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Chapter 558: Untitled

At this moment, the people running towards the Immortal Ascension Path were all Ancient Kings of the Primordial Era.

They had already broken through the shackles of the Three Realms of the True World and stepped into the Fourth, Fifth, and even Sixth Realms of the True World.

They possessed extremely powerful cultivation and strength.

In the Primordial Era, they had once shaken the world and suppressed the world.

But now, they were all like moths drawn to a flame, impatiently rushing towards the bloody mouth, wanting to become delicacies in the mouth of an unknown existence.

“How can this be What is this Is this an illusion! How can there be such a thing at the end of the Immortal Ascension Road!” Zhong Xianyuan looked ahead in disbelief and let the group of Ancient Kings fly past him.

In this short moment, someone had already rushed into the bloody mouth.

From Zhong Xianyuans perspective, he could clearly see that the Ancient King who rushed in first was wrapped and imprisoned by a python-like tongue and dragged in.

There was no room to escape.

This scene shocked him too much, to the point that he doubted his life.

How much preparation had he made after waiting for tens of millions of years

He had worked hard to plan and taken a huge risk to reincarnate in advance!

It was to seize the initiative to ascend the Immortal Ascension Path, to become an Immortal, to reach the legendary True Immortal realm that could allow him to truly live forever.

But why was this happening

How could this be!

Could this bloody mouth really allow one to become an Immortal

Was this bloody mouth really leading to the Immortal Domain

Did this bloody mouth really contain the mysteries of immortality

Even if Zhong Xianyuan was unwilling to believe everything now, it was impossible for him to think that this bloody mouth contained the opportunity to become an Immortal.

Now, even if he only stopped on the Immortal Ascension Road and looked at the bloody mouth, it made his scalp tingle.

His entire body could not help but tremble, and his fear was almost overflowing.

At this moment, Zhong Xianyuans mind was incomparably clear.

As long as he entered this bloody mouth, he would definitely die!

“Run! I have to escape!” Zhong Xianyuan finally came back to his senses and turned around to run.

Now, this bloody mouth was still waiting for the Ancient Kings to rush in.

However, no one could guarantee that it would not take the initiative to come over and devour them next.

At that time, it would be too late to escape.

Zhong Xianyuans abnormal actions naturally could not be hidden from the Ancient Kings who were also on the Immortal Ascension Path.

There was actually someone turning back on the Immortal Ascension Path!

What was going on

Many Ancient Kings who were originally behind Zhong Xianyuan could not help but have similar doubts in their hearts.

Stepping on the Immortal Ascension Path, one could enter the Immortal Domain, and become an Immortal!

This was the common pursuit of the Ancient Kings.

Now that the Immortal Domain was in front of them, how could anyone run backward as if they were escaping

This was completely puzzling.

After all, the Immortal Ascension Path led to the Immortal Domain that contained the mysteries of immortality.

It was not a dangerous place that could threaten ones life.

However, there were also a few Ancient Kings who were cautious by nature.

After discovering Zhong Xianyuans abnormal actions, they also stopped and did not charge forward.

Instead, they carefully sized up the Immortal Ascension Path, the ball of light at the end of the Immortal Ascension Path, and the Ancient Kings who could not wait to rush into the light.

They wanted to observe if there were any abnormalities.

An Ancient King suddenly fled backward.

They had to take such a strange thing seriously.

Of course, most people still could not resist the temptation of becoming an Immortal and living forever.

They surged into the ball of light at the end of the Immortal Ascension Path.

In other words, they had jumped right into the bloody mouth!

However, Zhong Xianyuan was no longer in the mood to pay attention to them.

His gaze was fixed on the starting point of the Immortal Ascension Path as he rushed over as quickly as possible.

As long as he passed through the door of light at the starting point, he could leave the Immortal Ascension Path.

However, the moment Zhong Xianyuan arrived at the door of light at the beginning of the Immortal Ascension Path, the ball of light at the end of the Immortal Ascension Path suddenly underwent a tremendous change.

The dense longevity aura disappeared, replaced by power filled with blood and ferocity.

At the same time, the disguise of the light shadow actually dissipated.

A terrifying and extremely disgusting bloody mouth appeared in front of the Ancient Kings who had yet to rush into the “Immortal Domain”.

“This, what is this! This isnt a path to the Immortal Domain!”

“Trap, this is a trap.


“A mirage! This is a mirage! Its a mirage created by a mixed-blood ferocious beast.

Everything is fake!”

Shock and despair echoed on the so-called Immortal Ascension Path.

The Ancient Kings who had yet to rush into the bloody mouth were like mortals who had encountered a ferocious beast.

They rushed back towards the starting point of the Immortal Ascension Path in panic.

They wanted to escape from here.

At this moment, Zhong Xianyuan had already rushed out of the door of light at the starting point, leaving the Immortal Ascension Path and returning to the sky above Great Yan Planet.

To a certain extent, he had indeed taken the initiative.

The only difference was that instead of being the first to rush through the Immortal Ascension Path, he became the first to escape from it.

However, although he had already escaped from the Immortal Ascension Path, Zhong Xianyuan did not relax at all.

He immediately mobilized all the power in his body and flew in the direction of Tianqi Mansion.

Cui Heng was there!

In the eyes of Zhong Xianyuan, Cui Heng was at least an expert who stood at the top of the Ancient Kings.

He might be an even stronger existence, or even the Ancient Immortal who had bestowed him with the Immortal Opportunity.

The current Great Yan Holy Land was probably only able to resist the subsequent dangers with such a great existence!

Only by going to this existence could he have a relatively safe environment.

Only then could he survive!


At this moment, before Zhong Xianyuan could escape too far, an earth-shattering bang came from behind him.

This was the “Dao cry” produced by the collapse of the void and the shattering of the Great Dao laws.

It was a sound that directly entered ones perception and was not in the conventional sense.

Facing such a loud bang, Zhong Xianyuans heart trembled even more.

He did not even dare to look back and could only fly towards Tianqi Mansion with all his might.

However, the bloody mouth chasing behind him was even faster.

This bloody mouth devoured many people who were escaping from the Immortal Ascension Path.

With Zhong Xianyuans current cultivation realm, it was impossible for him to escape.

However, just as he was about to be devoured by the bloody mouth, an invisible barrier seemed to block behind him, stopping the bloody mouth.

This surprised Zhong Xianyuan.

He thought to himself, “Who helped me And who can help me”

That extremely terrifying bloody mouth must be an extremely powerful mixed-blood ferocious beast.

And it was definitely above the realm of the Ancient Kings.

Who on the current Grand Yan Planet could compete with such power

“Could, could it be him…”

Zhong Xianyuan subconsciously looked in the direction of the Tianqi Mansion.

… .

In Tianqi Mansion, Cui Heng looked at the sky solemnly.

The appearance of this bloody mouth surprised him, even shocked him.

When he first checked the ball of light, he was actually bewitched and could not discover its original form immediately.

Instead, he thought that what appeared was the central world of the Silver Disc Star Sea.

After a thousandth of a second, Cui Heng realized that something was wrong with the ball of light.

Then, he used his Dharmic powers to test it and let it return to its original form.

At the same time, he also figured out the strength of this monster.

“In terms of strength, this has surpassed the Sixth Realm of the True World.

Any Ancient King is like an ant in front of it.

Its strength is already infinitely close to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm.

No, this is already equivalent to the minor Mid-stage Soul Formation realm!”

Cui Heng was bewildered.

This was the first time he had encountered an existence extremely close to his current cultivation realm after encountering an Early-stage Soul Formation cultivator at the Blackhole Realm.

Although it was only equivalent to weakened Mid-stage Soul Formation Realm cultivator, or rather, a minor Mid-stage Soul Formation cultivator, the power of this bloody mouth had undoubtedly reached the level of being able to threaten a Mid-stage Soul Formation cultivator.

From the strength displayed by this bloody mouth, as long as it was tens of thousands of times stronger, it was possible to compete with Cui Heng, 300 years ago when he had just broken through to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm.

“As I interact more deeply with this world, the living beings I encounter will become stronger and stronger, and the gap between them and me will become smaller and smaller.

In the future, I might really encounter an existence stronger than me!”

Cui Hengs expression was solemn.

The Dharmic powers in his body had already begun to circulate, and he formed hand seals.

He thought to himself, “This monsters entire body emits a chaotic and ferocious aura.

It seems to have no intelligence and looks a little like a so-called mixed-blood ferocious beast.

However, if it doesnt have complete and clear intelligence, its impossible for it to set up such a dangerous situation and make many Ancient Kings believe in the Immortal Domain without a doubt.

There must be someone plotting in the background and manipulating this monster.

If I can find this person, I should be able to learn a lot of secrets.

Perhaps I can also understand the situation of the Silver Disc World.

I should use this opportunity to increase the speed of my cultivation and strive to break through to the Late-stage Soul Formation realm as soon as possible to prevent myself from being no match for stronger enemies.”

Previously, what appeared in the illusion was the image of the Silver Disc World.

Either this monster was related to the Silver Disc World, or the person behind it was related to the Silver Disc World.

Thinking of this, Cui Hengs divine sense immediately spread out, instantly enveloping the entire Grand Yan Planet and continuing to explore outside.

In an instant, he discovered the strange black-robed man on a desolate mountain.

“Found him.”

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