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Tang Yuanshan listened to his two disciples doubts and nodded.

“Youre right.

The laws of this Star Sea are indeed extremely thin.

From this point of view, it can only be considered an ordinary Star Sea.

Theres nothing special about it.”

“Master, you mean…” Yang Qinghe asked in surprise, “This Star Sea is actually not as simple as it looks”

“This is normal, right” Qiu Haitang said at the side.

“After all, theres a Xuan Sea Realm expert here.

Its not surprising that theres something special about it.”

“There are two reasons why the Great Dao laws in this Star Sea are thin,” Tang Yuanshan said in a low voice.

“One is that most of the laws are already gathered in the central silver disc.

The second is the oppression and refinement of this sea of stars by the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

In the past tens of millions of years, the laws in this sea of stars should have been refined by the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

Now, it has naturally become very thin.

However, the more this is the case, the more we cant let our guard down.

The thinner the Great Dao laws are on the surface of this Star Sea, the more Great Dao laws that have been refined by the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

Now that the Six Heaven Gates Diagram has been refined by someone, these refined Great Dao laws are in that persons hands.

This is enough for that person to have extremely powerful strength.

In addition, its said that this Star Sea was originally the remnant of an Ancient Holy Land after it was destroyed.

Perhaps the expert who refined the Six Heaven Gates Diagram obtained the inheritance of the Ancient Holy Land.

This also explains why he was able to refine the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.”

Although the Six Heaven Gates Diagram was one of the three supreme treasures of the Tianqi Prefecture, no one had been able to refine it for many years.

It was because they had lost the refinement method.

As long as one grasped the method to refine the Six Heaven Gates Diagram or knew some techniques that could be used to refine the Six Heaven Gates Diagram bit by bit, they could refine this supreme treasure.

It did not necessarily require much strength.

Even an ordinary First level Xuan Sea Realm cultivator could do it.

This was also one of the reasons why Chen Tianshi decided to send someone over to investigate the situation.

After hearing Tang Yuanshans words, Yang Qinghe and Qiu Haitangs expressions became solemn, and they put away the trace of contempt that grew in their hearts.

“Master, then what should we do next” Yang Qinghe asked solemnly.

“Be careful, and be more alert.

You cant be rash.” Tang Yuanshan stared at the Star Sea in front of him and said in a low voice, “This Star Sea looks weak on the surface, but there must be unknown dangers hidden inside.

We have to be careful.

All of you will condense an incarnation of the Shattering Realm.

I will also split out an incarnation and bring your incarnations to this Star Sea to investigate the basic situation.”

He did not intend to use his main body to enter this Star Sea at all.

In his opinion, it would be too dangerous to use his main body directly.

He would even fall into a very passive situation.

It was safer to use his incarnation to investigate first.

Yang Qinghe and Qiu Haitang had long understood their masters personality and were not surprised by this decision.

Hence, the two of them skillfully sent out an incarnation of the Shattering Realm and stood beside Tang Yuanshan.

Then, Tang Yuanshans figure suddenly became blurry.

A human-shaped outline spread out from his body and finally condensed into a person identical to him.

This was the incarnation of Tang Yuanshan.

Moreover, unlike Yang Qinghe and Qiu Haitangs incarnation, his incarnation did not weaken at all.

It still retained the cultivation of the First level of the Xuan Sea Realm.

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