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Such a strange and powerful characteristic made many experts of the Six Heavenly Regions very afraid.

Of course, they also felt a little glad.

At the very least, the people from the Myriad Heavens Samsara Palace would only interfere in some seemingly unimportant matters.

They had no intention of fighting for territory and orthodoxy.

To most forces and experts, the Myriad Heavens Samsara Palace was strong, but it would not bring them any substantial losses, so they were naturally too lazy to target it.

In addition, there were also rumors that the Myriad Heavens Samsara Palace was actually a force established by the Supreme Immortal Venerable of the Heaven Realm.

Every member was similar to a spy who would investigate every corner of the myriad worlds and finally report it to the Supreme Immortal Venerable.

This also made many experts with ill intentions settle down a lot.

At the very least, before confirming that it was absolutely confidential, no one dared to really do anything.

After all, the people from the Myriad Heavens Samsara Palace were known to be omnipresent.

In fact, the Myriad Heavens Samsara Palace was indeed established by Cui Heng.

This was originally only the product of his exploration of the path of cultivation when he first entered the Soul Formation realm.

Now that hundreds of years of development had passed, its mechanisms and responsibilities had already been perfected.

The greatest use of the current Myriad Heavens Samsara Palace was to help Cui Heng explore the various hidden places in the Six Star Fields and collect various precious cultivation techniques and ancient books.

Through the collection of these “Reincarnators”, Cui Heng learned about the differences between the civilizations of the six Star Fields, the different encounters during key historical events, and so on.

To him, this was very valuable information.

It could help him understand the six Star Fields more comprehensively, and he could also understand the changes that had happened in various places in time to take countermeasures.

Just as some people had guessed, this was indeed a huge intelligence network.

However, it was not to monitor some people, but the entire Six Star Fields.


After Cui Heng came out of the Grotto-Heaven Dao Palace, the first thing he did was to browse through the various information stored in the Samsara World to see if there was anything worth paying attention to.

Or was there Jiang Qiqis whereabouts

After confirming that there were no problems, he returned to the Heaven Realm and arrived at Li Mingqiongs newly established Great Zhou Imperial Palace.

Cui Heng did not deliberately hide his aura.

Therefore, as soon as he arrived at the palace, Li Mingqiong sensed his arrival and immediately came out to welcome him.

“Disciple greets Master.” Li Mingqiong bowed respectfully and said happily in her heart, “Disciple hasnt listened to your teachings for more than a hundred years.”

“Haha, youve already walked a long way on the path of the countrys luck.

I dont have anything to guide you for the time being.” Cui Heng smiled and said, “When you bring these 9,000 Heavenly Regions into the territory of the Great Zhou, you can look for me again.”

“Disciple understands.

What we lack now is hard work.” Li Mingqiong led the way in front and arrived at a gorgeous reception hall.

She smiled and said, “Master, you specially came here today, so you must have something to arrange for me.”

“Youre still as smart as ever.” Cui Heng nodded slightly when he heard this and smiled.

“I do have something for you to do.

In a while, experts from the Tianqi Mansion will probably come here.

At that time, you have to be prepared.

If an expert from the Tianqi Mansion really comes, as long as that person is not a boor, he will definitely hide his identity and aura first and investigate the current situation of the six Star Fields.

Moreover, the Heaven Realm is the core of the current Six Star Fields.

If that person wants to investigate, the Heaven Realm will definitely be his first choice.

At that time, I will secretly guide that person to the Great Zhou.

After confirming that persons strength, Ill try my best to lure him into attacking.

Then, as the Emperor of the Great Zhou, youll order the experts to subdue him.

This way, it can greatly increase your prestige and the countrys luck will increase greatly.”

“Thank you, Master, for helping me cultivate!” Li Mingqiong was pleasantly surprised.

With her current speed, she really did not know how long it would take to integrate the 9,000 Heavenly Regions into the Great Zhou Kingdom.

As for whether she was being too arrogant by doing this, she did not consider this at all.

In her opinion, since her Master had suggested this idea, she naturally had full confidence.

Moreover, what kind of existence was her Master It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was omnipotent.

No matter how powerful an existence was, after encountering her Master, they could only die on the spot.

It was impossible for them to be a match for her Master.

“Youre my disciple.

Although I wont directly help you increase your cultivation, Ill still help you cultivate.” Cui Heng chuckled.

“Just wait quietly.

It shouldnt take too long.”

Another hundred years passed.

In the past hundred years, Cui Hengs comprehension of the Dao Life Sword had deepened a lot.

His strength had become much stronger, but his cultivation realm had not increased much.

To him, it was indeed very difficult to improve in this Star Sea.

If not for the fact that the people from Tianqi Mansion had yet to arrive, he would have gone to the neighboring Star Seas to take a look.

Finally, Cui Hengs eyes lit up on this day.

He immediately put away the power of the Dao Life Sword and looked at the edge of the Star Sea.

He chuckled and said, “Theyre here.

This aura is… the First level of the Xuan Sea Realm and two Blackhole Realm experts.

Could it be that the Tianqi Mansion hasnt improved much after tens of millions of years Such an important treasure like the Six Heaven Gates Map only attracted an expert at the First level of the Xuan Sea Realm, do they not particularly care, or can they only send out such a lineup

Perhaps they actually have some hidden cards Hmm, Ill lure him into the Heaven Realm first.

As for whether hell be brought into the Great Zhou in the end, it depends on his strength.”

Previously, when he said that he wanted to use the people from the Tianqi Mansion to help Li Mingqiong increase her cultivation, it was actually not his only goal.

What he really wanted to do was to fuse the Great Dao laws cultivated by the experts of the Tianqi Mansion into the Great Dao laws of the Heaven Realm.

In this way, he could use his in-depth communication with the Heaven Realm to analyze the Great Dao laws of the Great Yan Holy Land in depth and understand the situation of the Great Dao laws in advance.

This method was more natural than directly analyzing the Great Dao laws cultivated by the experts of Tianqi Mansion.

It could fully send out the cultivators own influence on the Great Dao laws.

If he could fuse their Dao into the Great Dao laws of the Heaven Realm and the territory of the Great Zhou, it would make it easier for Cui Heng to analyze these Great Dao laws.

After all, Li Mingqiongs path of national luck actually came from him.

In short, letting the experts of the Tianqi Mansions Great Dao laws be extracted in the Great Zhou could allow Cui Heng to understand the situation of Great Yan Planet more easily.

Of course, Cui Heng could also attack directly.

It was impossible for a First level Xuan Sea Realm cultivator to resist his power.

However, if the other party had any secret techniques or secret treasures to save his life, it would be a huge loss if he escaped.

This was also another reason to guide him to the Great Zhou—

Cui Heng had already set up a powerful trap at the border of the Great Zhou.

As long as this person tried to escape from the Great Zhou, all kinds of spells would immediately burst out.

There were also two Immortal techniques.

The Time Saber!

And Dao Life Sword!

… .

Great Yan Planet was very far from the Silver Disc Star Sea.

Even a Xuan Sea Realm expert like Tang Yuanshan spent more than a hundred years reaching the edge of this Star Sea and seeing the mysterious central silver disc.

“As expected of the Silver Disc Star Sea.

The silver disc in the middle is really mysterious.” Tang Yuanshan sighed with emotion.

At the same time, he sighed in his heart.

“I hope it can cure my Dao injuries here.

Zhong Xianyuan and the power of a Heavens Favorite… Sigh…”

The two disciples behind him, Yang Qinghe and Qiu Haitang, were also staring at the Star Sea in front of them.

However, the two of them frowned and said to Tang Yuanshan beside them, “Master, the Great Dao laws in this Star Sea are very thin.

There doesnt seem to be anything special about it.

Is that person really there”

“Thats right.

I didnt feel any powerful fluctuations either.

Did he use a supreme treasure to hide his aura”

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