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“Heh, but this is normal.

If they really knew the true powers of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, they wouldnt have lost it.

Fortunately, Junior Brother is wise and predicted that they would find the Six Heaven Gates Diagram to treat their Grand Elders Dao injury.

From now on, the Six Heaven Gates Diagram belongs to my God Desolation Valley!”

After mocking the other party for a while, he transformed into a golden river of starlight again and surged towards the Silver Disc Star Sea.

He crossed the void and rushed towards the Heaven Realm.

Unlike Tang Yuanshan who was extremely careful when he came, this middle-aged man did not even hide his aura or pressure, let alone his strength.

He swaggered over.

… .

When Tang Yuanshan arrived in the Great Zhou, Wang Daoyi had already received Cui Hengs notice.

He could just follow the original plan and treat Tang Yuanshans Dao injuries.

To Wang Daoyi, this plan was not any different.

His original mission was to lure Tang Yuanshan to the Great Zhou.

Now, the additional task was just to treat his Dao injuries.

However, this special instructions confused him.

He had a feeling that something big was going to happen.

However, after some thought, Wang Daoyi realized that he knew too little and could not guess anything, so he simply stopped thinking about it.

After all, even if something major happened, it would be handled by Immortal Cui.

He was only a tenant in the Myriad Heavens Samsara Palace.

Why think so much

He just had to perform his tasks well.

Hence, as soon as Tang Yuanshan arrived, Wang Daoyi walked out.

He said very warmly, “Grand Elder, youre so bold.

I didnt expect you to come so quickly.

Arent you worried that this is a trap”

“I naturally believe in the disciples of Tianqi Mansion.” Tang Yuanshan smiled.

He did not say anything about his previous dilemma, nor did he say that he had taken a risk to come.

Instead, he emphasized the identity of Wang Daoyi as a disciple of Tianqi Mansion.

“Hahaha, thats right.” Wang Daoyi laughed loudly when he heard this.

He nodded and said, “Elder Tang is right.

Since were both disciples of Tianqi Mansion, we should help each other even more.

Ill use the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram to help you heal your Dao injuries, while you hide my identity and the whereabouts of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram from Tianqi Mansion.

Its mutually beneficial.

Isnt that wonderful”

“Hahaha, thats true.” Tang Yuanshan nodded and said with a smile, “I wonder if Elder Yi is ready”

“Ive been waiting for a long time.

I was only waiting for Elder Tang to come over and we can begin the treatment.” Wang Daoyi nodded slightly, and the phantom of six doors of light immediately appeared around his body.

He smiled and said, “As long as I activate the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, I can immediately eliminate that injury.”

“Thank you.” Tang Yuanshan cupped his hands and thanked Wang Daoyi sincerely.

Then, he sat down cross-legged and said in a low voice, “Please begin.”

“Yes.” Wang Daoyi nodded.

Then, he further activated the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram and let the power of the Great Dao laws contained in it envelop Tang Yuanshans entire body and began to remove the Dao injuries in Tang Yuanshans body.

The moment the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram came into contact with the injury, Cui Heng, who was in the Great Zhou Imperial City, immediately sensed it and found the strangeness of the injury.

Some of the power characteristics in this injury actually gave him a familiar feeling.

“What kind of power is this It seems to be some kind of power that has been sublimated to the extreme…”

Cui Heng raised his eyebrows slightly and sensed carefully again.

The expression on his face immediately became strange.

“Its actually the spiritual aura contained in the fruits in my Grotto-Heaven.


Hm, this power is no longer the original spiritual aura.

Instead, it has been mixed with many powers and sublimated countless levels.

No wonder I didnt recognize it at first.

However, the foundation of this Dao injury is still that spiritual aura… Has anyone on Great Yan Planet obtained the fruits I planted

Is it one of the two people who entered the Beginners Space in the 150 years after Mingqiong and Qingshu left Is it the one Ive seen before, or the one I havent seen before

Moreover, the essence of the fruits I planted is not high.

How did they sublimate into their current state They actually used this as a foundation to form such a powerful force, leaving behind incurable Dao injuries for Xuan Sea realm experts.

What changes have happened that I dont understand”

For a moment, many doubts appeared in his heart.

He could not figure it out no matter how he thought about it.

Thinking of this, Cui Heng looked up outside the Heaven Realm again and stared at the surging golden starlight.

He thought to himself, “Perhaps this person knows something about the situation.”

… .

After being enveloped by the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, Tang Yuanshan felt that he had fallen into a strange state.

His entire body was numb.

The power of the Dao injury that was originally like a maggot was being stripped away bit by bit, and the damage to his body and soul was quickly recovering.

Clearly, the Six Heaven Gates Diagram was very effective in healing Dao injuries.

However, while receiving treatment, Tang Yuanshan also felt that he saw many strange images.

They seemed to be the influence of figures or monsters.

He could not see them clearly, let alone know what they were.

However, the feeling of seeing these images was deeply imprinted in his mind, making it impossible for him to forget.

After Wang Daoyi finished his treatment, Tang Yuanshan left the state of being enveloped by the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

Those strange images were still flickering in his mind, making him feel a little dazed.

Yang Qinghe and Qiu Haitang, who were standing at the side, saw that something was wrong with Tang Yuanshans situation.

Their expressions immediately changed, and they immediately became serious.

Their gazes towards Wang Daoyi became incomparably cautious.

However, Wang Daoyi knew nothing about this.

He also noticed Tang Yuanshans state and could not help but frown slightly.

He said in a low voice, “Elder Tang, whats wrong with you Dont scare me.”

“…” Tang Yuanshan came back to his senses slightly and waved his hand to dismiss his two disciples.

He shook his head gently and said, “Im fine.

Perhaps the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram is too mysterious and gave me some strange experiences.

I still have to thank Elder Daoyi.

My Dao injuries are already…”


At this moment, an earth-shattering bang instantly spread throughout the entire Heaven Realm.

The ground suddenly trembled violently, interrupting Tang Yuanshan.

“Whats going on!” Tang Yuanshan hurriedly turned to look at the sky.

“What happened!” Wang Daoyi also raised his head and looked up.

Then, his eyes widened as he said in shock, “The Star Brilliance River Is this an expert from the God Desolation Valley!”

At this moment, everyone in the Heaven Realm saw a golden river of starlight forcefully barge into the Heaven Realm and shatter the sky of the Heaven Realm.

It made the sky shatter, the ground shake, the mountains tremble, and the rivers boil.

The moment the golden river surged in, the entire Heaven Realm fell into an apocalyptic situation.

To most people, this was simply more terrifying than the battle 300 years ago.

In the next moment, after this incomparably bright and dazzling river of golden starlight rushed into the Heaven Realm, every living being in the Heaven Realm saw an incomparably noble figure appear in the sky.

It was the middle-aged man who had transformed into a river of starlight and arrived at the Silver Disc Star Sea.

He stood in the sky with the golden light that covered the entire Heaven Realm behind him, as if a supreme existence that ruled over everything had descended here.

Buzz! Buzz!

Accompanied by the trembling sound of the void, every corner of the Heaven Realm seemed to have ignited with invisible flames, and the temperature suddenly increased greatly.

At the same time, ten three-legged birds appeared behind the middle-aged man.

Every three-legged bird emitted endless light and heat, as if thousands of stars had gathered.

“I am Divine Lord Sang Mu from the God Desolation Valley of the Great Yan Holy Land.

I have descended here today only for the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

Please hand over this treasure quickly.

To avoid losing your precious life.”

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