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Chapter 567: Untitled

After all, a Star Sea was too huge.

How could a human cultivate to such an abnormal level

However, when he really reached this realm and possessed such power…

Although he felt a lot of emotions and was a little excited, if he calmed down and thought about it carefully, it seemed that such strength was only so-so.

In the scale of the universe, what was a mere Star Sea

It was still just a drop in the ocean.

Perhaps not even that.

“I still cant be arrogant.” Cui Heng reminded himself in his heart and thought to himself, “The Late-stage Soul Formation realm is indeed not weak, but compared to the entire universe, its still too small.

Even if I dont compare myself with the universe and only with the galaxy cluster, its still too far away.

The road ahead is still long.

I have to continue walking.

Next, I have to study how to step into the Peak Soul Formation Realm and how to break through to the Return to Void Realm.

However, before that, I still have to deal with some things.”

The breakthrough phenomenon he had displayed earlier was too huge, and the impact was also huge.

He had to deal with it later.

Thinking of this, Cui Hengs figure disappeared from the Star Sea.

He instantly crossed the vast void and returned to Grand Yan Planet.

… .

After Cui Heng ended his breakthrough, the previous phenomenon had already disappeared.

Zhong Xianyuan, Chu Han, Zhang Fengchan, Wu Qi, and the others arrived at Tianqi Mansion to pay their respects to Cui Heng.

Many Ancient Kings came after hearing the news.

They all wanted to express their gratitude to Cui Heng.

After all, the previous breakthrough phenomenon had benefited them a lot.

Of course, this was only an excuse.

Most of them wanted to take this opportunity to interact with Cui Heng.

Perhaps they could get closer to him.

This was an unbelievably powerful existence.

He might even have surpassed the legendary Paramount True Immortal realm.

No one would let go of the opportunity to get close to such an existence.

Among them, Chu Han was the most uneasy.

He still remembered what Cui Heng had said to him previously.

In the past 300 years, he had been trying his best to recall information about the Immortal Land, but there had been no progress.

He could not recall anything useful at all.

Although Cui Heng had said that he would see if he could recall it after reaching the Immortal Land, 300 years had passed now.

No one could guarantee that Exalted Immortal Cuis thoughts would not change.

What if he felt that since he had not recalled anything for 300 years, even if he arrived at the Immortal Land, it would be useless and he would directly kill him

This was not impossible.

Zhong Xianyuan also felt a little uneasy.

After he realized that Cui Heng was the Ancient Immortal he had met, he had always wanted to pay his respects to Cui Heng.

However, Cui Heng had been in seclusion for the past 300 years, so he had no chance.

Now that his breakthrough had been completed, he should finish his seclusion and he could pay his respects.

However, he was a little worried.

He was afraid that Cui Heng would punish him or even decide to clean up the sect.

After all, some of the things he had done previously were definitely not righteous.

The two people from the Taiji Sect were much purer.

They had long expressed their submission to Cui Heng.

They had come here to congratulate Cui Heng and continue to express their attitude.

For this reason, they specially brought their inherited Ancient Immortal treasure for Cui Heng to study.

After a while, Tang Yuanshan walked out of Tianqi Mansion.

Although he had already broken through to the Second Xuan Sea Realm, such a realm was never taken seriously by Zhong Xianyuan and Chu Han in the past.

Even the two people from the Taiji Sect would not care about martial artists of this realm.

But it was different now.

As soon as Tang Yuanshan came out, they bowed respectfully and rushed over to ask.

“Elder Tang, hows Exalted Immortal Cui Does he have any instructions”

“Elder Tang, Exalted Immortal Cui gave me some instructions earlier.

This time, Im specially here to pay my respects.”

“Elder Tang, we…”

… .

… .

Tang Yuanshan looked at the group of people who used to be arrogant and sighed with emotion.

In the past, he did not even have the qualifications to be looked at by these people.

But now, it was like this.

However, he also knew very well that these peoples respect was for Cui Heng, not him.

Tang Yuanshans mind was very clear.

Facing the anxious crowd, he took a few steps back and swept his gaze across them one by one.

Finally, he smiled and said, “Chu Han, Exalted Immortal Cui wants to see you.”

Then, he said to the others, “Theres no hurry.

Exalted Immortal Cui said that he will meet with you before he leaves the Great Yan Holy Land.

Please wait for the arrangements.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Chu Han panicked a little, afraid that he would never be able to return.

Zhong Xianyuan heaved a sigh of relief.

From the looks of it, he would not be eliminated.

Zhang Fengchan and Wu Qi were rather excited.

To them, it was already very lucky to be personally summoned by Cui Heng.

Everyone thanked Tang Yuanshan.

Then, Chu Han followed Tang Yuanshan in and quickly arrived at Cui Hengs courtyard.

At this moment, Cui Heng was sitting cross-legged under a tree.

His eyes were slightly closed, and his appearance was solemn.

Sensing Chu Hans arrival, he slowly opened his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Are you prepared”

“Exalted Immortal, Im already prepared to follow you to the Silver Disc Star Sea at any time,” Chu Han hurriedly replied.

He lowered his head with a respectful attitude.

“Thats good.

I hope you can remember more things when the time comes.

Otherwise…” Cui Heng smiled faintly and turned to Hua Feng without saying anything.

He asked, “Did the Three Supremes Sect contact you”

“Yes, weve been in contact.” Chu Han nodded and said, “200 years ago, a True Immortal-level envoy sent a letter asking about my recent situation.

He also informed me that an important meeting will be held in 500 years.

Well, its 300 years later now.”

“A meeting” Cui Heng smiled with interest when he heard this.

“You can note this down.

When the time comes, participate and see if you can obtain some information about pure-blooded ferocious beasts.”

“Yes, Exalted Immortal.” Chu Han hurriedly agreed.

He was actually a little excited and rather happy.

As long as he was still useful, he might be able to live.

“Go.” Cui Heng waved his hand and smiled.

“Ill summon you again when we head to the Silver Disc Star Sea.”

He could tell what Chu Han was thinking, but he did not care much.

He was just a tool.

He would use him if he could.

Then, Cui Heng entered the Grotto-Heaven Dao Palace.

Before returning to the Silver Disc Star Sea to head to the Immortal Land, he had to determine his next cultivation direction and how to break through to the Peak Soul Formation realm.

This was extremely important.

From the cultivation process of the Nascent Soul realm, this cultivation direction was very likely related to his next path to the Return to Void realm.

However, when he stepped onto the path to the Soul Formation realm, it was when he reached the Peak Nascent Soul realm.

The process of reaching the Peak Nascent Soul realm from the Late-stage Nascent Soul realm was not much different from the previous cultivation method.

However, after he broke through to the Late-stage Soul Formation realm, the automatic increase in his cultivation realm had already stopped.

This meant that he could no longer use his previous cultivation method.

Merely communicating with this world could no longer increase his cultivation.

He had to make adjustments.

Even if this adjusted cultivation direction was not the true path to the Return to Void Realm.

It was most likely related.

It should be much more difficult to reach the Return to Void Realm than to reach the Soul Formation Realm from the Nascent Soul Realm.

Its indeed more reasonable to start from the Late-stage Soul Formation realm and walk the path to the Return to Void Realm, or to split this path into two sections and place it at the Late-stage and Peak-stage Soul Formation realm respectively.”

Cui Heng guessed in his heart.

However, he still had to see if the Intermediate Immortal Technique described it.

Hence, he decisively ordered the System.

“Exchange for the reading time of the Primary Grade Immortal Technique, From Beginner to Ascension.”

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