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The moment Cui Heng broke through the shackles of his realm, the Essence Soul in his Niwan Palace opened its eyes again.

Layers of purple-gold divine light bloomed from his Essence Soul, instantly expanding the boundless starry sky that appeared in the Niwan Palace countless times.

Moreover, it became more real, as if it was a real starry sky.

At the same time, the boundless starry skies in the acupoints in his body began to expand and condense.

In the blink of an eye, the number of starry skies in each acupoint exceeded the total number of starry skies in all his acupoints at the Peak Early-stage Soul Formation realm.

The quality had also increased countless times.

The changes in his Niwan Palace and the acupoints on his body caused Cui Hengs entire body to begin to sublimate to the extreme.

His body, Dharmic powers, and Essence Soul began to improve by leaps and bounds.

In just a few breaths, his Dharmic powers were countless times stronger than before, and his body had become stronger.

It was enough for him to withstand the power of the entire Star Fields explosion without being injured.

Such a drastic change in Cui Hengs body naturally triggered an earth-shattering phenomenon in the outside world.

At this moment, the phenomenon appeared first on Daozhou Star.

At the same time that Cui Hengs essence began to sublimate to the extreme, the originally calm Daozhou Star was immediately enveloped by an incomparably bright purple-gold light.

The Great Dao laws also became exceedingly clear, and it could even be said to be visible to the naked eye.

As long as a martial artist had reached the Xiantian realm, their realms would soar under the illumination of this purple-gold light.

Many people broke through seven or eight major realms in a row and immediately reached ascension.

Especially the disciples of Daoyi Palace.

Because Cui Heng broke through here, the disciples of Daoyi Palace received the greatest blessing.

In the blink of an eye, more than a thousand Sage Kings appeared.

The current Sect Master, Zhou Hongyi, was originally in seclusion to cultivate, striving to break through before his lifespan was exhausted.

Unexpectedly, he encountered Cui Hengs breakthrough and was raised to the Dao Lord realm on the spot.

This was already the Peak of the Seventh Realm of the Immortal World!

“W-what just happened!” Zhou Hongyi sat cross-legged in Daoyi Palace.

His eyes were wide open, and his face was filled with shock.

His entire body was covered in cold sweat.

He looked down at his hands and felt the surreal power in his body.

He finally confirmed again that he had really broken through.

He had broken through to a realm he did not understand at all.

Currently, there was no inheritance above the Sage King realm in Daoyi Palace.

The reason why Zhou Hongyi became a Dao Lord was only because of the phenomenon of Cui Hengs breakthrough, causing the cultivation realm in his body to sublimate.

After the initial shock, Zhou Hongyi barely calmed down and walked out of Daoyi Palace.

Then, he saw the purple-gold light that filled the sky.

He remembered where he had seen such a situation before.

Suddenly, Zhou Hongyi thought of the source of the purple-gold light and where this incomparably powerful aura came from.

“Greetings, Immortal Venerable Cui!”

… .

At the same time that the Daoyi Palace underwent a tremendous change, several figures from the Immortal Dawn Sect on Cangcheng Mountain interrupted their seclusion and walked to the group of young disciples.

Perfected Zhu Qing, Liu Yiyun, Chen Ying, and the others walked out.

To the young disciples of the Immortal Dawn Sect, they were already legendary senior experts.

Now that they suddenly appeared, they immediately attracted a series of kowtows.

The current Sect Master asked them if they had come out because of this world-shaking phenomenon and even asked them what kind of existence could cause such an unbelievable phenomenon.

They did not explain further and only bowed to the purple-gold light that filled the sky.

“Greetings, Ancestral Grandfather!”

… .

The first to be affected by Cui Hengs breakthrough phenomenon was not only Daozhou Star, but also the Heavenly Void World that had already become a subsidiary space of Daozhou Star.

Under the envelopment of the purple-gold light, the essence of the Heavenly Void World began to sublimate to the extreme.

The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth became more complicated, and space became more stable.

It could contain more and stronger living beings.

Hong Yong, who was at the center of the Heavenly Void World and controlled the authority of the Great Xia Heavenly Court, had also obtained an extremely huge improvement.

Even the many gods under him had become countless times stronger.

As a god personally conferred by Cui Heng, Hong Yong naturally knew very well what was going on with this phenomenon.

He was incomparably amazed.

“Immortal Venerables cultivation realm is really becoming more and more unfathomable!”

… .

In fact, the phenomenon caused by Cui Hengs breakthrough was extremely huge.

While the living beings on Daozhou Star were affected, these phenomena had already ignored the distance in space and appeared in every corner of this Star Field.

As long as one was a living being in this galaxy, they could see the purple-gold light and obtain comprehension from it to increase their cultivation realm.

It could be said that Cui Hengs breakthrough had directly brought a huge opportunity to all the living beings in the Star Field.

Countless living beings benefited from it.

Moreover, this purple-gold light did not stop spreading after enveloping the entire Star Field.

It was still spreading to other Star Fields, wanting to cover more range.

Now, if anyone could stand from the perspective of the Star Sea, they would be able to see that the purple-gold light had completely enveloped one of the six cantilevers and was still spreading to the other cantilevers.

It was as if it wanted to dye this Star Sea purple-gold.

However, there was a huge barrier between the Star Fields.

Even the Great Dao laws were different between different Star Fields, as if they were different worlds.

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