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Chapter 568 Refining False into Real, Omnipresence (2)

The book that recorded the Intermediate Immortal Technique, From Beginner to Ascension appeared in Cui Hengs hand.

He flipped to the middle with ease.

Soul Formation chapter.

[… Reaching the Late-stage Soul Formation realm means that one has already communicated sufficiently with this world and has a sufficient understanding of the essence of this world.]

However, just communication alone cant allow one to reach the peak of this realm, let alone see the profundity of the Return to Void Realm.

Only by refining fake into reality can one touch the peak of the Soul Formation realm and see the profundity of the Return to Void Realm.

[To reach the Return to Void Realm, you have to become real first.]

After reading this description, Cui Heng fell into a long silence.

The description of this Intermediate Immortal Technique was as vague as ever.

[To reach the Return to Void Realm, you have to become real first.]

What was refining fake into reality

Cui Heng had no clue at all, only deep doubts.

With his current cultivation realm, he could easily create things out of thin air.

He could even turn illusions into reality and create things that originally did not exist out of thin air.

Refining fake into real shouldnt be difficult.

However, since this stage of becoming real was related to the Return to Void Realm, it shouldnt be so simple.

There was a deeper meaning at that time.

However, how could one define truth and falsehood

“Looks like I still need to use the explanation function.” Cui Heng thought to himself.

After the System package was upgraded, a new explanation function was added.

He could choose a word from the “Intermediate Immortal Technique, From Beginner to Ascension” to explain in detail.

This greatly reduced the difficulty of him exploring his cultivation direction.

After all, from the beginning, the Immortal technique given by the System had a problem with the vague description.

There were only basic concepts and no specific cultivation methods.

He needed to explore and comprehend everything himself.

Cui Heng ordered the System.

“Recharge theReading Voucher with two usage vouchers.

Use theReading Vouchers word explanation function to explain the wordsRefining False into True.”

[Hello, honorable host! You have used the “detailed explanation” function.

Usage of the reading voucher: -2.]

[Your reading coupon usage is 0.

Please recharge it in time.]

[You have chosen the words “Refining False into True”.

Explaining now.]

[Refining False into True: Reality exists relative to reality.

Whats different from reality is falsehood.

Refining False into True is to refine that which is false and different from reality into reality and fuse it into oneself.

I am reality.]

“Refining that which is false into reality and fusing them into myself.

I am reality.”

Cui Heng looked at the description of the words and fell into deep thought again.

He thought to himself, “The definition of truth and falsehood is too broad.

However, from the description ofrefining that which is false into reality and fusing them into myself.

I am reality, I should be able to set the scope toI orme

From this, I can deduce that whats different from the real me is the fake me.

Then, what I have to do is refine the fake me into reality and finally fuse it into myself, the only existence

If thats the case, I have to first clarify whats the real me.

As long as I clarify whats the real me, I can construct a fake me.

Being careful and not willing to take risks… This is my personality.

A Late-stage Soul Formation cultivator can destroy a Star Sea… This is my realm strength.

The so-called Exalted Immortal who is respected, feared, and hated… This can be said to be my identity.

In contrast, a rash and reckless character that likes to take risks… One whose cultivation realm is lower than the Late-stage Soul Formation realm… Someone thats not a high and mighty Immortal Venerable or Exalted Immortal… Can this be considered a fake me

But how can I show the fake me How can I refine the fake me into reality and finally fuse them into myself and personifyI am me”

At this point, he stopped thinking.

In the end, Cui Heng shook his head and thought to himself, “Its just that its difficult to figure out the next cultivation path by thinking like this with no reference.

Fortunately, I have a direction and can try.

The fake me is different from the real me.

This means that I cant let the people who know me stay by my side.

I have to construct a fake identity thats different from the real me in an unfamiliar environment…”

Thinking of this, he was suddenly stunned.

He suddenly thought of his attempt to break through to the Soul Formation realm when he was at the Peak Nascent Soul realm.

Back then, he had experienced the rules of order he had set for himself.

He had temporarily abandoned his original identity and lived under those rules with a relatively ordinary identity.

In those 300 years, he had lived in a total of six different identities.

He had been a Creator, a Sage King, a Sage, a Human Immortal, and various other identities.

In the end, he died as Cui Changsheng and was buried in a tomb by his good friend, Jiang Caiyun.

These identities were completely different from the real him.

They could basically be said to be fake.

Although he did not walk the path of refining fake into reality at that time, he accidentally walked in a similar direction.

The moment Cui Heng understood this, he suddenly felt his divine sense begin to spread.

In an instant, his divine sense crossed tens of millions of light years and descended into the Silver Disc Star Sea.

Lights and shadows appeared one after another and returned to his main body through his divine sense.

The traces of his former life as an ordinary person had completely disappeared.

No one remembered the existence of that identity, leaving only an extremely subtle trace of light and shadow that returned along his divine sense.

He had once been a Sage with a precious treasure.

This identity did not leave many traces, and it only provided a little more feedback than an ordinary person.

The other identities were in a similar situation.

There was only one identity that was different, and that was Cui Changsheng.

The shadow that represented Cui Changshengs identity was the clearest.

This meant that the traces left behind by this identity were the clearest.

After more than a thousand years, the grave that buried him had not disappeared.

Instead, it had already become a huge cemetery, and people often came to pay their respects.

These people were Jiang Caiyuns disciples and grand-disciples.

Every year, Jiang Caiyun would also come to this cemetery on the anniversary of Cui Changshengs death.

She would sit in front of the tomb for a day and night and talk about her recent situation and her plans for the future.

“When my identity is recognized and my experiences are remembered, the deeper the traces of my existence, and the stronger the feedback I can obtain.” Cui Heng sensed the feedback brought about by the different identities and came to a conclusion.

“It seems to be related to the cultivation realm of others.

The identity of Cui Changsheng and the feedback brought by Jiang Caiyun are far more than those disciples and grand-disciples of hers.

Hmm, it might also be related to their relationship.

If thats the case, the most suitable place for me to cultivate next is still the Immortal Land in the middle of the Silver Disc Star Sea.

The cultivation realms of the people there are higher, and the feedback I can obtain will be stronger.”

Now, he finally had a clear idea of his future cultivation path.

He immediately felt incomparably comfortable and carefree.

Cui Hengs carefree mood also allowed him to discover that after retracting the six identities, he had some characteristics and abilities that he did not have before.

Then, with a slight thought, six figures, including Cui Changsheng, appeared around him.

Every one of them was a living and real existence.

Moreover, on any level of laws that could be investigated, these six people had no connection with Cui Heng himself.

They were all independent existences.

However, in reality, Cui Heng could make any of these six people his main body at any time.

This also meant that even if his main body was erased by the power of the universes laws, as long as these six people were not destroyed, he could still revive on them and lie dormant.

His life-saving methods had increased.

“This is only the beginning.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “If one day, I take on billions of fake identities, I can exist in billions of places at the same time.

In theory, as long as I take on enough fake identities and refine them all into reality, I can exist in a corner of this universe and at the same time, be omnipresent!

At the same time, these identities are like my fake projections.

After completing the cultivation of Refining False into True, I can turn these fake projections into the real me at any time.

At that time, even if a Dao Integration realm existence attacks and erases my main body, as long as he doesnt erase all these billions of projections, I can revive on any of them!”

Such a realm and divine power was too mysterious and exciting.

Cui Heng was already looking forward to his cultivation progress.

“After I go to the Immortal Land in the middle of the Silver Disc Star Sea, Ill let Chu Han recall the information about the Immortal Land first.

After I grasp the basic situation, Ill let him leave.

Then, Ill change into a fake identity and walk among the Immortal Land.”

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