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Especially the area around him, it was already completely enveloped by the ten three-legged birds.

It had completely become an environment that complemented his strength.

In the eyes of the living beings in the Great Zhou, the sky had completely turned golden.

Ten three-legged birds danced in the ten suns, and endless light and heat were sprinkled onto the ground.

Lakes quickly evaporated, and large rivers rapidly dried up.

The ground was also cracking inch by inch.

It was as if the world was burning with the fire of the sun.

Everything was about to be burned to ashes.

If too much time passed, the entire Great Zhou would become scorched earth.

As time passed, the vitality of the entire Heaven Realm would be destroyed by this power.

In the end, it would become a land of death.

An indescribable fear immediately swept through every living being in the Great Zhou.

Whether it was ordinary people or experts who had cultivated successfully, they all felt extreme fear in the face of such destructive power and this apocalyptic scene.

“What should we do What should we do now Who can save us Empress, save us!”

“Empress, please bless us! The Empress wants to protect the people, so she definitely wont leave us alone, right”

“But even the Empress might not be able to withstand such terrifying power.

This is too powerful!”

… .

… .

In the Great Zhou, countless people discussed.

Now, everyone was hoping that the Empress who ruled the Great Zhou would take action and subdue this incomparably arrogant Divine Lord Sang Mu who wanted to destroy the Heaven Realm.

“Star Brilliance Sea.

Ten suns in the sky, burning everything, roasting the world!” At this moment, Tang Yuanshan gritted his teeth and exclaimed.

He looked at the phenomena that filled the sky and said with a trembling voice, “Theres really an existence here that can resist such power”

“He entered the Great Zhou,” Wang Daoyi suddenly said without rhyme or reason.

Then, he smiled at Tang Yuanshan beside him and said, “Elder Tang, take a good look.

This is what you were originally destined to endure.”

“What!” Tang Yuanshan was shocked when he heard this, not understanding what Wang Daoyi meant.

However, he quickly understood.

The moment Divine Lord Sang Mu entered the Great Zhou, an extremely powerful force of national luck surged over, like an incomparably huge wave that wanted to block in front of Divine Lord Sang Mu.

At the same time, every citizen of the Great Zhou saw a dignified figure appear in the sky.

It was a young woman in a fiery red robe embroidered with golden patterns and a crown on her head.

Her expression was serious and dignified.

She looked calmly at Divine Lord Sang Mu, who was rushing over.

It was Li Mingqiong.

The Empress of the Great Zhou!

Regardless of whether Li Mingqiongs strength could really resist the terrifying sea of light and the ten three-legged birds, her appearance still gave all the people of the Great Zhou unparalleled hope.

Hence, everyone spontaneously bowed and kowtowed to the figure that Li Mingqiong had manifested and shouted.

“Welcome, Your Grace! Please eliminate the evil demon!”

“Welcome, Your Grace! Please eliminate the evil demon!”

“Welcome, Your Grace! Please eliminate the evil demon!”

… .

… .

At this moment, all the living beings in the Great Zhou were in the same state of mind.

This was unprecedented.

Under such a united situation, the luck of the Great Zhou actually rose to another level, and the power of the countrys luck that Li Mingqiong manifested became even stronger.

The defense formed by the power of the countrys luck naturally became stronger and more united.

“Hahaha! Ridiculous, extremely ridiculous!” Divine Lord Sang Mu only laughed loudly in the face of such protection.

He said disdainfully, “You want to stop me with such power”

In the eyes of a Second level Xuan Sea Realm expert like him, the defense condensed by Li Mingqiong with the power of the countrys luck was simply a layer of waste paper.

It had no protective ability against him at all.

“How interesting.

You actually let such a weak person come out to resist my power.” After Divine Lord Sang Mu finished laughing, he snorted coldly and said, “Since you insist on snatching the ownership of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram from my God Desolation Valley, I wont stand on ceremony.”

With that, he mobilized the power in his body and further activated the ten three-legged birds that had transformed into “suns”.


Loud bangs sounded in the world.

The ten three-legged birds actually began to gather the boundless power of the golden sea of light, making the “sun” that enveloped them even larger.

The light and heat contained in it also increased by leaps and bounds.

Then, Divine Lord Sang Mu ordered the ten three-legged birds to collide with the protective barrier formed by Li Mingqiongs national luck.

Golden Crows descend, annihilation of all things!

As long as the target was hit in the end, this protective barrier formed by the power of the Great Zhou would definitely be destroyed easily.

There was no room for reconciliation.

The difference in strength between the two sides was too great.

Moreover, once this protective barrier was shattered by the ten three-legged birds, it meant that the Great Zhous national luck had been scattered.

At that time, the entire Great Zhou would be unable to recover.

Li Mingqiongs cultivation would be affected, and it might even be difficult for her to improve for a long time.

Cui Heng naturally would not allow such a situation to happen.

The reason why he waited for Divine Lord Sang Mu to display his power was to help Li Mingqiong gather the hearts of the people and increase the luck of the Great Zhou to increase her cultivation realm.

Therefore, when the protective barrier set up by Li Mingqiong was attacked, the trap set up by Cui Heng would take effect.


It was as if the void was trembling, but also as if the ground was trembling.

The sky in the Great Zhou suddenly became gray.

There was nothing in the world, no north, south, east, and west, only endless chaotic airflow and violent chaotic storms.

Five Elements Primordial Chaos Yin Yang Reversal Technique!

This was Cui Hengs tried-and-true trapping spell.

To this day, he had already cultivated this spell to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm.

It was still very effective.

As long as one was not at the Late-stage Soul Formation realm, it was impossible to escape from this chaotic space.

“What is this place!” Divine Lord Sang Mu investigated his surroundings in extreme shock.

Then, his expression changed as he gritted his teeth and said, “Not good, Ive fallen into a trap! Which faction is dealing with our God Desolation Valley They actually sent such a powerful expert!”

He realized that it was as if he had been sent to another world.

No matter where he moved, he would be in this endless chaos.

It was impossible to escape.

This was definitely not something an ordinary person could do.

It must have been done by a top faction in the Great Yan Holy Land to weaken the power of the God Desolation Valley.

The battle between the top factions of the Great Yan Holy Land was very intense.

“Who exactly are you” Divine Lord Sang Mu shouted sternly, “The Netherworld Sect, Tianzhou Mountain, the Illumination Hall, or the Heavenly Net Dao Sect Why are you hiding!”

However, what responded to him was not anyones words.

Instead, a saber beam that was like a stream of water instantly crossed the boundless chaotic space and arrived in front of him.

Divine Lord Sang Mu did not even have the chance to dodge before he was enveloped by the Time Saber.

Three million years of his lifespan was instantly severed, and he had no ability to resist at all.

“M-my lifespan, how is that possible I just swallowed a spiritual root precious medicine and lived a sixth life!” Divine Lord Sang Mu exclaimed in disbelief, and his heart was immediately filled with fear.

This was the Time Saber that Cui Heng had adjusted and did not contain his full strength.

That was because there was another sword strike behind.


While Divine Lord Sang Mu felt extreme despair, he heard another sword cry.

At the same time, a sword light that seemed to come from the beginning of the world and the end of everything suddenly descended on him.

Dao Life Sword!

Just like the traces left behind by the waves washing the beach, after the Dao Life Sword swept past, everything about Divine Lord Sang Mu was erased and no longer existed.

All the Great Dao laws contained in him had already been slashed through by the Dao Life Sword.

Cui Heng could fuse them into the Great Zhou at any time for him to communicate with.

But at this moment, an extremely clear purple light suddenly lit up where Divine Lord Sang Mu was.

It was filled with a mysterious aura.

It actually came from the same source as the Dao injury in Tang Yuanshans body.

At this moment, Cui Heng, who was in the Great Zhou Imperial Palace, immediately opened his eyes.

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