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“You, you…” Wang Daoyi was instantly furious.

He fell back and sat down again.

He was dejected and silent.

At this moment, he already understood that things were not as smooth as he had expected.

It was even possible that he was just acting according to Zhou Juntians script.

In fact, it was a different story.

Zhou Juntian must have done many things in secret that he did not know about.

Even Heavenly Venerate Shi had once submitted to Zhou Juntian.

Then Lu Qingzhu… Thinking of this, he could not help but turn to look at this cold and beautiful woman.

She was an important chess piece for him to control Zhou Juntian.

Now, Lu Qingzhu just sat there quietly and did not say anything.

Her expression was very calm, as if what had just happened had nothing to do with her.

Cui Heng also noticed the change in Wang Daoyis expression, but he ignored him and continued to ask Heavenly Venerate Shi, “Since you want to repay Zhou Juntians kindness, what betrayal are you talking about”

“A million years ago, Elder Daoyi came to this Star Sea and summoned me,” Heavenly Venerate Shi said with extreme regret.

“I was afraid of Elder Daoyis might and told him a lot of information about Venerate Juntian.”

“Your actions have instead increased his trust in you.

This should be a more beneficial situation for Zhou Juntian.” Cui Heng chuckled.

“After that, you worked for Zhou Juntian again”

“I feel extremely guilty.

Venerate Juntian summoned me, so I naturally have to obey.” Heavenly Venerate Shi had a matter-of-fact expression.

“I once betrayed Venerate Juntian, so I naturally have to do my best to serve him.

“I followed Venerate Juntians instructions and obtained the information of the various arrangements that Elder Daoyi made.

Then, I organized this information and reported it to Venerate Juntian.”

“…” When Wang Daoyi heard this, he felt his vision go dark.

Wasnt this too ridiculous

How was this repayment It was as if his mind was controlled!

“500,000 years ago, Elder Daoyi intended to let Venerate Juntian reincarnate.” Heavenly Venerate Shi was still describing what he had done.

“At that time, Elder Daoyi thought that the reason why Venerate Juntian did not reincarnate was because he was worried about the situation in the Heaven Realm and felt that it was not stable enough.

Therefore, he created an environment where the Heaven Realm was sealed and isolated from the world so that Venerate Juntian could choose to reincarnate and reduce his connection with the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

This process requires the Nine Heavens on our side to cooperate and act out a large-scale invasion of the Heaven Realm.

We also have to successfully seal the Lord of the Heavenly Court.

The process was very smooth and there were almost no difficulties.

Venerate Juntian knows the entire process and direction.

In order to facilitate the planned ending, he even specially made arrangements in secret.

He had a clear list of what to do first, what to do next, and how to do it.

Other than that, actually, the reason why we had so much ease in sealing the Lord of the Heavenly Court back then was because Venerate Juntian had already told us all the weaknesses of the Lord of the Heavenly Court.”

“…” The Lord of the Heavenly Court looked stunned.

For hundreds of thousands of years, he had actually been wondering why the Nine Heavenly Venerates of the Outer World could accurately target his weakness.

If not for the fact that his weaknesses were targeted, he would definitely not have been sealed so easily.

He did not expect Zhou Juntian to be the one who told them his weaknesses.

What was even more ironic was that the person who saved him in the end was also Zhou Juntian.

He was even grateful to Zhou Juntian.

Now, he immediately felt like he had eaten a fly.

“Later on, just as Elder Daoyi had expected, the Heaven Realm was closed and the two worlds were completely separated,” Heavenly Venerate Shi continued.

“Venerate Juntian also chose to reincarnate as a human in such an environment and was no longer the artifact spirit of a supreme treasure.

Elder Daoyi thought that under such circumstances, the connection between Venerate Juntian and the Six Heaven Gates Diagram would weaken, but thats not the case.

Even if Venerate Juntian reincarnated, he still retained extremely strong control over the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

However, Venerate Juntian wanted to be ahuman, so he deliberately hid his control over that supreme treasure.

In the long years after he reincarnated, he almost never used the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram.

In order to pursue the experience of truly being a human, Venerate Juntian even took the initiative to let himself fall into a trance and live in a pure state as a human.

During that period of time, I didnt receive any instructions from Venerate Juntian.”

This should be Zhou Juntian from the Daoyi Sect era.

“Zhou Juntian has really done a lot.” Cui Heng smiled and asked, “Was it you or Zhou Juntian who opened the Door of Heaven on Taihong Star”

“Its Venerate Juntian,” Heavenly Venerate Shi said extremely respectfully.

“A wisp of Venerate Juntians spiritual consciousness attached to my body and controlled it.

That was the last time I saw Venerate Juntian.”

“That time, when we opened the Door of Heaven, it was to send the six supreme treasures to Lu Qingzhus grave,” the Lord of the Heavenly Court added.

“When the Outer World invaded, Lu Qingzhu would use the six supreme treasures to recover to a state that was neither alive nor dead.

At the same time, the six supreme treasure divine lights will also be affected by my arrangements in the tomb and will be directly sent to me.

Helping me break the seal and step into the Shattering Realm.”

At this point, he paused and shook his head with a bitter smile.

“I just didnt expect it to be just a chess piece of Zhou Juntians.

These divine lights were actually fragments of Lu Qingzhus body.

In the end, they were all recalled by Lu Qingzhu, and I didnt manage to break through to the Shattering Realm.”

Clearly, the Lord of the Heavenly Court was completely treated as a tool by Zhou Juntian and thrown away after being used.

It was indeed a little miserable.

“Its your honor to be my husbands chess piece,” Lu Qingzhu suddenly said.

“…” Wang Daoyi opened his mouth when he heard this.

He wanted to say something but hesitated.

He no longer even had the mood to sigh.

He even had a feeling that this was indeed the case.

However, Lu Qingzhu did not seem to want to let him off.

She looked at Wang Daoyi with a cold gaze and said indifferently, “You dont have to be like this.

Actually, Im still willing to accept you.

If not for your matchmaking, how could I be with a peerless person like my husband”

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