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[Congratulations! You have used the “Immortal Technique Voucher” to successfully deduce the “Attack” spell, Dao Life Sword.]

[Dao Life Sword: The Dao birthed Qi from nothingness, turning Qi into sword principles.

It can condense the principles of the Great Dao, the power of Dharmic powers, and restrain all substances and living beings affected by the Great Dao laws.

It has the ability to destroy all things in the universe, and also the power to create all things in the universe.

Only Soul Formation cultivators can cultivate it.]

The moment the deduction was successful, extremely mysterious scenes appeared in front of Cui Heng.

Just like the last time he deduced the Time Saber.

A ball of fog that had yet to open appeared in front of him.

This seemed to be the beginning of everything, and also the end of everything.

The world had yet to be established, and the Great Dao had yet to be formed.

Suddenly, the ball of fog seemed to have been attacked by some external force and instantly shattered into nothingness.

However, there was an invisible law in the nothingness that was sorting out all of the chaos.

Finally, a strange power was born in the void.

It seemed to consist of nothing, but also seemed to encompass everything, like the most ordinary ball of energy, or the early stages of all Great Dao.

Suddenly, an incomparably dazzling light bloomed from this strange power, turning into a sword light that seemed to contain endless Great Dao.

It swept through the void, creating and destroying everything.

This void kept evolving and expanding during the countless cycles of life and death.

Finally, under a light that transcended everything, it exploded.


Cui Heng felt his vision go dark.

The scene he had just seen had already disappeared, and his consciousness had returned to normal.

However, his face was still filled with shock.

“What did I just see The scene of the creation of the world and the birth of the universe Or is that just the intent or concept of this Immortal technique This, this is too powerful!”

According to the scene he had just seen, the power of the Immortal Technique, Dao Life Sword, came from the source of the void before the birth of the universe.

This origin was too great.

“Dao begets the Sword, Dao begets all things, Dao destroys all things…” Cui Heng muttered as he slowly opened his palm.

Then, a purple-gold sword light appeared out of thin air.

A power that was like the origin energy of the Great Dao slowly spread, actually causing the Great Dao laws in the Dao Palace to distort slightly.

With my current Dharmic powers and cultivation, this strike can instantly cause the entire Star Field to collapse.

Even if I face a Mid-stage Soul Formation cultivator of the same realm, as long as the other party doesnt have any defensive spells or Dharma treasures of the same level, they will be severely injured on the spot.

Other than destructive power, this Immortal technique also has an extremely strong ability to create.

With my current Dharmic powers, I can create thousands of starry skies with a single slash.

A special Heavenly Domain like the Heaven Realm can also be created at will.”

Cui Heng could not help but sigh.

“This technique is indeed powerful.

It is only possible to display this power without stirring up a phenomenon in the Grotto-Heaven Dao Palace.

If this sword light appeared in the outside world, the entire Star Sea would be alarmed.

Moreover, this is only at the most elementary mastery level.

Its not even at the true beginner level.

Theres still a lot of room for improvement.

According to the description, if I can cultivate it to the peak, I should have the ability to create and destroy everything in the universe.

Its really terrifying.”

He was still very satisfied with the results of this deduction.

Not only did the Dao Life Sword have the power of destruction, but it also had the ability to create.

It was far more comprehensive than the offensive spells he had originally mastered.

Moreover, when he watched the birth of the Dao Life Sword, his cultivation had also increased to a certain extent, and his strength had increased a little.

This could be said to be a pleasant surprise.

Then, Cui Heng put away the Dao Life Sword and stood up.

He walked out of the Dao Palace and left the Grotto-Heaven.

“This seclusion has come to an end.

Its time to go out and take a look.”

… .

The current Heaven Realm was far more prosperous than 200 years ago.

As the cultivation path was on the right track, the battle for the Great Dao between the many Star Fields ended, and the relationship between the Star Fields was no longer tense.

Moreover, the barrier between the six Star Fields had been removed, and the different Star Fields were connected to each other.

Therefore, the communication between the Star Fields became more and more frequent.

Increased communication was the beginning of prosperity.

Because the Heaven Realm was the place where all of these changes started and also where Cui Heng was, it naturally became the center of the Six Star Fields and the place where all the experts yearned to go.

In the past hundred years, every expert who had stepped into the Tenth Realm of the Immortal World would come to the Heaven Realm to travel, hoping to obtain further opportunities here.

At the same time, a power called the Myriad Heavens Samsara Palace was also rising at an extremely fast speed.

This force was incomparably mysterious.

No one knew its exact source, nor did anyone know how many members this force had.

They only knew that in this faction, even experts who had stepped into the Three True World Realms and had already reached the Shattering Realm were still not top existences.

There were even stronger experts.

However, other than such top experts, there were also many weak disciples.

Someone had even encountered a Human Immortal once who was not a Reincarnator.

But this only added to the mystery of the Myriad Heavens Samsara Palace.

No matter how strong or weak these Reincarnators were, they had undying characteristics.

Even if their bodies and souls were destroyed, they could return to the Myriad Heavens Samsara Palace to revive.

Even ordinary people who did not know any martial arts could be revived if they were members of the Myriad Heavens Samsara Palace.

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