and killing them is also a sin” Hui Shi looked at Zen Master Dekong in disbelief, his entire body trembling with anger.

“Buddha says that all living beings are equal, and the barbarians are also all living beings.

Killing them is naturally a sin.” Zen Master Dekong had a matter-of-fact expression as he said indifferently, “Chen Pengju is indeed guilty.

Disciple, dont be stubborn.”

“Good, what a good crime!” Hui Shis face was ashen as he shouted, “Back then, my father had already fought his way to Yunzhou and was about to restore order to the world.

But Emperor Jianyan actually sent out 12 Imperial Decrees to recall him back to the capital!

“On the way back to the capital, my father and mother were killed by you.

Isnt this a guilty conscience Isnt it a premeditated murder Ask yourself, is my father really guilty”

“Perhaps.” Zen Master Dekong smiled and said, “Its been 28 years since the incident.

Disciple, youre still so persistent.

Youre really obsessed.”

“You, you, you!” Hui Shi was so angry that he was speechless.

He didnt know what to say.

“Disciple, if you hate the Great Jin Emperor for summoning your father back, you can follow me to serve King Yan.” Zen Master Dekong still had a smile on his face.

“In the future, when we attack the Central Continents Imperial City, I can let you personally chop off the Emperors head.

“Now, you just have to put this packet of medicinal powder into the county magistrates tea while hes not paying attention.

Then, cut off his head, and Ill let bygones be bygones.

I can also report to King Yan and tell him that youve done a great deed.”

“Ptui!” Hui Shi spat and sneered.

“Old thing, stop dreaming.

The County Lord is a Deity and a benevolent Saint who has truly won the hearts of the people.

You and that dogsh*t King Yan will definitely die!”

“Amitabha, silly child!” Zen Master Dekong shook his head and sighed.

He raised his palm and slapped towards the top of Monk Hui Shis head.

At this moment, the originally quiet night sky suddenly lit up.

An incomparably bright bolt of lightning tore through the sky.



An earth-shattering thunderclap erupted.

It was like the wrath of the heavens.

Xiantian Grandmasters were already very sensitive to the outside world.

They immediately sensed the changes in the surrounding Heaven and Earth aura.

Zen Master Dekong frowned and subconsciously stopped.

At the same time, an ominous feeling surged in his heart.

Thereafter, he decisively circulated all the Xiantian True Qi in his body.

In an instant, a layer of golden Buddhist light enveloped him.

It was solemn, as if a Buddha had descended to the mortal world.

“Who is it!”

Zen Master Dekong shouted sternly, feeling inexplicably panicked.

“Greetings, County Lord!”

Hui Shi looked pleasantly surprised and hurriedly bowed in a direction.

“Get up.” Cui Heng slowly walked out of the darkness.

He raised his hand to let Hui Shi stand up, then looked at Zen Master Dekong and chuckled.

“I wonder what this great monk wants my head for”

At this moment, he had restrained the power of his Golden Core and only released minute traces of Dharmic powers.

However, even so, Zen Master Dekong felt that he was unfathomable, and the fear in his heart quickly grew.

“Youre a top Inner World expert” Zen Master Dekong looked at Cui Heng with fear and said in a low voice, “Since youre a top expert, you should know what kind of will King Yan represents.

Why are you here”

“Im asking you, why do you want my head” Cui Heng had a strange smile on his face as he slowly approached in the night.

“You…” Zen Master Dekong suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

Cold sweat broke out on his forehead as he subconsciously took a few steps back.” If youre unwilling to tell me, I wont force you.

Ill take my leave first.

As he spoke, the golden Buddhist light around his body surged.

He was about to jump up and use his swiftness skill to leave this place.

However, just as he jumped up, he realized that there seemed to be an invisible hand in the air that grabbed him!

At the same time, the Buddhist light condensed from his Xiantian True Qi and Heaven Earth Essence Energy was also crushed.

He was lifted into the air like a little chick.

“Divine realm!” Zen Master Dekong was horrified as he looked at Cui Heng in disbelief.

“How is this possible!”

Hui Shi was dumbfounded.

Although he had already seen Cui Hengs strength and had also seen Cui Heng use some strange methods, he had never heard of such a method of lifting a person in the air and instantly crushing a Xiantian level Buddha Light.

It shocked him.

“Do you still want my head” Cui Heng seemed to have transformed into a recorder as he asked again.

“No, no more!” Zen Master Dekong shouted in panic.

He no longer had the appearance of a benevolent monk.

“How can that do Im already prepared.

You cant not want it.” Cui Heng was all smiles.

Suddenly, he raised his right hand and gently swiped it across his neck.

The head actually rolled down his neck and landed in his left hand.

However, not a single drop of blood flowed out of his neck or head.



At this moment, both Hui Shi and Zen Master De Kong, who was lifted into the air, were stunned.

They looked at Cui Heng as if they had seen a ghost and almost thought that they were hallucinating.

“Zen Master, do you still want my head”


At this moment, the head in Cui Hengs hand actually spoke.

It still had that strange smile and tone as it slowly approached.

“If you think its too little, I still have a lot.”

As he spoke, another head grew out of his empty neck.

He was as good as new and beaming.

“You, you, I, you!” Zen Master Dekongs mind almost collapsed.

An unprecedented fear made him incoherent as he shouted hysterically.

“Dont come over, dont come over! Are you a human or a ghost!”


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