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“Later on, the Six Heaven Gates Diagram obtained consciousness, so it called itself Juntian.

Everyone in the Tianqi Mansion addressed him respectfully as Juntian Diagram Venerate.

After coming to this sea of stars, he changed his name to Zhou Juntian.”

“Hes actually the artifact spirit of the Six Heaven Gates Diagram” Cui Heng was a little surprised by this answer.

Then, his eyes narrowed slightly as he said with a smile, “In that case, for Taihong to manage to secretly steal the Six Heaven Gates Diagram back then, it might not be by his effort alone.”

A Peak Blackhole Realm expert had silently stolen the sects supreme treasure under the noses of a group of experts of the same realm and several Xuan Sea Realm experts and even escaped from the Great Yan Holy Land.

No matter how one thought about it, this kind of thing felt a little far-fetched.

However, if he took the initiative to cooperate with the Six Heaven Gates Diagram, it was not impossible.

“The Mansion Lord and the Grand Elder had similar guesses.” Wang Daoyi revealed a bitter smile.

“Zhou Juntian might have reached some kind of agreement with Taihong a long time ago to escape together.

Its extremely difficult to trace a person in the vast universe.

By the time we locked onto this Star Sea, a long, long time had passed.

After losing two Shattering Realm experts, I came here a million years ago.

At that time, Taihong had already disappeared.

The Six Heaven Gates Diagram had also transformed into six Heaven Gates that divided the Star Sea into six Star Fields.

Even Zhou Juntian had hidden his main body and only left an incarnation as the artifact spirit of the Heaven Gate to walk the world.

I didnt dare to directly appear as this will easily arouse Zhou Juntians vigilance.

Its very likely that he will choose to escape because of this.

He might even inform Taihong, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Therefore, I secretly planned the Outer World invasion and sealed the Heaven Realm.

On one hand, I used this opportunity to clean up the inheritance left behind by Taihong and weaken his influence.

On the other hand, I gave Zhou Juntian a chance to try.

Actually, when he was still the Juntian Diagram Venerate, he had already asked the previous Mansion Lords for help to reincarnate into a true living being so that he could cultivate as a true living being and break through the shackles of the artifact spirit and take a step forward in his cultivation.

However, this behavior is very risky for the Tianqi Mansion.

Its very likely that it will cause the power of the Six Heaven Gates Diagrams to drop drastically.

Therefore, the previous Mansion Lords have mainly used excuses to delay the matter.

I guessed from the beginning that the reason why the Juntian Diagram Venerate left with Taihong was because he wanted to find an opportunity to become a true living being and cultivate as a living being.

But by the time I came to this Star Sea, Zhou Juntian still hadnt reincarnated.

I dont know the reason.

It might be because he wasnt ready, or it might be because he lacked some necessary environment.

Under reasonable circumstances, the Heaven Realm was sealed and isolated from the world.

The strongest experts in the Heaven Realm were also sealed, and most of the forces were wiped out.

There was no safer environment than this.

As expected, Zhou Juntian finally chose to reincarnate.

Once he reincarnates, his connection with the Six Heaven Gates Diagram will greatly decrease.

The more times he reincarnates, the weaker this connection will be.

Hence, later on, Lord of the Heavens Ziyang banished him to Daozhou Star and even made him fall into a trance.

I established a Daoyi Sect on Daozhou Star and continued to control him.

His master is my incarnation, and his wife, Lin Qingzhu, is my subordinate, Lu Qingzhu.

Even his daughter is actually under my control.

In the end, he almost went crazy in his life, but he thought that everything was done by his master, Lord of the Heavens Ziyang.

In the end, Zhou Juntian rushed to the Purple Sun Heaven.

Through his connection with the Heaven Gate, he forcefully triggered the power of the Heaven Gate and destroyed the entire Purple Sun Heaven.

The consumption reduced his connection with the Six Heaven Gates Diagram again.

Unfortunately, after the Purple Sun Heaven was destroyed, Zhou Juntian disappeared.

Otherwise, I would definitely be able to…”

He stopped abruptly and shut his mouth.

At this moment, Wang Daoyi realized that there was something wrong with his tone towards the end.

What if there was no conflict between the Exalted Immortal and Zhou Juntian…

Thinking of this, Wang Daoyis heart was immediately filled with fear.

His face turned pale and he could not continue.

“What are you afraid of” Cui Heng laughed when he saw this.

He nodded slightly and smiled.

“Actually, youve explained well.

Youve indeed answered many of my doubts.

Theres no hatred between Zhou Juntian and me, but we dont have any friendship.

You dont have to be afraid of anything.

Just say whatever you want.

Previously, you said that Zhou Juntian disappeared after the Purple Sun Heaven was destroyed.

Does this mean that in the past 500,000 years, you havent found out what Zhou Juntian is doing”

“Its not that I dont know anything.” Wang Daoyi shook his head.

After obtaining Cui Hengs promise, his heart calmed down a little.

“I know that he took out Lu Qingzhus remnant body from the six Heaven Gates and handed it to the Lord of the Heavenly Court.

On the surface, hes cooperating with the Lord of the Heavenly Court, but he actually wants to help revive Lu Qingzhu.

However, he doesnt know that Lu Qingzhu and Heavenly Venerate Shi are both my subordinates and are the first to find this Star Sea.”

“You just said that Heavenly Venerate Shi is also your subordinate” Cui Hengs eyes narrowed slightly.

Although he had had such doubts when Heavenly Venerate Shi showed that he was waiting for Wang Daoyi to descend, hearing Wang Daoyi admit it himself made him think of something else.

“Yes, yes.” Wang Daoyi nodded, not understanding why Cui Heng suddenly asked this.

“Then do you know that Heavenly Venerate Shi once let his incarnation descend to this Star Field and opened the Door of Heaven” Cui Heng asked again.

“I know.” Wang Daoyi nodded.

He was even more puzzled.

“Then do you know that a stone man was also there at that time and told people that his name was Zhou Juntian” Cui Heng said.

“What!” Wang Daoyis eyes widened, and he felt his scalp tingle.

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