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The moment this Daoist appeared, the entire Heaven Realm trembled.

The mountains, rivers, sky, earth, void, and laws actually showed signs of collapsing.

It was as if the entire Heaven Realm could not withstand his existence and was about to explode.

What kind of majestic power was this!

Whether it was the Lord of the Heavenly Court or the Seven Heavenly Venerates of the Outer World, they all looked at this figure in extreme shock.

At this moment, they even felt as if the God of Creation had descended again.

There was actually such a powerful existence in the world!

When Heavenly Venerate Shi and Lu Qingzhu saw the man in the Daoist robe, they heaved a sigh of relief.

It was as if as long as this man appeared, all the crises would be easily resolved.

Behind Cui Heng, Hui Shi, Pei Qingshu, Li Mingqiong, Zheng Nanxun, Li Mingcheng, and the others all revealed expressions of disbelief.

They almost could not believe their eyes.

They had all seen this Daoist-robed man before.

To be precise, they had seen the statue of this Daoist before.

In the Daoyi Palace on Daozhou Star.

This was the Dao God!

The Limitless Golden Immortal who had descended to Daozhou Star in the wilderness 10,000 years ago with 36 Golden Immortals, established the Daoyi Heavenly Court, enlightened all living beings, and opened up the Daozhou Star civilization.

It was him!

How could it be him!

At this moment, the man in Dao attire who appeared was shrouded in an incomparably majestic galaxy.

The aura and pressure he emitted made the entire Heaven Realm tremble.

This was definitely an expert who had surpassed the 12 Heaven Gate realms.

He might even be above the so-called “Shattering Realm”.

How could it be the Dao God

How could it be that Limitless Golden Immortal!

Cui Heng was also staring at the Daoist and said with a smile, “No wonder Ive never sensed a powerful existence like you in this Star Field.

So youre from the edge of the Star Sea.”

Although he still looked relaxed on the surface, he was actually fully vigilant in his heart.

He was more vigilant than ever.

With his current cultivation close to the Mid-stage Soul Formation realm, the range of his divine sense was already extremely huge.

It was enough to cover every corner of this Star Field and he could also sense the situation at the edge of the Star Sea.

Therefore, the moment the man in the Daoist robe flew into this Star Field from the edge of the Star Sea, Cui Heng already knew where he came from and sensed his cultivation realm.

It was far above the Shattering Realm displayed by Lu Qingzhu and Heavenly Venerate Shi.

It had truly reached a level comparable to the Soul Formation realm, and it even surpassed him, when he had just broken through to the Early-stage Soul Formation realm.

Although this was only on the level of strength, and his essence of life might not be equivalent to a Soul Formation expert like Cui Heng, and the exact strength depended on the strength of spells, divine powers, and other methods, this was indeed the first time Cui Heng had encountered an expert so close to him in strength.

When he first left the Beginners Space, he was at the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm.

At that time, the strongest person he met was only equivalent to the Peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Even when he went to the Heavenly Void World, the strongest person he met was only a Limitless Golden Immortal whose strength was comparable to the Grand Completion Golden Core Realm.

Moreover, he had already reached the Nascent Soul realm at that time.

The Sages and Sage Kings he encountered later on only had some Nascent Soul characteristics at most.

They were far inferior to true Early-stage Nascent Soul cultivators.

Even the so-called Creators and Dao Lords were only at the Early-stage and Mid-stage Nascent Soul realm.

At that time, he was already at the Late-stage Nascent Soul realm.

There was no need to mention the Lords of the Heavens he encountered later.

At that time, he was already at the Peak of the Nascent Soul realm and had stepped onto the path to the Soul Formation realm.

The 12 Heaven Gate realms were also similar.

For the 12 levels and Three Heavenly Ladders, even if one reached the end of this path, they would only have some Soul Formation characteristics.

However, the Daoist who appeared now was different from all the other experts.

He was really on the same level as Cui Heng.

Although there were differing depths and strengths in the same realm, this was indeed his first encounter with someone on the same level.

This naturally made Cui Heng take him extremely seriously, and his heart was incomparably solemn.

He did not know what divine powers this person had, what spells he knew, what Dharma treasures he possessed, what divine weapons he had, nor did he know if this person had any strange secret techniques or secret treasures.

He had to be 120% focused.

As long as he attacked, he had to do his best and not hold back at all.

At the same time, the appearance of this person made Cui Heng feel glad again.

The Systems judgment of this world was indeed right.

It was indeed a high-level Xianxia space-time dimension.

Fortunately, he had always been cautious and kept a low profile.

That was why he only met an expert of the same realm as him.

Otherwise, he would have long been reduced to ashes.

While Cui Heng was sizing up the Daoist, the Daoist was also sizing up Cui Heng.

His gaze was deep and dark, like a black hole that could absorb everything.

Now, it was all focused on Cui Heng.

A moment later, the Daoist suddenly said in a low voice, “Your power is very strange.

Ive never seen a cultivator like you.

Its very strange.

Are you Taihongs backup plan”

“Should I call you Dao God or Wang Zhouyuan” Cui Heng asked instead of answering.

He smiled and said, “I didnt expect the legendary Sage Daoyi to have such a cultivation realm.”

“Dao God Wang Zhouyuan” The Daoist was slightly stunned when he heard this.

Then, he smiled and said, “So youve come into contact with him before.

Thats normal.

Actually, thats just one of my thousands of incarnations.

You can call me Wang Daoyi.”

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