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In the dark and deep void of the universe.

Nine figures enveloped in different colored halos stood in front of a huge scarlet door of light.

Behind them was the boundless starry sky, countless stars and realms.

The auras of these nine figures were ancient and boundless, as if they were ancient gods that had walked out from a long time ago.

Their pressure was extremely vast and huge.

Just by standing there, the surrounding void distorted.

The Great Dao laws also gathered over, like the most humble subjects prostrating at their feet.

Any one of them was a powerful existence that could stir the starry sky with a flick of their fingers and destroy a large world.

They were the supreme rulers of this Star Field.

The Nine Heavens Supreme Venerables!

This was what the Star Field called them.

The figure standing at the front was burly and tall.

He wore a robe and had a dignified aura, giving off the feeling that he ruled everything.

He was the leader of the Nine Heavens and the core of the Nine Heavens.

Heavenly Venerate Zhong.

Beside Heavenly Venerate Zhong stood a stone man with a blurry face.

His entire body was made of stone.

He did not have any vitality, but he gave off an unfathomable aura.

This was Heavenly Venerate Shi, one of the six Twelfth Heaven Gate realm Heavenly Venerables of the Nine Heavens.

He was also the strongest among the Nine Heavens besides Heavenly Venerate Zhong.

He could be said to be the deputy leader.

The other seven were Heavenly Venerate Guo, Heavenly Venerate Chen, Heavenly Venerate Jin, Heavenly Venerate Tian, Heavenly Venerate Jiang, Heavenly Venerate Zhi, and Heavenly Venerate Wu.

Other than Heavenly Venerate Jiang, Heavenly Venerate Zhi, and Heavenly Venerate Jin who were only at the Eleventh Heaven Gate realm, the others were all experts at the Twelfth Heaven Gate realm.

They were the strongest group of people in this sea of stars since the cultivation technique of the 12 Heaven Gate realms was passed down.

“We have to crush the Heaven Realm in one blow to prevent unnecessary trouble.” Heavenly Venerate Zhong stared at the scarlet light as if he was staring at the Heaven Realm on the other side.

He said in a low voice, “This time, its a full out attack.

Well all use our strongest techniques.

Theres no need to hold back.”

“Thats right.” Heavenly Venerate Shi nodded and said, “Weve already discussed the detailed plan of action at the previous meeting, so I wont say anything else.

Ill only remind you of one thing.

This time, the enemy well be facing might not only be the Lord of the Heavenly Court, but also a mysterious expert.

Theyre all experts who really stand at the peak of the 12 Heaven Gate realms and can peer into the Shattering Realm.

Facing experts of that level, we have to cooperate with all our might and activate the divine weapons left behind by the God of Creation.

We cant slack off at all.

Only then can we win.


As long as we can take down the Heaven Realm and kill the Lord of the Heavenly Court, we can obtain the method to enter the Boundless Dao Realm.

We will have a chance to break through to the Shattering Realm and completely escape this cage!”

“Alright, theres no need to say too much,” Heavenly Venerate Zhong said indifferently.

“The attack this time is of great significance.

Its also the joint decision of us Nine Heavens.

There will definitely be no one taking it lightly.

Lets go!”

Then, Heavenly Venerate Zhong and Heavenly Venerate Shi walked in front and entered the scarlet door of light.

The other seven followed closely behind.

They all crossed the door of light and entered a spatial passageway.

This spatial passageway was not wide.

It could even be said to be extremely narrow and cramped.

Moreover, it was filled with powerful spatial storms.

Every time they advanced, they would be attacked by the sharp blades formed by countless spatial storms.

In addition, there was also an extremely powerful repelling force in this spatial passageway.

It was as if there was an invisible hand that wanted to pull them back to the Star Field they were originally in.

This meant that the other end of the spatial passageway was rejecting them from going over.

However, Heavenly Venerate Zhong and Heavenly Venerate Shi at the front were enveloped in a layer of scarlet light that resisted this repulsive force, allowing them to advance unimpeded.

Actually, under normal circumstances, there would not be a barrier between the different cantilevers in the same sea of stars that isolated both sides.

It could be passed through normal methods.

There was no need to use unique methods, nor was there a need to establish a special passageway like now.

However, it was different in this sea of stars.

The six cantilevers were divided into six Star Fields, each with a Heaven Gate.

They were independent of each other.

Not only were there several firm void barriers between the Star Fields, but the Great Dao laws possessed by different Star Fields were also quite different.

They were like six different worlds.

If not for this scarlet light resisting the repulsive force, it would be impossible for them to cross to a different Star Field.

“The Heaven Realm is ahead.

Be careful and be prepared,” Heavenly Venerate Zhong suddenly said.

At the same time, the scarlet light on his body suddenly expanded, enveloping everyone else.

At the same time, a door of light appeared in front of them.

This was already the end of the spatial passageway.


… .

At the same time that the Nine Heavens Heavenly Venerables of the Outer World crossed over, an unprecedented huge phenomenon appeared in the Heaven Realm.

At this moment, it was as if the Great Dao laws of the entire Heaven Realm had received an extremely powerful impact.

The mountains and rivers of the 9,000 Heavenly Regions actually trembled.

Divine mountains swayed, and great rivers surged.

Even the Great Dao laws that existed in the dark were distorted by an invisible force, revealing various colors of light.

Moreover, this was only the beginning.

In just a few breaths, the world was filled with an extremely sinister gale.

It was as if it was blown up from the depths of the Nine Nether and instantly swept through the 9,000 Heavenly Regions.

Streaks of cold wind slashed out like sharp blades, destroying everything in their path, turning all the places that were blown into pieces, causing many Heaven Gate experts to only be able to resist with all their might.

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