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The vast shattering power that was like a galaxy surged over, instantly enveloping Cui Heng and the void around him, wanting to seal off all his range of activity.

Under the influence of the power of Shattering, the appearance of matter began to shatter, leaving only the most basic laws and principles, maintaining the “existence” itself.

However, the laws and principles that had lost their physical foundation became incomparably fragile.

Under the influence of the Shattering power, they were like fragile glass that would shatter with a touch.

Facing such terrifying power, the expressions of Lian Heng, Qin Tang, and the other Immortal orthodoxies changed drastically, and fear spread.

Such power had completely exceeded their understanding, reaching a level that they could not imagine at all.

Too powerful!

Shattering Realm, this was the Shattering Realm!

Could Exalted Immortal Cui Heng really withstand such power

They looked at Cui Heng with their last glimmer of hope.

After all, from Cui Hengs performance, he should also be an expert who had surpassed the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm.

Perhaps he could really withstand this terrifying Shattering power.

However, when Lian Heng, Qin Tang, and the others looked at Cui Heng, their gazes froze, and the fear in their eyes instantly turned to shock and disbelief.

The mighty Shattering power actually froze and stopped 30 feet away from Cui Heng, unable to advance at all.

Cui Heng and his surroundings seemed to have an invisible defensive light curtain that could easily block this incomparably powerful shattering force.

“What kind of power is this Its actually not penetrated and disintegrated by the power of Shattering!” The Lord of the Heavenly Court could not help but exclaim when he saw this scene, his expression extremely shocked.

He had stood at the peak of the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm for a long time, and he had even touched the Shattering Realm at one point.

Therefore, he had some understanding of the power of Shattering, and he knew very well how powerful it was.

As the core power of the Shattering Realm, the power of Shattering could not only crush everyone, but even in a battle of the same level, the person who released the power of Shattering first would easily have the absolute advantage.

Therefore, he thought that the power of Shattering was impossible to defend against, and there was no power that could block it.

Perhaps an existence of a higher realm could resist the power of Shattering, but no one had seen an existence of that level really appear.

It was basically equivalent to nonexistent.

But now, such an existence actually appeared!

The Shattering power was actually blocked!

He was too incredible!

Among the remaining eight people from the Nine Heavens, other than Heavenly Venerate Shi, the other seven all revealed shocked expressions.

They looked at Cui Heng in disbelief, almost unable to believe their eyes.

“He blocked the power of Shattering out of thin air.

What realm is he at!”

“Why did such an illogical expert suddenly appear here Under normal circumstances, this is not impossible!”

“This person is actually so powerful.

If not for this sudden change, Im afraid we would all…”

… .

… .

The Seven Heavenly Venerates of the Outer World fell silent, feeling a little glad.

The strength Cui Heng displayed was too terrifying.

If not for Lu Qingzhus sudden appearance and breaking through to the Shattering Realm, they would have been the ones to face Cui Hengs power.

To an expert who could directly block the power of Shattering, they were completely ants.

They could be crushed to death easily.

… .

However, compared to the shock of the many Masters of the Immortal orthodoxies, the Lord of the Heavenly Court, and the Seven Heavenly Venerates of the Outer World, Lu Qingzhu was more furious.

She never expected that Cui Heng actually had a method to easily resist the power of Shattering, causing the power of Shattering she released to be wasted.

She did not obtain any benefits at all.

She had never heard of such a powerful technique.

“Could it be that this person is even stronger than the Shattering Realm” Lu Qingzhu frowned in her heart.

She looked at Cui Heng carefully and roared almost crazily in her heart, “No! I dont believe it! This is impossible!


I painstakingly schemed for millions of years and faked my death for hundreds of thousands of years.

I also obtained the help of many parties, intentionally or unintentionally, before finally reaching my current achievements.

What rights does such a fellow have to suddenly appear and completely resist my power without any effort! Why, why!”

However, the anger and fear in her heart were ultimately just her inner feelings.

As the former Paragon of the Plague Sect and now a Shattering Realm expert, Lu Qingzhu would not easily reveal her true thoughts.

After discovering that her attack was fruitless, she did not continue attacking.

Instead, she looked at Cui Heng with a solemn expression and said in a low voice, “Your divine powers are really amazing.”

“If I hadnt been able to resist your strange power, you wouldnt have been exclaiming.” Cui Heng chuckled and shook his head.

He said indifferently, “I have some questions.”

“Now doesnt seem to be the time to talk about questions.” Lu Qingzhu smiled.

“I think it is,” Cui Heng said with a serious expression.

“Do you really want to fight me” Lu Qingzhu asked in a low voice.

She admitted that she really could not do anything to Cui Heng, but she did not think that Cui Heng could do anything to her, much less harm her life.

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