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Next, he could prepare to head to Great Yan Planet.

After all, to the current Cui Heng, he had to go to a place with a higher level of strength to increase the speed of his cultivation through communication with the Great Dao laws.

Of course, he could also search for other Star Seas.

The unfamiliar Star Sea would also contain many new laws, and it was also a place that had never been communicated with.

It could also assist with his cultivation.

However, the situation in the unfamiliar Star Sea was unknown.

In terms of safety, it might not be much higher than Great Yan Planet.

Therefore, to the current Cui Heng, the best choice was still the Grand Yan Planet.

“It wont be too late to explore the silver disc world in the middle of the Star Sea after Great Yan Planet increases my cultivation realm.” Cui Heng had already made up his mind.

“However, before that, I still have to welcome the guests of Tianqi Mansion.”

During the process of refining the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, he discovered that this treasure had a special mark.

As long as this treasure was refined by someone, the place where the mark was left would be sensed.

The Tianqi Mansion should have learned that the Six Heaven Gates Diagram had been refined by someone.

Actually, this was also Cui Hengs intention.

He wanted to understand more information before he headed to Grand Yan Planet to increase his safety.

Although he had already learned a lot of information about the Great Yan Planet from Wang Daoyi, it was not comprehensive.

After all, Wang Daoyi was only at the peak of the Blackhole Realm and was not a top expert of the Grand Yan Planet.

In the end, there were many secrets that he could not come into contact with.

Cui Heng wanted to use this opportunity to attract some Xuan Sea Realm experts.

Previously, when he threw Wang Daoyi into the reincarnation space, he had already had such thoughts.

He even specially cut off all connections with the outside world and created the illusion that Wang Daoyi had already died.

However, in the past 200 years, no one has come.

Hence, Cui Heng planned to increase the number of connections during the process of subduing the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

He did not expect that there would be a connection mark in the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

This saved him some effort.

“Next, when the time comes, I can take this opportunity to cultivate the Time Saber to a higher level.” Cui Heng thought to himself, “Hmm, its also necessary to deduce some new Immortal techniques.”

The Time Saber did not seem to be enough.

… .

The range of the Great Yan Holy Land was extremely vast, covering a total of 80 million light years of space.

However, to many experts, the true Great Yan Holy Land was the huge Star Sea that exceeded a million light years and the “Great Yan Planet” in the middle of this Star Sea.

This was the center of the entire Great Yan Holy Land, and also the core of everything.

All the matter, laws, and Great Dao in the Holy Land revolved around the Great Yan Planet.

The experts and forces of the entire Holy Land were also gathered on Grand Yan Planet.

It was the place with the most experts in the 80 million light years void.

Under normal circumstances, in any Star Sea, a Ninth Realm expert of the Immortal World could be considered an overlord.

However, on Great Yan Planet, as long as one had not reached the Tenth Realm of the Immortal World, they were not famous figures.

To put it bluntly, they were just pawns.

In such an environment, any ancient faction that could stand firm and pass down their legacy for thousands of years would have an extremely deep foundation and powerful trump cards that no one knew about.

Otherwise, they would have long been destroyed by endless experts.

And these so-called “trump cards” were usually the various secret treasures passed down from the era of the Ancient Kings.

As long as there was such a secret treasure, it was enough to support a faction that would not decline after a long time.

Tianqi Mansion was such a force.

Although the three Xuan Sea Realm experts and the Mansion Lords cultivation was at the Second Xuan Sea Realm, they could only make Tianqi Mansion one of the best among the first-rate sects.

Such strength was enough to be considered powerful.

There were not many forces that were stronger than this, but these alone could not last for tens of millions of years.

What really allowed the Tianqi Mansions inheritance to survive for a long time were the three “Tianqi Supreme Treasures”.

It was said that those were three supreme treasures of the Ancient Kings.

Every one of them had unfathomable power that surpassed the Peak of the Xuan Sea Realm and was extremely powerful.

However, no one outside knew that the “Six Heaven Gates Diagram” of the three Supreme Treasures had long been lost and had yet to be recovered.

This was the highest secret of Tianqi Mansion.

Only the Blackhole Realm Elders, the Xuan Sea Realm Mansion Lord, and the two Grand Elders knew about this.

Even if they went out to search for the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, they had to try their best to hide their whereabouts and not contact each other easily, lest other forces discover something wrong.

Wang Daoyi used this to hide the fact that he had already obtained information about the Six Heaven Gates Diagram and did not report it to the Tianqi Mansion.

Therefore, to this day, the people of Tianqi Mansion did not know that the Six Heaven Gates Diagram had actually been found by Wang Daoyi long ago.

It was just that he had never reported it back.

In fact, because Wang Daoyi had been away for too long, many people in the Tianqi Mansion had already forgotten about the existence of an Elder like him.

Only when they passed by the Soul Lamp Hall and saw that Wang Daoyis soul lamp was still lit would they remember that he was still alive.

But that was all.

However, 200 years ago, Wang Daoyis soul lamp suddenly flickered.

This soul lamp that had been burning for a long time suddenly extinguished.

This meant that either the connection between Wang Daoyi and the soul lamp had been erased, or Wang Daoyi had already died.

The people of Tianqi Mansion were basically inclined to believe the latter.

After all, the Soul Lamps of the Tianqi Mansion were essentially treasures of the Xuan Sea realm.

With Wang Daoyis Blackhole realm cultivation, it was not enough for him to cut off his connection with the Soul Lamps.

After his Soul Lamp was extinguished, Tianqi Mansion only hurriedly tidied up and buried the Soul Lamp in the tomb at the back of the mountain before ignoring it.

They did not even follow the information left on the Soul Lamp to trace the place of death.

In the end, Wang Daoyi had been away for too long.

Most of the disciples of the same era as him had already passed away.

Most of the people who had yet to die had already gone out to establish their own sects.

Almost none of them stayed in Tianqi Mansion.

Even the Blackhole Realm elders had changed more than ten times.

Other than the Mansion Lord and the two Grand Elders, there was no one else in the Tianqi Mansion who was related to Wang Daoyi.

To most people, Wang Daoyi was actually a stranger.

This was also the reason why Cui Heng had waited for 200 years to no avail.

No one in Tianqi Mansion cared about Wang Daoyi anymore, so they naturally would not send people to investigate the reason for his death.

Moreover, after such a long time, it was normal for Wang Daoyi to pass away.

But the abnormality that happened now was completely different.

After the Mansion Lord of Tianqi Mansion sensed the fluctuation of the mark in the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, he immediately informed the two Grand Elders and the dozen or so current Blackhole Realm elders.

He summoned them to the main hall for a meeting.

As only Mansion Lord Tianqi could sense the mark of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, the two Grand Elders and more than ten Blackhole Realm Elders were a little confused when they were summoned.

In their impression, it had been a long time since the Mansion Lord had summoned them so anxiously.

When was the last time

A million years ago

Or was it two million years ago

In short, it was a long time ago.

The last time when Wang Daoyis Soul Lamp was extinguished, it did not cause any waves.

What was so urgent this time

Mansion Lord Tianqis gaze was calm as he looked around at everyone present and said in a low voice, “Everyone, theres no need to be puzzled.

Ive indeed gathered you here for an incomparably important matter.

A long time ago, one of the three supreme treasures in our residence, the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, was stolen by Elder Taihong.

Weve been searching for it all along, but there have been no clues.

Just now, I sensed the fluctuation of the mark in the Six Heaven Gates Diagram and traced it to a very accurate location.”

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