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An incomparably dazzling and bright light filled the world.

At this moment, the entire Heaven Realm was enveloped by a strange force.

Under such power, the matter of reality seemed to have shattered into the most basic particles.

All appearances were shattered, leaving only the most essential nomological Dao runes.

Lu Qingzhu levitated high in the sky, as if she stood above everything.

Her entire body was wrapped in pure light, like a goddess descending from an endless height, extremely holy.

Just by standing in the air, she gave off the feeling that she was one with the origin of everything and could control the Great Dao laws at will.

It was as if the highest ruler of the Heaven Realm had returned to the world.

“Shattering void, reaching the origin! This is the Shattering Realm!”

The Lord of the Heavenly Court was shocked as he looked at Lu Qingzhu in the sky in disbelief.

He said in shock, “This, how is this possible How did you suddenly reach the Shattering Realm!”

The Lord of the Heavenly Court was undoubtedly very familiar with Lu Qingzhu, the Paragon of the Plague Sect.

Back then, he was the one who ordered the execution of Lu Qingzhu.

He was also the one who ordered her status to be reinstated and personally buried her.

However, all of this was in preparation for himself.

After Zhou Juntian took out the divine lights from the Six Heaven Gates, he sent it to him through Lu Qingzhu.

Throughout the entire process, Lu Qingzhu was just a pawn in the eyes of the Lord of the Heavenly Court.

She was insignificant.

He had never even considered if Lu Qingzhu would become a variable.

In the eyes of the Lord of the Heavenly Court, Lu Qingzhu was only at the Ninth Heaven Gate realm.

She was too weak and could not set off any waves.

However, he never expected that someone he had never really cared about would actually break through to the Shattering Realm!

This was a realm that completely surpassed the 12 Heaven Gate realms.

With just a thought, she could kill countless experts at the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm.

Why did Lu Qingzhu suddenly reach this realm

This was impossible!

The faces of the Nine Heavens were also filled with disbelief.

They almost suspected that they were hallucinating.

When Lu Qingzhu suddenly came out to absorb the 21 pieces of body parts, they felt extremely puzzled.

Who was this

Where did she come from

Why could she fuse with these 21 broken body parts These broken parts were even stronger than the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm.

How could a mere Ninth Heaven Gate realm fuse with it

However, the final outcome left them dumbfounded.

This woman from the Ninth Heaven Gate realm had actually refined all 21 broken parts.

She had even broken through to the Shattering Realm and possessed power that completely surpassed them.

How could someone reach the Shattering Realm so easily!

The entire process was filled with bizarreness and absurdity.

It was really too ridiculous!

At the same time that Lu Qingzhu broke through, the Door of Heaven opened.

The many phenomena in the Heaven Realm were also reflected in the starry sky below.

Countless living beings and civilizations that had survived the previous incident felt an extremely powerful aura and pressure.

They also felt that they had been completely seen through and no longer had any secrets.

Moreover, anyone who had reached the Creator realm could see the scene of the Heaven Realm through the omnipresent Door of Heaven and see the pure figure standing in the sky, enveloped in holy and flawless light.

Such a scene had never appeared in the past 10,000 years, shocking countless ancient experts.

Although they did not know what was happening in the Heaven Realm, they were still shocked and inexplicably stumped when they saw the commotion of this phenomenon.

… .

The Star Sea was extremely vast.

The six cantilevers were divided into Six Heavenly Domains that slowly rotated with the center of the Star Sea as the core.

In fact, the core area in the center was the true main body of the Star Sea.

It was like an incomparably huge bright silver disc.

The cantilevers were the tentacles that extended from this disc.

The core silver disc was very huge.

The number of stars inside was in the billions, even exceeding the total number in the six cantilevers.

However, there seemed to be some kind of barrier between the silver disc and the six cantilevers, cutting off their connection.

If one had a wide enough perspective to look down on the entire Star Sea, they would be able to see that the core silver disc was enveloped by a faint layer of light, and there was an obvious estrangement from the extended cantilevers.

The exact situation could not be seen clearly at all.

It was very mysterious.

At the edge of the Star Sea formed by the silver disc and cantilevers, there were many bright halos.

They were all star clusters gathered at the edge of the starry sky and belonged to a part of the Star Sea.

Every star cluster was like an independent realm, relatively isolated from the outside world.

There were hundreds of thousands of stars among them, but most of them had already decayed or even fallen into decline, and could explode at any time.

However, a star in such a situation was a good time to take materials and refine treasures.

At this moment, a man in a Daoist robe was sitting cross-legged in the middle of a halo star cluster.

His eyes were slightly closed, and his figure was incomparably majestic.

His entire body emitted a strange power that actually affected hundreds of thousands of stars and was deepening the refinement of them.

Suddenly, the Daoist-robed man opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the sea of stars, landing on one of the cantilevered arms.

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