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Chapter 557: Fake Immortal Domain (2)

A moment later, the Great Dao laws condensed in Cui Hengs palm were actually divided into six different characteristics.

They intertwined separately and gradually outlined the shape of doors.

Six Heaven Gates!

“Condense!” Cui Heng shouted in a low voice.

The Six Heaven Gates in his right hand immediately transformed into a painting.

It was actually identical to the Six Heaven Gates Diagram in his left hand.

Even the Great Dao laws intertwined on it were identical.

There was no difference at all.

This was a scroll of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram that he had copied with his Dharmic powers.

It was identical to the real Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

However, he had hidden something on it.

If anything happened, he could immediately destroy this replica.


Cui Heng gently threw the replicated Six Heaven Gates Diagram into the sky and let it fly towards the slightly illusory Immortal Ascension Path.

At the same time, he circulated his Dharmic powers, causing the replica to reveal Six Heaven Gates.

The Immortal Ascension Path immediately seemed to have sensed something and immediately became entangled with the Six Heaven Gates, becoming inseparable.

At the same time, the path itself became corporeal, and the aura of longevity became even denser.

At the end of the endless heights, a blurry shadow appeared, and an incomparably huge world could be vaguely seen.

Among them were the endless mysteries of the Immortal mountains and pavilions, as well as the mysteries of immortality.

Clearly, this Immortal Ascension Path did not distinguish the authenticity of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

After Cui Heng saw the ball of light at the end of the Immortal Ascension Road.

He could not help but be stunned.

“Isnt this the world in the middle of the Silver Disc Star Sea”

… .

The Immortal Ascension Path appeared, and the Six Heaven Gates Diagram appeared.

Immediately after, stars fell like rain.

The strange aura that had originally fused with the various Great Dao laws around Great Yan Star had all condensed at this moment.

They broke free from the void barrier and transformed into incomparably powerful existences that descended towards Great Yan Star.

They all had extremely powerful might, far above the Peak Xuan Sea Realm.

When they descended towards the Grand Yan Planet, they did not hide anything at all.

The light on their bodies flourished, and they were like stars that quickly descended towards the Grand Yan Planet.

These existences were all Ancient Kings from the Primordial Era.

In order to wait for the Immortal Ascension Path to open this time, they used a secret technique passed down from Ancient Immortals to seal themselves in the Great Dao to sleep.

Now, they have all returned!

They wanted to break through the Immortal Ascension Path, reach the legendary Immortal Domain, become Immortals and Ancestors, and obtain eternal life!

They had waited for this day for thousands of years.

No one could stop them!

… .

In Tianqi Mansion, Mansion Lord Chen Tianshi was walking back and forth, his face filled with anxiety.

Tang Yuanshan stood at the side and asked curiously, “Mansion Lord, why are you so anxious With Exalted Immortal here, why are you so worried”

“But Exalted Immortal hasnt appeared in more than 200 years.” Chen Tianshi was still walking back and forth.

From time to time, he would look up at the stars in the sky and sigh.

“The last time Exalted Immortal appeared was when the people from the Taiji Sect came to submit.

What if, I mean, what if Exalted Immortal is no longer with us”

“Mansion Lord, youre too worried.” Tang Yuanshan smiled rather optimistically.

“The Six Heaven Gates Diagram has already appeared just now.

Exalted Immortal definitely hasnt left.”

“Sigh, I feel uneasy when Exalted Immortal doesnt appear.” Chen Tianshi sighed again and looked at the phenomenon in the sky.

“Just as Senior Brother Lin said, when the stars fall like rain and the Six Heaven Gates open, the Ancient Kings will return.

Now that it has all come true, this gives me an ominous feeling.

Its as if a disaster is about to befall.

With so many Ancient Kings returning, the Great Yan Holy Land will definitely be turned upside down.

Can our Tianqi Mansion really survive”

“Dont worry,” Tang Yuanshan said calmly.

“As long as Exalted Immortal is around, any crisis will not be a problem.”

When he was in the Silver Disc Star Sea, he had personally felt the power Cui Heng possessed.

Therefore, he was completely confident.

In Tang Yuanshans opinion, even if the Ancient Kings returned, they would definitely be afraid of Exalted Immortal Cui Heng.

… .

In the Taiji Sect.

Sect Master Wu Qi also looked up at the sky.

He looked at the dense stars falling like rain and revealed an excited expression.

He sighed and said, “Fortunately, weve already joined Exalted Immortal Cui.”

300 years ago, when Cui Heng first arrived on Grand Yan Planet, Wu Qi had already decided to go over and join him to prevent the Taiji Sect from being targeted after the Ancient Kings returned.

Actually, to the Taiji Sect, this was also a gamble.

That was because at that time, the return of the Ancient Kings was only a rumor and might not really happen.

When Wu Qi made this decision, he was under immense pressure.

There was a lot of opposition in the sect.

In the end, it was forcefully decided by him with his powerful cultivation realm and his authority as the Sect Master.

However, in the past 200 years, the sect had actually been criticizing him.

Now, stars were really falling like rain, and the Kings had returned.

It turned out that his decision back then was not wrong.

However, Zhang Fengchan, who was standing at the side, was not so optimistic.

He pointed at the condensed Immortal Ascension Path and said uneasily, “Sect Master, Im afraid its not that simple.

The Kings should have returned because of the appearance of this path, but we dont know where this path came from or what its use is.

However, from the looks of it, this path must be extremely tempting to the Ancient Kings.

Otherwise, there wouldnt be so many people returning at this time.

Exalted Immortal Cui of the Tianqi Mansion might also explore this path.

At that time, he might fall into a conflict with many Ancient Kings.

After all, Exalted Immortal Cui is only one person.

Will he…”

“Dont think too much.” Wu Qi waved his hand and interrupted Zhang Fengchan.

He said in a low voice, “All we can do now is wait.”

“…” Zhang Fengchan fell silent when he heard this.

After a while, he nodded and said, “Yes, Sect Master.”

… .

In the God Desolation Valley.

Zhong Xianyuan looked at the condensed Immortal Ascension Path and was incomparably excited.

His body kept trembling, and he almost laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha! Its here, its finally here! The Immortal Ascension Path!

“Im going to become an Immortal!”

The reason why he sealed himself and reincarnated in advance was to seize the initiative on the Immortal Ascension Path!

Immortal Ascension!

He soared into the sky and flew towards the Immortal Ascension Path.

At the same time, the power of an Ancient King quickly appeared in his body.

With every inch he flew higher, his cultivation realm would increase.

By the time he arrived at the entrance of the Immortal Ascension Road, he had already recovered his cultivation to the level of an Ancient King.

At this moment, in front of this path that had descended from an endless height and condensed billions of lights, there was only Zhong Xianyuan.

He was the first person to come to the Immortal Ascension Path.

Zhong Xianyuan stepped onto the Immortal Ascension Path with confidence.

“Im coming, Immortal Domain!”

… .

At this moment, stars were falling like rain.

The Ancient Kings returned one after another and rushed towards the Immortal Ascension Path.

On the top of a desolate mountain on Grand Yan Planet stood a black-robed man.

His aura was extremely obscure, as if he did not have a physical body.

He was incomparably strange.

If Lin Tong was here, he would definitely be able to recognize that this was the person who had told him, “When the stars fall like rain and the Six Heaven Gates open, the Kings will return.”

At this moment, the black-robed man was looking up at the sky and watching the Ancients Kings fight to step onto the Immortal Path.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, revealing a cold smile.

“Good, good, good! What a rich meal!”

… .

On the Immortal Ascension Path.

Zhong Xianyuan was still at the front.

Now, he had already recovered his previous cultivation and strength and occupied the advantage of being the first to step onto the Immortal Ascension Path.

He was much further ahead of the other Ancient Kings.

After passing through the layers of obstacles, Zhong Xianyuan could clearly see that he was getting closer and closer to the ball of light at the end of the Immortal Ascension Path.

The longevity aura he could sense was also becoming denser and denser.

The Immortal Domain was right in front of him!

At this moment, he felt his soul tremble, and his entire body seemed to be about to sublimate to the extreme.

His gaze was fixed on the ball of light at the end of the Immortal Ascension Path.

He could not wait to rush in.

But at this moment, the power of the “Immortal Opportunity” in Zhong Xianyuans body suddenly surged out, sobering his intoxicated mind and stopping him.

Then his face turned pale and he revealed a horrified expression.

At the end of this Immortal Ascension Path, there was no Immortal Domain that contained the mysteries of immortality.

It was clearly a bloody mouth that seemed to be able to devour everything!

The moment he stopped, other Ancient Kings caught up and surpassed him.


An Ancient King whose face was filled with ecstasy, rushed into the bloody mouth!!

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