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At the same time that he arrived on Grand Yan Planet, Cui Heng realized that Lin Tongs body contained a strange power.

This power was not offensive, but it could help Lin Tong sense power or living beings of a higher realm.

It was precisely because of this strange power that he could see Cui Hengs figure when he descended with Tang Yuanshan and the others.

When Cui Heng arrived on Grand Yan Planet, he also had the intention to test the waters.

He simulated strength slightly higher than the Peak of the Xuan Sea Realm and set up concealment spells for himself, Tang Yuanshan, and the other two to test how many people on this huge Grand Yan Planet could discover his whereabouts.

In the end, not many people sensed his arrival.

There were only eight people who discovered him.

But there were many scouting divine weapons and Dharma artifacts that had reacted.

A total of 26 treasures had reacted.

These divine weapons and Dharma artifacts were naturally treasures left behind by the Ancient Kings.

As for the seven people other than Zhong Xianyuan, they were all a little strange.

Five of them were at the Peak of the Xuan Sea Realm.

They should have grasped some kind of secret technique and sensed his arrival.

The other two were at the First Xuan Sea Realm and the Second Xuan Sea Realm.

With their realm and cultivation, it was impossible for them to sense Cui Hengs arrival under normal circumstances.

But now, there was a very strange power attached to their bodies.

It could increase the hosts perception, allowing them to sense power or living beings that they should not have sensed.

This was a power that had surpassed the Peak of the Xuan Sea Realm, but it was different from the power of the Ancient Kings.

It was more like the effect of some Dharma treasure or divine weapon.

Moreover, from the activity of this strange power, it should not have left the main body for too long.

Therefore, Lin Tong had most likely only received this strange power recently.

Chen Tianshi was stunned by Cui Hengs question and immediately thought of the strange person Lin Tong had mentioned.

Hence, he hesitated for a moment before answering Cui Heng, “He did say that he once met a strange person who told him: When the stars fall like rain and the Six Heaven Gates open, the Kings will return.”

Facing an expert like Cui Heng, any deliberate concealment might bring disaster to himself and even the entire Tianqi Mansion.

It was the right choice to explain things clearly.

“Stars fall like rain and the Six Heaven Gates open…” Cui Heng muttered.

As he chewed on these words, he frowned slightly and thought to himself, “Looks like theres a deeper secret in the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.”

When he was in the Silver Disc Star Sea, hed already guessed that the Six Heaven Gates Diagram should not be an ordinary Ancient King artifact.

Otherwise, the experts of the God Desolation Valley would not have crossed the starry sky to snatch it.

Moreover, Tang Yuanshan had also said that when his Dao injuries were healed by the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, he had seen many strange and unfathomable lights and shadows.

“In the next period of time, while communicating with the Great Dao laws here, Ill also study the Six Heaven Gates Diagram in depth.

If this treasure is really related to the return of the Ancient Kings, its most likely also extremely related to the Great Dao laws of the Great Yan Holy Land.

Perhaps it can be used as a medium to communicate with the Great Dao laws here.

If its feasible, I only need to communicate with this treasure in depth to increase the speed of my cultivation and step into the Late-stage Soul Formation realm faster.”

Many thoughts flashed through Cui Hengs mind, and he made a preliminary plan for what he was going to do next.

When Chen Tianshi, who was standing at the side, saw that Cui Heng did not speak for a long time, he could not help but worry in his heart.

He was afraid that his answer just now would make Cui Heng unhappy and implicate the entire Tianqi Mansion.

This was a place where the power of an individual could surpass everything.

To make an existence that was clearly stronger than him or even his faction feel dissatisfied was definitely a huge disaster.

“Exalted Immortal, I wonder… Is there a problem” Chen Tianshi mustered his courage and asked carefully.

“Its nothing.

You can leave.” Cui Heng waved his hand gently.

“Yes, yes!” Chen Tianshi nodded and left, relieved.

… .

After Chen Tianshi left, Cui Heng closed his eyes and sat cross-legged.

He began to think about what he should do next, how to promote his cultivation and break through.

My current cultivation path is to deepen my communication with this world as much as possible.

Other than communicating with the Great Dao laws and exploring the possibility of deepening my communication through the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, its best if I try to communicate with others.

After stepping into the so-called three realms of the True World, their connection with the Great Dao laws has become closer.

Establishing a relationship with them is actually equivalent to establishing a connection with the Great Dao laws.

Perhaps I can find an opportunity to get the people of Tianqi Mansion to invite the experts of the True World Realm on Great Yan Planet.

Then, I can communicate with them and see if I can increase the speed of my cultivation.

Now, the realms of the experts Ive come into contact with are getting higher, and the gap between their realms and mine is getting smaller.

I have to break through to the Late-stage Soul Formation realm as soon as possible.

Otherwise, sooner or later, Ill encounter a situation where Im outmatched.

However, after stepping into the Late-stage Soul Formation realm, Ill most likely begin to explore the path to the Void Return realm.

My cultivation method should have changed quite a bit.

At that time, Ill still have to make adjustments to how I do things.

Right now, I should first establish a communication connection with the Great Dao laws here to prepare for the next in-depth communication.

After I have a certain level of communication foundation, Ill get Tianqi Mansion to invite the experts of the various True World Realms over.

As for the reason for the invitation… It should be a good topic to discuss the return of the Ancient Kings.”

… .

Chonghe Mountain was the headquarters of the Taiji Sect.

It was the most tightly guarded place on the entire Grand Yan Planet.

The Taiji Sect was one of the four sects of the Ten Sects, Four Faiths, and 12 Kingdoms of the Great Yan Holy Land.

They respected the Taiji Ancient Immortal and were said to have the power to return the universe to the Taiji Primordial Chaos.

Its believers and disciples were spread throughout the 12 Kingdoms, and its branches were even spread throughout the various Star Seas of the Great Yan Holy Land.

It was an incomparably huge super force.

And this Chonghe Mountain was the core of this top sect.

Zhang Fengchan was the Holy Son of this generation of the Taiji Sect.

He had already stepped into the Second Xuan Sea Realm at the age of 30,000.

Although such talent was far inferior to Zhong Xianyuan of the God Desolation Valley, it could be said to be rare.

Especially since he had a special ability to sense many things or living beings that exceeded his realm.

Just now, he discovered that an existence that was clearly stronger than the Peak of the Xuan Sea Realm had descended on Great Yan Planet.

This made Zhang Fengchan feel an unprecedented shock.

He had never heard of an existence above the Xuan Sea realm in the Great Yan Holy Land.

It was unheard of!

Hence, he stood up and shouted.

“Someone, bring me to see the Sect Master immediately.

I have something extremely important to report!”

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