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Zhong Xianyuan was only more than a thousand years old, but he already had a cultivation at the Third level of the Xuan Sea Realm.

Although this was partly because he was the reincarnation of an Ancient King and his cultivation in this life was only to regain the power of his previous life, there was also one thing that was indispensable.

It was when he was traveling that year that he accidentally entered the Ancient Immortal Mystic Realm.

Zhong Xianyuan had known since he was young that he was the reincarnation of an Ancient King.

Therefore, he had always known that the state of his inability to cultivate was only temporary.

As long as one could live for 10,000 years, he could break through the shackles and instantly reach the Shattering Realm.

However, it was not easy to live for 10,000 years.

Although his lifespan as the reincarnation of an Ancient King was extremely long, such that even if he did not cultivate, he would still live for tens of thousands of years, if he was beaten to death, he would have to continue reincarnating.

Fortunately, he accidentally entered a mysterious paradise when he was young.

There was an extremely terrifying nomological suppression there, causing the Ancient King power hidden in his body to not dare to move at all.

At that time, Zhong Xianyuan even had a premonition—”

As long as the Ancient King power in his body released a little power, he would immediately be crushed to death by an invisible force and reduced to ashes.

He would not even have a chance to reincarnate.

He did not see anyone in the Immortal realm, but he felt that there was an extremely mysterious power fluctuation in the strange house.

The first feeling this power fluctuation gave him was that its essence was extremely high.

The deep mysteries contained in it even surpassed the power of the Ancient King in his body!

A realm above the Ancient Kings!

It was the Ancient Immortal realm!

At that time, although Zhong Xianyuan had only awakened a little of his previous lifes memories, he also knew that there was an era that belonged to the Ancient Immortals before the era of the Ancient Kings.

That era was endlessly ancient.

It was already impossible to verify how many years ago it was.

Even in the era of the Ancient Kings, that era was only a legend and was even treated as a myth.

However, because of the existence of Immortal artifacts left behind from that era, there was no doubt about the existence of that era, and there was no doubt about the strength of the Ancient Immortals.

Therefore, although Zhong Xianyuan did not know what true Ancient Immortal power looked like, he naturally treated the fluctuation of that power as Ancient Immortal power.

As for why the Ancient immortal power was so weak, he had a reasonable guess.

This should be because the Ancient Immortal in this Immortal realm was gradually recovering.

That was why there was such a situation where it looked weak on the surface, but the essence was actually extremely high and mysterious.

The fact that there was such a powerful nomological suppression and defensive mechanism in the Immortal realm should have been prepared by this Ancient Immortal in advance.

It was to ensure that he could recover safely.

An Ancient Immortal who was recovering!

According to the description of the legends, even an Ancient King at his peak could only kneel in front of such an existence.

Due to these guesses, Zhong Xianyuan was trembling in fear for the first ten days in the “Immortal Land”.

He did not even dare to walk around and only knelt at the place where he appeared.

However, on the 11th day, he really could not take it anymore.

Because he was hungry.

At that time, Zhong Xianyuan could not cultivate.

His body was no different from ordinary people and he needed to eat normally.

However, under normal circumstances, the vitality in his body could be supported by his Ancient King power.

Even if he did not eat, he would not feel hungry.

However, after reaching the Immortal realm, Zhong Xianyuan did not dare to mobilize the Ancient King power in his body at all.

He did not even dare to use it to nourish and support the vitality in his body.

Hence, after starving for ten days, he finally could not take it anymore.

He mustered his courage and rushed into the vegetable garden beside him.

He carefully plucked a fiery red fruit from it and ate it.

That fiery red fruit contained a strange spiritual power.

As soon as Zhong Xianyuan swallowed one, he felt an incomparable comfort in his body.

The originally blocked divine meridians actually became a little smoother.

It greatly reduced the time he needed to wait to unlock his divine meridians.

Originally, he needed to wait 10,000 years for his divine meridians to return to normal.

After eating that fruit, he only needed to wait another 8,000 years.

An inconspicuous fruit could actually save him 2,000 years of time!

This was definitely an extremely fatal temptation to Zhong Xianyuan at that time.

Moreover, he realized that after eating a fruit, he did not receive any punishment from the Immortal realm.

Therefore, he ate more than ten of those fiery red fruits in a row.

On the 12th day, the divine meridians in his body had already been completely opened.

If not for the fact that the Ancient King power in Zhong Xianyuans body did not dare to move, he would probably have broken through the 24 realms of the Immortal and Mortal realms on the spot and stepped into the First realm of the True World realms.

The Shattering realm!


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