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Chapter 561: Immortal Domain (2)

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After fighting for a while, Cui Heng had already figured out this monsters techniques.

The main skill was to create an illusion like a mirage that could be both real and fake.

This was not a simple technique.

Instead, it was an extremely powerful and terrifying ability.

It could almost create any scene out of thin air, and it was extremely deceptive.

It could make people believe that these illusions were real.

As long as one believed that this was true, as long as they thought that they would die in this environment, even if their body was not injured at all, they would die on the spot.

While it fought, the monster revealed all kinds of desperate abilities.

There were scenes of the Star Sea exploding, the appearance of a super black hole, the destruction of the Star Sea, even the collapse of the Holy Land, the destruction of the nomological Great Dao, and everything approaching an end.


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