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Chapter 569: Refining False into Real, Omnipresence (2)

He was Liu Sanniangs pawn.

There was nothing he could do.

The real Xu Yue had already told Xu Bo some things that only the two of them knew.

Xu Bo frowned and walked towards Xu Yue without hesitation.

“Junior, whats going on”

Xu Yue looked at Liu Sanniang and told Xu Bo everything in detail.

Xu Bo frowned deeper.

Such a forbidden technique was not something he could perform easily.

However, he was also sure that this old man in front of him, who looked like he was about to die, was his junior.

A person could change his voice and appearance, but what they had experienced together could not be changed.

Xu Bo stood up and looked at Liu Sanniang, saying coldly, “Miss Liu, my junior already knows that he was wrong.

Please let him return to his own body.”

Xu Bo could not sense any spiritual power from Liu Sanniang, but she was so powerful nonetheless.

What did she want

Xu Yue was a little ashamed.

He firmly believed that such a forbidden technique could not exist, but now…

He had experienced it himself.

Only he knew how it felt.

If not for the fact that he had some common experiences with Xu Bo, his senior might have been deceived too.

Xu Bo stood up and walked to Yang Chengs side.

He grabbed him and sensed carefully.

His expression was solemn when he found out that the soul and body were in perfect harmony.

Yang Cheng was extremely indignant.

He looked at Xu Bo and begged.

“Senior, Im really Xu Yue.

Dont listen to their nonsense.

Otherwise, youll regret it.”

Yang Cheng really did not want to return to that lifeless body.

He looked at Xu Bo with a desire to live.

Xu Bo frowned and looked at Liu Sanniang.

His tone was even colder.

“Miss Liu, please stop this farce.”

Liu Sanniangs expression was calm as she walked to Xu Yues side and patted him gently on the shoulder.

Xu Yue took a long breath and his expression took a drastic turn.

He looked at Liu Sanniang with a complicated expression.

“Sorry, Miss Liu.

I was ignorant.”

He then looked at Yang Yi.

“I was short-sighted before.

Now, Ill clear your name.”

With a determined look, Yang Y said calmly as if he had been reborn, “Ive already got the justice I deserve.

From now on, Ill forget the past and live well.”

From this moment on, he was not Yang Yi or Yang Cheng.

He was just a teacher in Xin Village, known as Teacher Yang.

Su Wanrou looked at Teacher Yang with tears streaming down her face.

Yang Xueyu smiled.

“Father, when we get home, we will celebrate.”

Teacher Yang nodded.

Having gotten a new life, he indeed had to cherish and celebrate it.

Yang Cheng almost broke down.

“No, no, Im innocent.

Im innocent.”

Wu Changxian shouted with a snort.

“Youre innocent What are you innocent for Youve been an official for decades.

Dont you know how many wicked things youve done Youre still shouting that you are innocent.

You are the last one in this world who is innocent.”

Xu Bo looked at Liu Sanniang and seemed to want to say something, but in the end, he refrained from speaking.

He nodded at Wu Changxian and said, “Since the case is now closed, well take our leave first.


Xu Yue had mixed feelings.

He felt that everything he knew had been challenged by Liu Sanniang.

She had easily done what he thought was impossible.

He thought that their Cloud Breaking Sect was the strongest sect in the Mystic World, but now, he was not sure.

Liu Sanniang did not belong to any sect, but she was more capable than all of them combined…

Xu Yue felt a little down for some reason.

Wu Changxian did not insist upon them staying.

He stood up and thanked them with a smile.

“Thank you, State Masters.”

In fact, everyone present knew who should be credited for solving the case.

Xu Bo and Xu Yue left the torture room quietly.

Wu Changxian immediately got someone to arrest Yang Cheng.

At the thought that Yang Cheng had done so many evil things in Yang Yis name, Wu Changxian instructed.

“Keep him alive.

In five days, he will be beheaded on the guillotine.”

Yang Chengs legs went weak from fear.

He struggled.

“No, Im not Yang Yi.

You cant chop off my head.”

Wu Changxian snorted.

“Youve been Yang Yi for decades.

You were, are, and will be Yang Yi forever.”

Wu Changxian instructed Yi Zilan.

“Zilan, send Teacher Yang and the others off.

They must be frightened.

Calm them down.”

Wu Changxian looked at Teacher Yang and sighed.

The difference between the legitimate son and the illegitimate son was like a yawning gulf that could not be crossed.

It was not that the previous Minister of Finance neglected Yang Cheng.

He just focused too much on nurturing the legitimate son, Yang Yi.

However, this made the illegitimate son, Yang Cheng, jealous.

He did not hesitate to take the evil path to harm Yang Yi and replace him.

Yi Zilan replied loudly.


After leaving the Ministry of War, Teacher Yang looked at Liu Sanniang and bowed respectfully.

Su Wanrou and Yang Xueyu also bowed.

Teacher Yang said, “Miss Liu, thank you for clearing my name.

Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to explain myself ever.”

Only by experiencing it oneself would one know what he was going through.

At first, Xu Yue insisted on not believing it, but after experiencing it himself, he immediately acknowledged his mistake.

Liu Sanniang said calmly, “Youre welcome.”

If it werent for the people who spread evil, he wouldnt have ended up like this.

The evil seed Wu Yu planted had ruined the life trajectory of many people.

Yi Zilan looked at Liu Sanniang with respect and awe.

After talking with them for a while, Liu Sanniang and Chu Yan left.

Su Wanrou couldnt help but comment.

“Theyre really compatible.”

Yang Xueyu held Su Wanrous arm.

“Indeed, but why didnt I see the young man beside Miss Liu all this while”

Not many people noticed the presence of Chu Yan.

Teacher Yang said with a smile, “That means he is a real master.”

Su Wanrou nodded.

“You are right.”

Her husband had finally returned unscathed.

His appearance seemed to have changed a little, but upon closer look, he was still the same, infact, more vigorous.

Yi Zilans gaze landed on Yang Xueyu and then, he quickly looked away.

He said, “Teacher Yang, let me send you back.”

Su Wanrou looked at Yi Zilan and said calmly, “Thank you, Official Yi, but theres no need.

You must be busy with work.

We wont disturb you anymore.”

Teacher Yang looked at Yi Zilan.

“I cant repay you for saving my life…”

“You can repay it.” Yi Zilan interrupted Teacher Yang.

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