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However, this joy did not last long.

Tang Yuanshan quickly woke up and thought to himself, “Thats not right.

What if Wang Daoyis heart is no longer with Tianqi Mansion In the end, he has already been away for tens of millions of years.

He has been here for too long.”

For such a long time, most of the disciples and even Elders of Tianqi Mansion had forgotten about this former Elder Daoyi.

Wang Daoyi had stayed outside over ten million years.

How much recognition could he have for his identity as an Elder of Tianqi Mansion

He might not even treat himself as a disciple of Tianqi Mansion anymore.

“He might even be worried that Im representing the Tianqi Mansion to capture him and take back the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.”

Tang Yuanshans eyes flickered as thoughts kept spinning in his mind.

“But why did he take the initiative to reveal the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram Is he taking the initiative to discuss with me”

For a moment, he fell into deep thought, unable to make up his mind.

“To me, who is currently covered in Dao injuries, finding the Six Heaven Gates Diagram and relying on the power of this Ancient King Supreme Treasure to treat my Dao injuries is definitely the most important thing.”

Tang Yuanshan kept thinking in his heart, “This is not only my own matter, but also related to the judgment of the God Desolation Valley on the current situation of Tianqi Mansion.

If I delay it for too long, it will definitely arouse the suspicion of Zhong Xianyuan and even the God Desolation Valley.

At that time, Tianqi Mansion might be in danger.

“But if I go to see Wang Daoyi like this, wont it be too dangerous He has been away from the Great Yan Planet for tens of millions of years.

He has already refined the Six Heaven Gates Diagram and from his aura, he has already reached the Xuan Sea Realm.

Although his Mystic Sea Realm has obvious traces of being stimulated, and he should have forcefully obtained an increase with the help of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, and his strength should be weaker than ordinary Xuan Sea Realm experts and even further inferior to mine, its different if he grasps a portion of the Six Heaven Gates Diagrams power.

Should I take this risk But if I dont go up and take this risk, how will my Dao injuries be healed How will I face the test of Zhong Xianyuan”

For a moment, Tang Yuanshans heart fell into a state similar to a battle between gods.

He was hesitant.

Actually, in his heart, he wanted to go over and ask Wang Daoyi clearly, but his usually cautious personality made him feel that this was not safe and was filled with danger.

It was a very contradictory situation.

“Qinghe, Haitang.” Tang Yuanshan looked at the two disciples beside him and said in a low voice, “Do you think Im being too cautious If Im too cautious, will I let go of many opportunities or cause some disaster”

Yang Qinghe and Qiu Haitang were slightly stunned when they heard this.

Then, they fell into deep thought.

This was not an easy question to answer.

When Tang Yuanshan saw his two disciples reaction, he already had an answer in his heart.

He shook his head and chuckled.

“I heard that when mortals grow old, they always like to do things that dont match their previous style.

Perhaps Im already old.

This trip to the Silver Disc Star Sea was originally a risky matter.

Now that the clues are right in front of us, Im starting to be overcautious.

How laughable.

Forget it, forget it.

After being cautious for so many lifetimes, its indeed time to take a risk.

Since he took the initiative to reveal his aura, Ill take the risk to go over and meet him.”

After some psychological struggle, Tang Yuanshan had already made up his mind to meet Wang Daoyi and ask him what he wanted to do.

Of course, this so-called “risk” was not his main body going over.

It was still the incarnation.

If he really sensed danger, he would still let his main body escape immediately.

However, at this moment, a purple-gold light suddenly lit up in the sky.

In the next moment, it had already arrived at a mountain peak not far from Tang Yuanshan.

This person had an ancient appearance and wore an ancient robe.

He stood on the mountain peak and looked down at the three people below.

He smiled and said, “Elder Tang, youre still so cautious.

Ive already taken the initiative to display the power aura of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, but I still have to come over personally.

I really didnt expect that there would be a day when I would be feared by Elder Tang.”

It was Wang Daoyi.

He came straight to look for Tang Yuanshan.

“Elder Daoyi, long time no see.” Tang Yuanshans expression did not change in the face of Wang Daoyis mockery.

He cupped his hands and smiled.

“I didnt expect you to really find the Six Heaven Gates Diagram and refine it.”

“Elder Tang, I wont say much to you.” Wang Daoyis body emitted a faint light.

This was the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

“I know why youre here.

Im sure youve already guessed my attitude.”

“You really want to betray the Tianqi Mansion for the Six Heaven Gates Diagram” Tang Yuanshans expression darkened, and his gaze became cold.

“Have you thought of the consequences”

“Elder Tang, please dont make wild guesses.

I never said that I wanted to betray Tianqi Mansion.” Wang Daoyi waved his hand and said, “Im still very grateful to Tianqi Mansion, but I dont want to return for the time being, nor do I want to return the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

Of course, the Tianqi Mansion has done me a favor after all.

If theres anything you need to use the Six Heaven Gates Diagram for, you can look for me at any time.

Ill naturally help you.

Moreover, I, Wang Daoyi, should already be a dead man in the eyes of Tianqi Mansion.

As long as Elder Tang doesnt say anything, no one will know that I refined the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.”

You want to use the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram to bribe me” Tang Yuanshan immediately understood Wang Daoyis plan, and he also understood why Wang Daoyi took the initiative to display the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

“What bribe” Wang Daoyi shook his head and said with a smile, “This is a mutually beneficial transaction.

Ill help you, and youll help me.

Why not Moreover, with Elder Tangs caution, you actually crossed the starry sky to come here.

The Dao injury in your body cant be delayed anymore, right”

“I didnt expect you to already have such eyesight.

The assistance given by the Six Heaven Gates Diagram is really powerful.” Tang Yuanshans face was as dark as water.

After hesitating for a moment, he suddenly said, “Are you really confident in treating my Dao injuries”


“Whether you believe it or not is up to you!” Wang Daoyi laughed loudly.

Then, he transformed into a stream of light and returned to the Great Zhou.

His voice floated over with the wind.

“I can wait, but you cant.”

“…” Tang Yuanshan looked in the direction Wang Daoyi left and fell silent.

“Master, this person is too arrogant!” Yang Qinghe said angrily.

“Master, what are your plans” Qiu Haitang was much calmer.

She could already tell that her master was hesitating.

“Let me think for a moment.” Tang Yuanshan closed his eyes and began another round of internal struggle again.

Qiu Haitang was right.

He was indeed starting to hesitate.

Now, he was completely certain that the person who had refined the Six Heaven Gates Diagram was Wang Daoyi.

Otherwise, Wang Daoyi would definitely not be so confident.

At the same time, he also figured out Wang Daoyis goal.

It was to reach a deal with him so that he could safely possess the Six Heaven Gates Diagram and not be targeted by the Tianqi Mansion.

And the biggest choice he had to face now was whether to look for Wang Daoyi to treat his Dao injuries.

That was because his main body had to be present if he wanted to treat his Dao injuries.

He could not use an incarnation.

This meant an extremely huge risk.

… .

Actually, Cui Hengs goal in arranging for Wang Daoyi to lure Tang Yuanshan over was very simple.

It was to make Tang Yuanshan think that the person who refined the Six Heaven Gates Diagram was Wang Daoyi.

It was not some other mysterious expert.

As the Grand Elder of Tianqi Prefecture, Tang Yuanshan had already reached the Xuan Sea realm when Wang Daoyi entered the sect.

His vigilance towards Wang Daoyi would definitely be weaker than against an unknown expert.

In addition, he had to make Tang Yuanshan believe that Wang Daoyi had a favor to ask of him and had enough reason to help him with his Dao injuries.

It was not a deliberate trap.

This could sufficiently lower Tang Yuanshans vigilance and destroy the psychological defense in his subconscious, allowing him to gradually lean towards Wang Daoyi to treat his injuries.

And Wang Daoyi was in the Great Zhou!

… .

After hesitating for three years, Tang Yuanshan finally made a decision.

Layers of overlapping phantoms suddenly appeared on his figure, as if he had instantly become much more corporeal.

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