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Wang Daoyi knew too little about this.

He only knew that the Ancient Kings were powerful existences above the Xuan Sea Realm.

They had once dominated the universe in the ancient era and controlled many Holy Lands.

When Cui Heng heard Wang Daoyis description, he even felt that this might not be a realm.

Instead, it was a group.

This group might contain many realms.

Among the Ancient Kings, there might be people weaker than the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm, or there might be people stronger than the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm.

“The universe is vast and boundless, with countless mysteries.

Naturally, there are countless experts.”

Cui Heng sighed in his heart.

“Although Ive already broken through to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm, Im still like a speck of dust in the entire universe.

I cant be complacent because of this, let alone become rash because of this.

In the future, I still have to think twice before doing anything.”

The realm of the Ancient Kings, or rather, this group, was filled with unknowns to him.

The unknown usually meant danger.

According to his estimation, the Ancient Kings might be stronger than Mid-stage Soul Formation cultivators, or even Late-stage Soul Formation cultivators.

At such a realm, even if they did not have an indestructible characteristic like him, it was definitely extremely difficult for them to completely die.

Even if they had already disappeared for countless years, they could return at any time.

If he encountered an existence of this level, it would definitely be extremely dangerous.

He had to try his best to avoid them.

Moreover, Cui Heng had always known how vast the universe was.

He could only look down at the Star Sea now and could not even destroy an entire Star Sea.

He was still very weak.

It was still necessary to be careful.

Therefore, he carefully listened to the information about the Great Yan Holy Land from Wang Daoyi to determine if he should go to the Great Yan Holy Land or explore the mysterious central world of this Star Sea.

After all, after stepping into the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm, if he could only communicate with the Great Dao laws of this Star Field.

The increase in cultivation he could obtain would be very limited.

He had to find a place to embark on a higher level of cultivation.

Faced with Cui Hengs question, Wang Daoyi naturally did not dare to hold back at all.

He immediately explained everything he knew clearly.

The situation in the Great Yan Holy Land was a little beyond Cui Hengs expectations.

Originally, according to Wang Daoyis words, he guessed that this might be a special name for a world, the kind where the sky was round and the earth was square.

He did not expect the so-called “Holy Land” to not refer to a certain world.

It referred to a cluster of Star Seas.

Broadly speaking, the Great Yan Holy Land was made up of 376 Star Seas.

The diameter of these Star Seas was between 100,000 to 300,000 light years.

There were hundreds of billions of stars and countless other lifeforms.

The entire Great Yan Holy Land covered an area of about 80 million light years.

Specifically speaking, the Great Yan Holy Land was located at the core area of the 80 million light years void.

There was a huge Star Sea with a diameter of more than a million light years.

In the middle of this gigantic Star Sea was an incomparably strange planet.

It was extremely huge and its laws were very rigid.

As the core of this huge Star Sea, billions of stars and countless planets gathered.

In fact, the huge Star Sea itself was spinning with this planet as the core.

This planet was called “Great Yan Planet”.

There was an extremely prosperous civilization on it.

The Martial Dao path was extremely prosperous.

There were countless sects, faiths, families, and countries, and experts appeared endlessly.

The Tianqi Mansion was considered a first-rate sect on Great Yan Planet.

The Mansion Lord was at the Second level of the Xuan Sea Realm, and the two Grand Elders were also at the First level of the Xuan Sea Realm.

Xuan Sea Realm cultivators were already the top experts on Great Yan.

Even First level Xuan Sea Realm experts were rare powerhouses in the entire Great Yan.

To have three Xuan Sea Realm experts in Tianqi Mansion, they could already be considered outstanding among the first-rate forces.

Those who were stronger than the Tianqi Mansion were basically large sects and families with extremely ancient inheritances.

Those forces had experts at the Third level of the Xuan Sea Realm or even the Peak Xuan Sea Realm.

They were the strongest experts who truly ruled the Great Yan Holy Land.

Actually, the Xuan Sea Realm normally only consists of three levels.

However, since ancient times, there had always been some peerless geniuses who could surpass the Third Realm and reach the so-called Peak Xuan Sea Realm, thereby possessing strength that far exceeded the Third Realm.

This allowed the Xuan Sea Realm to have four realms.

Wang Daoyi was not weak, but compared to the top experts of the Great Yan Holy Land, there was still a certain gap.

Therefore, although he knew a lot of information, he had not come into contact with the core secrets of the Great Yan Holy Land.

Many of the situations were only superficial and difficult to delve into.

However, this was basically enough for Cui Heng to figure out some of the basic situations of the Great Yan Holy Land.

In addition, he also learned that there were actually other Holy Lands outside the Great Yan Holy Land.

However, there were only some records in the ancient books and no clear description.

The people of the Great Yan Holy Land had never encountered anyone from other Holy Lands.

Wang Daoyi only knew about this.

“How much do you know about Zhou Juntian” Cui Heng was naturally not only asking about the situation of the Great Yan Holy Land, but also about this person who seemed to have been involved in various events.

He had once suspected that the Dao God was cooperating with Zhou Juntian, but from the looks of it, this did not seem to be the case.

Wang Daoyi had been in this Star Sea for a long time.

It was impossible for him not to know Zhou Juntians situation.

“Exalted Immortal, Zhou Juntian is the artifact spirit of the Six Heaven Gate Diagrams,” Wang Daoyi said respectfully.

“Theres the signature of the person who designed the blueprints of the Six Heaven Gates on the diagram, and the signed name was Juntian.”

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